Book 4: Chapter 113 - Crystal Palace

“Hey, look! That’s the legendary Pink Baby!”

“Those are the Honeycomb boys!”

Exclamations sounded from all directions.

Gale and Yama ran over hastily.

“Hurry up and make them leave! They will shake the army’s morale if they stay here!” Gale called loudly.

However, Ah Zong didn’t care at all about the surrounding commotion or Gale’s hurtful remark. He continued to hold the cape before me. “Put it on for her.”

“Who wants your cape?!” Harry wanted to slap it away but I pressed his hand. “Harry, Ah Zong is my friend.”

Harry stared at me in surprise, stunned.

I extended my hand to take the cape that Ah Zong offered. Then, I left Harry’s embrace to put on the cape. Looking up at Ah Zong, I said, “Thank you for sending me here.”

Ah Zong smiled coquettishly. Suddenly, he moved closer to Harry, who stood dumbfounded, and took a deep breath at his neck. 

Harry came back to reality and shoved him. He roared, “What are you doing?”

Ah Zong maintained his charming smile. “I wanted to know how the person that Luo Bing likes smelled like. As expected... very manly.” Ah Zong chuckled flirtatiously. His pink hair was blown over his lips by the wind. Those red and blue eyes of his revealed his envy towards Harry.

Harry’s amber eyes instantly widened, and he shivered as he rubbed his arm in disgust.

Ah Zong continued to stare at Harry with envy. “Harry, can I talk to you alone?”

Harry glared at him coldly and I shoved Harry. He glanced at me while I puffed up my cheeks and stared fiercely at him. He blinked, seeming extremely uncomfortable. Finally he looked at Ah Zong and said, “Alright.”

Ah Zong walked to the side. Harry glanced at me before he followed Ah Zong suspiciously. He should be curious as to why Ah Zong and I had become friends; to him, it must have been as if I’d suddenly become friends with a gangster. 

Gale and Yama ran to my side.

My face turned glum at once. “Don’t tell Xing Chuah that I am here!”

Gale and Yama instantly stiffened. Yama blinked and asked, “Did you... fight with His Highness again?”

My face darkened.

Gale carefully smiled in embarrassment. “Or... His Highness wanted to make you keep him company while he sleeps again?”

“Stop it, stop talking.” Yama nudged Gale.

Ah Zong told Harry something. Whatever he’d said made Harry abruptly push him away forcefully. He wanted to stomp away angrily in embarrassment but Ah Zong held him back. With his strength, he pulled Harry back with ease. He then whispered into his ears again. Even such an ordinary action seemed ambiguous, just because the one doing it was the seductive Ah Zong. 

Harry pushed him away angrily again. Ah Zong stumbled but he couldn’t care less about it, only continuing to stare at Harry in envy. As though he wouldn’t mind being disdained as long as the other party was my friend, a person I liked, a person I loved.

Harry strode back angrily towards me while blushing. He shouted at me as though he was giving a command, “Do not be friends with him.”

“What did he tell you?” I asked curiously. What on earth did Ah Zong tell Harry that had made Harry so pissed off?

Harry averted his gaze in embarrassment, extremely angry, “Nothing!”

Ah Zong slowly walked back, his footsteps as seductive as a cat’s.

“What did you tell him?” I asked Ah Zong.

“Why are you still talking to him?!” Harry pulled me angrily.

Ah Zong smiled. “It’s a secret.” His pink hair fluttered in the wind. “Goodbye, my... King,” With a smile, Ah Zong hopped onto his spaceship. The spaceship took off and vanished into the night sky.

“Why were you with him?” Harry immediately asked. “And in the middle of the night?”

“He must have fought with His Highness!” Gale quickly said.

Yama immediately hooked his arm around Gale’s neck. “I told you to stop making wild guesses! Let’s go!” Draping his arm over Gale’s shoulders, Yama left with him. Everyone dismissed themselves. Because it was the middle of the night, there weren’t many people about, only the patrolling soldiers.

“Did Xing Chuan bully you again?” Harry asked with a glum look.

I didn’t speak. I lowered my face and took a step forward to sneak under his cape and hug him again. Once again I was engulfed by his familiar scent and his warm body. I felt loathe to part with this warmth and security.

“Lil Bing?” Harry became worried. “Talk to me!”

I didn’t want to speak. I continued to hug him tightly.

“Xing Chuan!” Harry wanted to leave in anger but I continued to hold him. I knew how impulsive he could be. He would definitely want to go and beat Xing Chuan up if he knew. Hence, I hugged him tightly. “I only want to be with you.”

His body instantly tensed up. He stood there blankly in my embrace. I buried my face in his chest, not caring that we were outside or if anyone would see. I only knew that I didn’t want to let go of him right now.

Gently he hugged me back, his chest heaving up and down before me. “Alright. We are not going back to Silver Moon City.”


During the past half a year, I’d destroyed the blue crystal energy mining machine for Xing Chuan, trained his team and passed down all my grappling skills, introduced many new recipes in Silver Moon City, selected a better team that was more powerful overall, and kickstarted the military base. I had done enough for him. I didn’t owe him anything. 

And as for what he owed me, he didn’t need to return it either.

“I’ll bring you to a place.” Harry touched my head gently.

I nodded into his chest.

He wanted to walk but I continued to hug him tightly. I really didn’t want to part with him.

Heh...” He couldn’t hold back his laughter. Suddenly, he carried me up and I looped my arms around his neck and continued to lie against his chest. He looked at me in a doting way. “What happened to your legs?”

“I didn’t bring them,” I said. 

He grinned again, his amber eyes twinkling under the night sky. He looked down at me, the hood of his cape covering our heads as though there were only the two of us left in the whole world. In the dark, he gently rubbed the tip of his nose against mine. “I am willing to carry you like this for the rest of my life.”

My heartbeat instantly sped up. I hugged him even tighter. Only with him did I feel like I could still be like a child. He was willing to spoil me endlessly. Even if I was just being with him quietly and leaning on him, happiness would bubble up endlessly from within me. That was true happiness.

He carried me into a flying vehicle. When he wanted to put me down, I stubbornly continued to hug him tight. He’d said that he was willing to hold me like that forever.

Hehehehe...” He chuckled. He sat down with me on his lap, against his chest. Circling his arm around my waist, activated the flying vehicle. As the flying vehicle started, he rubbed my head. “Don’t move around.” He seemed to be warning me.

I smiled and continued to lean into his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“Where are you bringing me?” I couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“You’ll know in a bit.” He was being a little mysterious.

Before the flying vehicle was the charming night sky and the broad snow-covered world. The flying vehicle began to slow down, before it gradually descended. Through the flying vehicle’s light, I saw a transparent light wall. It was a huge crack. The crystal clear ice wall was like an underwater crystal palace.


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