Book 4: Chapter 119 - Throwing Xing Chuan Off

It was so frustrating. Harry’s superpower was to regenerate. So, no matter how hard I bit him, his neck would be clean and nothing would be left on his skin. 

“I will leave after I plead for him.” I couldn’t care less about the love bite on my neck. I was going to leave right after anyway. Turning, I walked towards the cabin door.

The flying vehicle stopped on the field directly. I was surprised when I stepped out of the flying vehicle. 

Both sides of the field were crowded. Everyone was watching me quietly and nervously.

I saw an ejectable capsule not too far ahead of me. It was the kind of capsule that they used to bury sacrificed warriors, small and shaped just like a coffin. Unlike the escape pod, it didn’t have the energy to fly or the capacity to store food.

Standing in front of it was Xing Chuan, who was being detained by two men in black.

His long hair was all over the place. He looked like he’d lost all his strength. Slowly looking up, he saw me from behind his scattered hair. His gaze immediately shimmered and the corners of his lips lifted. He didn’t at all hide his desire to conquer me. He refused to admit defeat even when he was at the verge of being thrown off Silver Moon City.

“Luo Bing!” Moon Dream and Blue Charm ran towards me. "Quickly plead for His Highness!” They watched me anxiously. But they were puzzled once they saw the clothes that I was wearing.

Ah Zong’s shirt made it even harder to differentiate if I was a man or a woman. The strands of hair hanging by my slender neck made me look even girlier.

Gale and Yama stood behind me.

“You are finally back.” Sharjah came forward too. He turned slightly and said, “His Highness Cang Yu is there.” Then, he gestured the direction with his gaze. 

I saw His Highness Cang Yu sitting on a high platform not too far from Xing Chuan. 

I was really surprised to see him there. 

The platform extended from the field, with stairs that lead to his seat. He’d lost his usual elegance and calmness. All that was left was only ghastly dignity and reserved coolness.

He nodded and smiled at me once he saw me, revealing his usual warm smile again. 

Sitting on his chair with ease, he looked just like a King above everyone. 

His long braid hung down before his chest. The small crown that usually looked more like an ornament now made him look even more kinglike. One could only look up to him.

As I walked closer, Xing Chuan’s gaze became colder and sharpler. He stared straight at my neck, his murderous intent soaring. I walked past him without looking at him. He struggled hard against his restraints and gritted through his teeth, "You were with Harry, weren’t you!?” 

I didn’t bother about him but continued walking forward. I stood below the high platform and nodded. "Your Highness Cang Yu, I am back.” 

“Come up here,” His Highness Cang Yu said gracefully. 

I contemplated for a while before I walked up the stairs until I stood before Cang Yu. He smiled and nodded, then handed me a remote control and said, "You can throw him off Silver Moon City.” 

I stared at Cang Yu in surprise. "I left Blue Shield City on my own. It has nothing to do with His Highness-.” 

“You don’t have to plead for him,” His Highness cut me off. He stood up and came before me. "I know what happened. He won’t change if you don’t throw him off.” Cang Yu held out the remote control in front of me. 

I furrowed my eyebrow. "Your Highness Cang Yu, the world needs His Highness Xing Chuan...” 

His Highness Cang Yu chuckled and asked in reply, "Do we really need him?” 

Stunned, I looked at him.

He smiled at me and said, "The world needs you, Luo Bing.” He looked at me seriously, his clear gaze filled with deep wisdom. 

Looking around, his face grew glum. "Listen up, all of you. Why is Luo Bing our North Star? And what is the destiny of the North Star? You should be clear about it yourselves. The North Star is the future of this world and he is the most precious metahuman in this world!” 

The entire place went pitch silent.

I stood in front of Cang Yu, his chest right in front of me. He was dressed in his vintage shirt with an exquisite collar as usual. It also had a beautiful black tassel hanging on it. 

“Perhaps, you are unhappy with him being the North Star because you may not be familiar with his superpower. It is true that he has only completed three missions ever since he’s joined Silver Moon City. On his first mission, he actually entered Valley Dust Ruins to destroy the blue crystal energy mining machine prototype that the Ghost Eclipser had stolen from us, and he killed the Ghost Eclipsers within the two radiation zones.” 

I was shocked! Did I... kill people then too? 

I’d only remembered that I’d caused a great explosion when I’d destroyed the machine. The dusts from the explosion had only subsided after two hours. 

“On his second mission, he led the North Star Knights into Heartless City to save the hostages. He didn’t use any of his superpower but he killed a total of nineteen metahumans in the Ghost Eclipsers. The number of the elite members in the Ghost Eclipser was no more than twenty-four of them! The entire knight group was only just her foils!” 

Cang Yu’s tone was stern, steady, dignified yet convincing. What kind of an existence was he in Silver Moon City? 

Gale said that His Highness Cang Yu rarely comes out and when he does, there’s nothing good...

Cang Yu even has the authority to execute Xing Chuan. He is not a rival of Xing Chuan but the real master of Silver Moon City!

He is the King! 

He is the King of Silver Moon City! 

“On his third mission, he entered Croton City and wiped out all the spirits. He launched the Necropolis Starship and Silver Moon City finally officially declared war against the Ghost Eclipsers! If any of you can accomplish any of his missions, you can be the North Star and become the one and only existence. Otherwise, none of you should offend the North Star, Luo Bing! Xing Chuan has offended the North Star many times and we’ve lost the North Star because of him! He must be punished! Or else, how are we gonna maintain the discipline in Silver Moon City?!” Cang Yu’s voice reverberated. No one dared to raise an objection. 

Cang Yu handed me the remote control again and said, "Luo Bing, this is our rule in Silver Moon City. Anyone who has done wrong must be punished, including Xing Chuan himself.”

I looked at the remote control and knitted my eyebrows, but I didn’t accept it. 

“Why not... take a look at him.” Cang Yu suddenly held my shoulders and turned me around to face Xing Chuan. 

I immediately looked away. I didn’t want to see Xing Chuan. 

“You don’t want to see him, right?” Cang Yu stood behind me, keeping his hands on my shoulders. 

"Old monster! Don’t touch Luo Bing!” Xing Chuan suddenly roared furiously, “Luo Bing! Quickly leave the old monster!”

"Humph. You are obdurate,” Cang Yu said glumly. His hand reached past the corner of my eyes and the two men in black lifted the struggling Xing Chuan.


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