Book 4: Chapter 117 - The 3100 Red Packet

He nodded and stroked my face. "Don’t worry. I won’t hate any guy who treats you well. They are nice to you because they love you. My wife has always been so attractive. I’ve known it since the first time I saw you...” His gaze became more affectionate, brimming with passion. He slowly lowered his face and kissed my lips again. 

"What else did Ah Zong tell you?” I asked while he was kissing me. I’d seen Ah Zong talking to him for quite a while.  

Harry stopped kissing me. He seemed a little embarrassed before he kissed my earlobe. He replied, "That’s it.”

“You’re lying. I am sure that there is something else. Tell me. I’m curious.” 

"Why are you so curious about so many things today?” He felt helpless.

I pushed him away and grabbed his shoulders. "What was it?!” I was extremely curious! 

He blushed even harder then. Averting his gaze in embarrassment, he licked his lips. "Um… We already... did it... just now…” His voice became softer as he answered. He stole a glance at me. 

I immediately blushed. 

He quickly looked away and said, "I told you not to ask! I didn’t know that it would turn out that way either.”


My head was buzzing. Ah Zong thought too much!

Harry quickly turned back and said righteously with his blushing face, "I have been learning before too. He didn’t teach me everything.” 

“Stop!” I pushed him away impatiently. He was shameless to continue talking about it. 

"Why not... let’s continue?” He said flirtatiously as he leaned in closer. 

At once I blushed and gritted through my clenched teeth, "Are you done yet?! Don’t think you can act like this just because you have great stamina!” 

"C’mon, I still want more... wifey.” He bent down and licked my neck like a puppy. “We are going into a war soon. I won’t be able to see you for quite some time.... What if I die...” 

“Harry!” I got angry and shoved him away. “I forbid you for making such comments!”

He laughed. His laughter was filled with happiness. "Wifey, you’ve forgotten. My superpower is to regenerate. It’s not going to be easy to kill me.” 

I got even angrier and shouted, "Can you be more serious?!” 

“Hehe… C’mon, wifey!” He pounced on me. 

Suddenly, Gale shouted, "Brother Bing! Brother Bing! Harry! Harry! Are you guys here?!” Harry and I immediately looked outside. The lights were flashing and flickering. Gale had come to look for us.

"Let me go get the cape.” Harry went into the tent grumpily. 

Just then, Gale appeared in front of me. He chuckled, "Brother Bing! You really are here!” Then he was instantly stunned at the sight of me. He gawked blankly with his eyes wide open, his gaze slowly moving lower before it stopped on my chest. 

I immediately slapped him. 

“What are you looking at!?” 

Gale remained surprised, still gawking with his face turned aside. It took him a while to come back to reality. 

Harry got dressed and came out of the tent. The button on his collar was still loose when he handed me the cape and asked, "Are you going to stop putting on a disguise?” He chuckled when he saw Gale’s reaction. 

"Yup, I am tired of it,” I replied with my woman’s voice. Plus, my boobs had gotten bigger and I felt uncomfortable when I wore the singlet. I felt so relieved now that I had become a girl again. 

"You are... a girl!” Gale turned back in shock. His gaze moved to my long slender legs stretching out under the hem of my shirt. 

Harry punched him and growled, "Don’t look at my wife’s legs!” 

Gale stumbled back from Harry’s punch. We usually wouldn’t be able to hit Gale. 

“Wifey, hurry up and cover yourself up.” Harry hurriedly put the cape on me. He cupped my face and looked at me innocently. "I really don’t like it when the other people get to look at you.” 

I smiled sweetly. Then, I glanced at Gale and asked, "Gale, why are you looking for us?” 

Gale was still gawking at me as he said, "You are a girl... You are a girl... You are a girl...” Gale was out of his mind. 

I frowned and asked Harry for my voice changer. 

“Here.” Harry passed me the voice changer. I then put it on and shouted, "Report to me!” 

"Ah! His Highness Cang Yu is going to throw His Highness Xing Chuan off Silver Moon City. Please go and plead for mercy!” Gale almost instinctively stood straight and reported. He was stunned again after his report. Holding his head, he mumbled, "This is crazy! Brother Bing is a girl! He’s a girl!” 

Harry was a little surprised. He said coldly, "He deserved it.” 

“I’m not going back!” I replied. 

"No! Brother Bing. Oh no, Sis Bing?” Gale was confused. He quickly stopped me and pleaded, "You are the only one who can save His Highness!” 

"His Highness is a pervert!” I suppressed my anger and glanced at Harry. "Hubby, can you leave us for a while?” 

Harry got excited once he heard me call him ‘hubby’. He suddenly pulled me close and kissed my lips fiercely. Then he winked at me. "Yes, wifey.” 

He gave Gale a warning stare, before he walked towards the entrance of the cave far away. 

“His Highness tried to f*ck me! How is it possible for me to go and save him!?” I finally couldn’t hold back anymore. Gale, Yama and I had become good friends after spending so much time together.. 

Gale was extremely embarrassed. "His Highness loves you. All of us in Silver Moon City... know that.” He pouted.  

"Can he force me just because he loves me?! Can he drug me just because he loves me!?” I grabbed Gale’s collar. I had been a guy for so long that there were habits that I was used to. “You can let him f*ck you if you are willing to!” I shoved him away hard.

He stumbled backwards and exclaimed in shock, "His Highness drugged you?” 

I looked away angrily. "I would never save such a despicable and perverted man!” 

“His Highness is really out of his mind! He did that to you! He must have really wanted you!” Gale sighed emotionally.

“Shut up! Stop disgusting me!” 

"His Highness has never touched Moon Dream and the other girls…” Gale said casually. “But he is so stubborn with you. He must have really fallen in love with you.”

"What are you talking about?” I turned around and looked at him curiously. “He doesn’t touch them? How does he do it with them then?” 

Gale blushed a little and explained, "Actually... we guys always discuss that… Um… You know how it is, Bro Bing. You have been a guy. You were always there when we talked about girls...” His face got even redder and he suddenly patted his face. "Why am I talking about this?! Anyway, His Highness has never touched Moon Dream, Blue Charm and the other girls. He kept his distance from them… About…” Gale gestured at the distance currently between us and continued, "...this distance. Of course, the other people wouldn’t be able to do it but His Highness… with his superpower… you know… he can… so… Anyway... you should understand what I mean…” 

I looked at him in surprise. I was not only shocked at the method, but I was also astonished that Xing Chuan actually hadn’t had physical contact with the girls.


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