Book 4: Chapter 116 - The Whispers of Ah Zong

“I can’t figure it out either. But Raffles said that there could have been some kind of explosion between the two worlds that created a time tunnel between us. I don’t understand it. Anyway, I am already here...” There were too many mystical things that had happened in the universe. That was the reason why humans were constantly exploring.

"Raffles really loves you a lot. You can take it slow if you can't accept this all of a sudden. He will wait for you.” Harry kissed me softly on my cheek. It was the first time someone I loved was convincing me to love another guy. It felt kind of weird.

But, that was how they viewed marriage in this world. That was why Harry didn’t feel awkward at all when he was actually doing it. 

He’d matchmade me and Raffles because I’d hated him. What had surprised me was that Raffles had begun to matchmake me and Harry after he’d gotten together with me 

Both of them were really nice…  

I couldn’t hold myself back from hugging Harry. "Both of you are so nice to me.” 

“So, don’t cause Raffles any more pain. I would feel the pain too if he were to be in pain. It would also make me feel like a villain. I wouldn’t feel good. Lil Bing, we have both agreed that we will never leave you.” 

Hmm, I will try.” 

Harry hugged me while looking up at the colourful dome above us. "Heh, this feels just like the time when we were trapped in the snowstorm last year.” 

I sighed, "Yeah.” I realized that my stamina was pretty good too. It was probably because of the blue crystal energy. Only my back was aching a little. 

“I actually lied to my mom that time. I had a hard-on then too. Hahaha.” He laughed like a kid while he hugged and rocked me in his arms. 

Curious again, I asked, "So with your superpower, it can grow again even if it breaks?” 

Harry became embarrassed. He let go of me and frowned. "Lil Bing, I really regret making you a boy. You are starting to talk like one now!” 

I asked with my eyes wide open. "So how is it like? I am curious.” 

At a loss for words, he finally answered, "Yes, it can grow...” He looked away embarrassingly.

I opened my eyes even wider in surprise. 

He chuckled playfully. "It can also... grow bigger!” He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is it big enough?” 

Instantly I blushed. I finally understood what was behind those well-timed changes that had seemed as if he was controlling them.

I suddenly said, "Xing Chuan’s superpower is to lengthen it.” I didn’t know why but I just blurted it out. Lifting my hand, I gestured a length of about 30cm. "This long.”

He roared, "What?! You saw it before?!” He had a murderous look in his eyes. 

My face grew glum. "Didn’t you ask me what happened tonight?” 

He retracted back his murderous look and became serious. "What happened?!” 

At once I felt depressed. I got up and put on my singlet as well as the long shirt that Ah Zong had given me. Pulling on my undies, I walked out of the tent. I realized how much my back was aching once I stood up. I wasn’t tired but the backache didn’t feel too good. 

Although it was a frozen world outside, the ice cave wasn’t as cold as being above ground. 

Harry followed me out with his upper body naked. I walked towards a huge icicle and stared at the shimmering starfish. "Xing Chuan drugged me...” 

Harry punched by the side of my face and roared, "That b*stard!” A huge fist print was left on the icicle. I didn’t dare to tell him to his face but I felt worried. “Then… he pressed onto me... I didn’t see it but I felt it...” 

"I am going to kill him!” As expected, Harry was just as impulsive as I’d been. Immediately I swiveled and pulled him back. "Ah Zong saved me!” 

Harry turned to look at me in surprise. "If Ah Zong didn’t stop me, I would have already killed him. Ah Zong told me to calm down because I would get both Blue Shield City and Noah City in trouble if I were to kill Xing Chuan.” 

Harry clenched his fist, his body stiffened in anger. 

“You have to calm down too. The world needs that b*stard after all. So, I am not going back to Silver Moon City.” I let go of his hand.

He stood with arms akimbo, breathing heavily to calm himself down. 

The loose collar slid onto my shoulders, my legs exposed below the hem of the long shirt.

I tucked my long black hair behind my ears and said, "You have to work with him too. You can avoid talking to him if you’re mad at him. Spend more time with He Lei. Wait until this war is over, we will go and beat him up together if I am still upset with him then!” 

“Alright! We will let him go for now.” Harry let out a heavy sigh in annoyance. "But I will never forgive him! I would have nothing to say if it was you who’d initiated it.” 


Harry bellowed in anger, "But I will kill him if he was the one who forced you into it!” 

I stared at him speechlessly. "So, it will be fine for me to sleep with others as long as I want to?”

"Only Raffles,” Harry quickly added. He pointed outside and looked at me solemnly. “Not even that pink head. That’s strange. Why would he help you? He wanted to catch you  like a madman last time. ” 

"He could smell that I am a girl,” I said.

Harry was surprised. "He smelled it?” 

“Yeah, it is probably an evolution of his superpower. He can smell hormones, like if you are a boy or a girl, if you are sexually aroused or whatnot. It seemed like he could smell other things as well. He could smell that I was being drugged, then he could smell that I am a girl. Then, he gave me the antidote...” 

Puzzled, Harry asked, "He let you go after he found out that you are a girl?” 

I nodded. I felt my heart aching. "He said... Girls are very precious in this world. He was too dirty and he didn’t have the right to touch me.” I looked up at Harry. “That’s why he actually envies you.” 

Surprised, Harry became silent. 

Suddenly curious, I asked, "What did he whisper to you earlier?”

Harry abruptly blushed and looked away embarrassedly. "What else can he say? He told me that you’re unhappy and told me to... do that with you.” He coughed drily.

"It was really that...” I sighed. Pink Baby’s method to make me happy was direct and simple. He really meant it wholeheartedly as well. 

"But I wasn’t thinking of doing it with you earlier!” Harry suddenly panicked as though he was worried that I’d misunderstood him. "I really never thought about it at that time. I didn’t know that this was going to happen...” 

I chuckled and looked at him with my arms behind my back. "Why are you panicking? I didn’t misunderstand you. He actually told me he wanted to do that too, but I asked him if one would be happy to do it with someone that he or she doesn’t like. He understood it then. That was why he came to look for you. See, Ah Zong is very nice to me, right?” 

Harry looked strange. He crossed his arms and chuckled, "If so, that Pink Baby is truly crazy over you.” 

"So, don’t say that he is dirty in the future. Actually…” My heart dropped a little. “...he knows it in his heart.” 

There was no smile on Harry’s face now.


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