Book 4: Chapter 118 - Gale Knelt for Help

“But he could have finished himself with his hand too?!” I said impatiently. I had always been there when they’d discussed things like that. Those had usually been the times when Harry had felt most awkward too. “Wouldn’t that make Moon Dream and the other girls his toys to vent his sexual desire?”. 

“Something like that…” Gale was extremely embarrassed. He looked away and mumbled, "But His Highness doesn’t like… sleeping alone... So… there must be a difference between a real one and a fake one... Oh God…” Gale held his head like he was going crazy. "I really want to kill myself. I am actually talking about this with a girl. How am I gonna face you? I am going crazy. Bro Bing, why are you a girl?!” 

"You can continue to treat me like a guy.” I glared at him coldly. I was already used to it. They liked to compete for their lasting time and their length the most.

He then stole a glance at my chest. Before I could hit him, he’d already slapped himself, "How can I... Your body figure is so nice...”

“Say it again?!” I kicked him like how I always did.

"Okay, okay. I will stop, I will stop.” He quickly waved his hand and covered his eyes. “I won’t even look at you, okay?” 

I turned and walked away. "I won’t go begging for mercy for him. His life is none of my business.” 


Suddenly, someone knocked into me and hugged my waist from behind. I stumbled forward, feeling like I was dragging a heavy object behind me.

Gale hugged my waist tightly and leaned his face against the back of my waist. He pleaded, "I am begging you, Luo Bing. His Highness Cang Yu usually doesn’t come out. And when he does, something bad will surely happen... He will really throw His Highness down...” 

"Let me go!” I pulled his hand. It was as though he’d hung himself on my back and was dragging me from behind. He was so heavy! 

“His Highness will really die! Anyone who is thrown down will be injected with a superpower inhibitor...” 

"What?” I stopped and spun to look at him. His legs were dragging behind him. I was shocked at what he’d said. 

"Yes, it is true.” Gale lifted his chin from the back of my waist. He nodded pitifully and pouted his lower lips. "He will be thrown into an uninhabited area... How can one survive in an uninhabited area in this world without superpowers and food… There are day monsters too...” 

I looked at him. He let go of my waist and knelt down. "Luo Bing, I am kneeling down, begging you for help. Please go back and plead for him. I promise I won’t say a word about you being a girl!” He swore with his right hand. Then, he lifted his chin and looked at me solemnly. "His Highness can’t die. Who is going to lead the knights if he dies? We will break apart! You know that too. We are only united when His Highness is around.” 

I frowned and looked away. I took deep breaths as I thought to myself. I really don’t want to go back to Silver Moon City. Plus, I would be going back to plead for that b*stard Xing Chuan!

Calm down, calm down, Luo Bing, you have to calm down and think about the overall situation. 

I closed my eyes and lifted my chin. I took some time to calm myself down. Then, I looked down at him and said, "Alright, I will go back with you.” 

Gale was so relieved that he collapsed on the floor. “His Highness can finally be saved.” 

Xing Chuan was fortunate that he had loyal knights like Gale and Yama. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even think about going back to Silver Moon City. 

When we walked out of the cave, Harry and Yama were standing side by side. Yama had come too. 

Yama saw me and immediately greeted, "Bro Bing, please! I know that His Highness is a b*stard but he really can’t die yet!” Yama, who was so brawny, knelt down on one knee to beg me as well. 

I knew that I couldn’t reject the request of my two good friends. 

Harry understood once he saw me in my male outfit. He immediately said, "I am going back with you!” 

"No way.” I held his arm. “I am worried that you will kill Xing Chuan.” Harry was more impetuous than I was. He would do anything for me. 

Harry glared at me angrily and looked at Gale. "Bring her back right after she pleads for him! Otherwise, when you come back, I will-!” Harry raised his fist. 

Gale looked aggrieved. He wasn’t involved in the matter at all and he hadn’t done any wrong. But he had knelt down and was now being threatened by Harry. He seemed to be in distress.

“Harry, Xing Chuan will probably come here after I plead for him.” I looked at Harry. “So, I…” I wouldn’t be able to stay here if Xing Chuan came here too. 

"Understood. Go back to Noah City after that.” Harry stroked my face gently. “I can go to war with peace of mind when you are with Raffles. ”

Mm.” We hugged each other tightly. I really didn’t want to part ways with him. My aching back was reminding me of the love and passion from the night before. 

We had to part ways again after such a short reunion because of that b*stard Xing Chuan. It was all his fault! 

My gaze lingered on Harry on the ground as the spaceship departed.

Gale stood by my side and stared at me while Yama watched Gale stare.

I glared at Gale. "Are you done looking at me yet?!” 

Gale instantly blushed. He scratched his head and said, "Bro Bing…” He stole a glance at Yama then whispered into my ear, "The rumor about Harry back then. Was the girl you?”

I glanced at him and asked, "What do you think?” 

He blushed because he was too close to my face. "It is you!” 

Humph.” I turned around and sat down. 

Gale stared at me again. 

Yama moved to his side and reminded, "Gale, be careful of His Highness.” 

"Move away. You don’t know anything.” Gale returned to his seat in the cockpit and rolled his eyes at Yama. “Concentrate on driving. You’ve got to speed up soon. You are so huge in size. Such a pain in the eye wherever you stand.”

Yama was upset and sat down, his expression seeming as if he was complaining that he’d done nothing wrong but had gotten blamed when he’d just given a gentle reminder.

As the flying vehicle sped up, I felt at ease. I wasn’t nervous or annoyed. I bore no hatred against Xing Chuan either. He seemed to have become a total stranger to me. Everything about him in my mind had been reformatted. 

The flying vehicle finally left Kansas Star and Silver Moon City was in front of us. I turned to look at the crimson planet behind us. White clouds were slowly covering half of the planet. The snowstorm was coming soon. Raffleshad  mentioned before that it was nature’s self restoration. It was cleansing the planet slowly. 

I had to return to Noah City before the snowstorm came. Otherwise, I would have to wait another three months. 

The flying vehicle slowly landed. I was still wearing Ah Zong’s shirt. The loose collar began to slide off my shoulders because of my flat chest, exposing my long and slender neck. 

I tied my long hair up casually, leaving some strands hanging by the side of my face. 

Gale stood up and stared at my neck. I glared at him coldly but he pointed at my neck nervously. "Bro Bing, do you wanna cover it up?”

"For what?” Yama slapped his face away. “You never cover up anyway. Plus, you can show it to His Highness so he would give up.” Yama smiled at me foolishly and said, "Right, Bro Bing?” 

I touched my neck and suddenly understood what they were talking about. It was a love bite that Harry had left on me. 


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