Book 4: Chapter 114 - Not Having It

Finally the flying vehicle stopped. Harry carried me out from the flying vehicle again. The flying vehicle’s light illuminated a humungous ice cave. It was so big that even the light of the flying vehicle couldn’t light up all of it.

I was surprised at the huge ice cave. It was just as if the entire layer of ice had been dug out. I let go of Harry and he put me down. As I continued to walk in further, all around me stretched crystal clear ice walls. At the edge of the light’s reach was a tent.

“What have you been doing here?” I gave Harry a strange look as I pointed at the tent.

Harry smiled mysteriously. Then, he took out a miniature sun torch from the tent.

A glaring light instantly lit up everything in the immediate surroundings. I quickly closed my eyes, opening them again when I’d gotten used to the light. Under the ice, I saw an actual ice palace.

Naturally formed pillars of ice supported the entire crystal clear palace. Spears of ice hung down from above like stalactites, looking just like a beautiful chandelier.

I was astonished at the sight. Hidden in the world beneath the ice was the uncanny workmanship of nature!

“Lil Bing.” Harry put the miniature sun controller in my hand. “Turn it off.” He smiled mysteriously.

I gave him a confused look. “Why?”

His eyes shimmered as he smiled. His reddish brown hair was extremely gorgeous in the light.

“Turn it off. There will be a surprise.” He winked at me, taking my hand in his to clasp our hands together.

Glancing at him, I turned off the sunlight. Immediately numerous luminous creatures glowed under the crystal clear ice, stunning me.

There were jellyfish, starfish, strange fishes and all kinds of living things. They glowed in various colors, embellished within the thick layer of ice like gemstones of different shapes decorating the palace.

“Isn’t it beautiful…” Harry held my shoulder. “When I first found this place, I was in awe. Then, I started sleeping here…” Harry sighed.

I leaned on his shoulder and admired the magnificent view. “Say… How long do you think they have been here?”

“I don’t know. We’d have to dig one out for Raffles to examine.”

“No, no, no. What if there is some kind of ancient virus?” I’d watched a lot of horror films - the mere thought was enough to terrify me.

“Heh…” He chuckled and caressed my head again.

He held my hand, and we smiled at each other. Gazing deeply at my face, he slowly reached out his hand to touch my cheek, before he gently stripped off my disguise. He then fixed his gaze upon my face. “You look better like this.”

I smiled. Tiptoeing, I kissed his lips gently. My heartbeat was so fast that I couldn’t breathe. It was my first time taking the initiative to kiss him. At once he stood dumbfounded at the spot. I smiled and looked at him. Then, I snuck my hand under his cape again. His body temperature was rising under the cape, his heart beating vigorously.

“Harry, I like you and I don’t want to separate from you.” Ducking under his cape, I finally couldn’t help but say it out loud.

Swiftly he pulled me into his embrace. Then, he lifted my chin and kissed me passionately. His burning lips pressed onto mine. He bit and sucked but I didn’t find it undesirable. Even though he pushed his tongue into my mouth and took over the kiss, I didn’t find it undesirable at all. On the contrary, I gradually lost my strength and my body grew weak.

His hand that held me tight suddenly touched my back. Confused, he let go of me. He pulled open my cape to look at my clothes. “Whose clothes are these? They don’t look like yours.”

I looked away in embarrassment. “It’s…”

“It seems so gender-neutral… Does it belong to Pink Baby?!”

I bit my lip and turned away from him.

“What happened?” He suddenly asked.

I didn’t want to talk about it so I lowered my head.

“Lil Bing…” He cupped my face.

But I really didn’t want to talk about it. I hid in the tent by the side and took off the cape. I hugged myself as I didn’t want to think about what had happened that night.

Harry followed behind me. He took off his cape and put it by the side. Squatting in front of me, he extended his hand to touch my head. “I will not ask then.”

Then, I turned to look at him. His amber eyes were filled with worries and a faint anger.

He sighed helplessly. Looking around, he said, “Invisible mode.” At his words, the tent suddenly turned transparent, revealing the world outside. I suddenly understood why Harry would sleep there. The tent could be used like that! In the cave ceiling high above, the colorful creatures were so small that they looked like stars.

“This is so beautiful!” I glanced at Harry while he looked up at the sky. I suddenly spotted something glowing under his collar. “What’s inside?” I pulled at his collar curiously.

“Don’t look!” Harry didn’t manage to stop me in time. I could see that it was a glow in the dark tattoo! I immediately thought of the glow in the dark tattoo on Xing Chuan’s body.

At once I unbuttoned his collar.

“Don’t!” Harry grasped my hands. His hands were hot.

I puffed up my cheeks and stared at him. He gave way under my stare, letting go of my hands as he looked away, “Alright. Go ahead and see.”

As I slowly unbuttoned him, the tattoo became clearer before me!

It was a girl. It was clearly a girl tattooed on his left chest. Her long hair scattered across his chest, with his nipple forming the girl’s pupil. Under her eyes was the teardrop tattoo that Raffles and I had seen! Now, it had become a girl’s tear.

We had been curious back then as to why Harry had tattooed a teardrop and at such a sensitive place. It turned out that the tattoo had been a glow in the dark tattoo.

“Who is she?!” I intentionally pointed at the girl across his chest!

He blushed and glanced at me before he averted his eyes again. “Who else… could it be…”

I was stunned. My head buzzed as I stared at the crying girl on his chest. My heart clenched, my heartbeat suddenly turning irregular. It was me… I was the girl… that he’d tattooed on himself…

I slowly extended my hand and brushed my fingertips against the outline of the girl. His chest muscles immediately tightened, growing hot under my touch. 

“Did it hurt?” I asked apologetically. I touched the girl’s eyes. Raffles had said that the location of the tattoo would have hurt. When I touched the pupil, it immediately stood up under my finger.

He suddenly held my hand tightly, his hand burning hot against mine. His eyes were looking to the side instead of looking at me. “I… need to go out for a bit,” he suddenly said, his voice hoarse. 

I immediately asked, “Where are you going?!”

He grabbed my hand and didn’t speak. I didn’t let him go. I pounced at him and hugged him. He stumbled back from the impact, supporting himself with his hands propped against the floor behind him.


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