Book 4: Chapter 115 - No More

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I can’t...” His throat was dry as he said, “I am... hard...”

My body instantly stiffened and my mind went blank.

“I have to... go out and calm myself down...” He gently pulled my hand away.

My mind was in a mess. Xing Chuan’s figure suddenly crossed my mind. He’d pressed me down forcefully, whispered into my ears and wanted to conquer my body barbarically. On the other hand... Harry... was pushing me away... he cherished me...

“Lil Bing... let go of me...” He said softly in my ear. His hand that was tugging mine away was losing its strength. “You are making me lose control...”

I continued to hold his neck tightly. Xing Chuan’s force, temperature, and voice reverberated in my head.

“I’ll do it until you fall in love with me...”

His hand had touched my body and my boobs...

A kiss softly landed on the side of my neck. I closed my eyes. It was Harry’s kiss... the tip of my nose was filled with Harry’s scent... I buried myself into his neck. Only his scent could chase away Xing Chuan’s image in my head.

“Lil Bing...” His breathing turned rapid. He kissed my shoulder. Then, his warm hand went up my back and pulled to spread open my loose collar. He kissed my exposed shoulder again.

I hugged him tightly as he slowly pressed towards me. He carried me with his hands on my back and slowly placed me on the soft ground. Holding the side of my face, he gazed deeply into my eyes. As I’d unbuttoned his shirt earlier, his collar hung open, exposing his body and his glow-in-the-dark tattoo.

“Lil Bing...” He kissed my lips. I was so nervous, and my heart was beating so hard. He kissed me deeply, his soft tongue pressing on mine, teasing and slowly sucking away all the strength in me. His burning hands pulled down my collar and he touched my shoulder. The skin contact instantly made his body tense. His kiss suddenly became vigorous.

As he sucked on my lips, his grip on my shoulder tightened. He seemed to be losing control. He slid his hand lower and rubbed my arm. Then, he grabbed my shirt and slowly touched my stomach. As the kiss grew more passionate, he slowly moved his hand up...

A tearing pain made us into one. A breeze was blowing into the open tent. The snowy world outside seemed to become the best air conditioner...

[Author’s note: Please imagine it on your own.]

Our breathing gradually calmed but neither of us wanted to talk. We only wanted to lie in each other’s embrace and enjoy each other’s company.

I watched the underwater creatures that were shimmering in silence. Harry held my hand, clasping our hands together before me. I saw Raffles’s ring and panicked. “What about Raffles?” I suddenly felt guilty, as though I’d disappointed Raffles.

“It’s okay. It’s almost time for the war. I can’t stay by your side, so let him keep you company,” he said casually as he sucked my ear lobe. My body began to heat up from his sucking. 

“What?” I turned to stare at him in shock. At once I shook my head and turned my back to him again. “No way. I can’t…”

“Lil Bing, why aren’t you used to it yet?” Harry asked confusedly. He leaned on my shoulder, the tips of his hair brushing down my arm. “There are two of us who love you. Isn’t that great? Or… you prefer the pinkhead?” He suddenly pushed his chest out and I immediately felt something against the back of my waist again. I was shocked. He, he, he actually has a hard-on again….

“No… Harry, actually… I am not from this world.”

He burst out in laughter and stopped attacking me. Hugging me around my waist, he kissed my shoulder. “What are you talking about?”

“Raffles knows it. Harry, I didn’t lose my memory. I am actually…” I turned to face him. “...from another world…”

He opened his amber eyes wide in surprise. “What do you mean? You came from a different world?”

I nodded. “Yes, I guess it counts as parallel worlds, I somehow traversed here. It isn’t the end of the world back where I came from. We have everything there. The number of males and females is about the same too…”

“How is it possible that you came from another world?!” He exclaimed in surprise. He immediately looked at me. “So, Raffles knew? You told him first?!” Harry’s gaze suddenly turned sharp. He was jealous.

I quickly turned my back to him again. “That time… weren’t you… trying to matchmake us… I… told him then…”

“Why did you only tell me now?!” He was a little upset.

“I forgot…” I really… forgot… I was having a great life… so I forgot…

“You forgot!?” He was really upset now. “This is such an important thing! How could you forget to tell me that you came from a different world! And you are a girl! You are not a girl from this world! How could you forget something so important! I must punish you!”

Then, he planted a trail of kisses down my back.

“You thought… Raffles didn’t know… He already… knows…” Harry held my hand up for me to see the ring, his breaths shallow as he spoke. “Him agreeing to you letting me stay in Love Hut… was to… give me a chance… to return me a favor… Silly girl… Raffles and I know about each other’s love towards you…”

I instantly blushed. So… Raffles had known about everything that we were doing!

The ring began to turn pink too!

Raffles really knew…

[Author’s note: Please imagine it on your own again.]

I lay in his embrace as his chest heaved steadily. Sneakily I pulled up the cape over our bodies and peeped underneath. I found guys magical.

“Don’t look…” He pressed my hand down so I wouldn’t be able to see.

“I’m curious,” I blushed and said.

He sighed helplessly. “Are you going to take responsibility if it gets hard again?”

I reddened instantly. My arms were covered in marks that Harry had left on me. He’d left a lot of marks on me.

“My superpower is cell recovery. So…” He suddenly flipped on top of me and smirked playfully. “My stamina is great. Did I not satisfy you?” He slowly pressed his body down. He, he was hard again!

I stared at him blankly. Harry’s superpower was so magical! My cousin had been dying to have sex seven times a night. That didn’t seem it would be like a problem with Harry!

He chuckled and lay down next to me again. Placing his arm under my neck, he pulled me into his embrace. “I still don’t understand how you could have come from another world…”

I didn’t understand it either, let alone Harry.


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