Book 4: Chapter 112 - Together With A Person I Love

“I won’t do that. If I glow, you will get hurt…” I creased my eyebrows.

“Not that kind of glow…” He smiled charmingly at me, sugary sweet happiness in the curved corners of his lips. “It is a kind of glow that people can’t see… a glow that brings strength…”

I didn’t understand what he meant. I only knew that I gave out one kind of deadly glow. I looked down at my hands, “I was wondering why didn’t it activate earlier and took so long to release tonight.”

“Maybe deep down in your heart, you didn’t want to hurt His Highness Xing Chuan…” he said. I was stunned. He smiled at me. “He is very important to this world…”

I clenched my fists. Could it really be like what Pink Baby says? My subconscious is stopping me! D*mn it!

“My Queen, your strength makes all the men crazy for you…” Ah Zong placed his hand next to me as he stared at me infatuatedly again. “You no longer belong to me… but I…” he said softly as he picked up my hand and placed it on his chest. I could feel his vigorous heartbeat. “... will forever belong to you…”

“Ah Zong…”

“You called my name…” He chuckled happily. He placed my hand on his face and smiled happily. “You called my name…”

“Where is the girl?! Where?!” Someone ran out excitedly from inside. Then, I saw the black-haired guy who’d once saved Ah Zong. He should be the one who’d saved me tonight.

He shivered in excitement the very moment he saw me. He raised his hands and hugged his head. “Ah! Ah! I saved a girl! Ah! Ah Zong! Thank you!” He pounced at Ah Zong and kissed him on his face. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I scrambled to my feet in shock.

“That’s enough! Don’t be in heat.” Ah Zong shoved him away angrily.

The black-haired guy bit his lips and stole a glance at me bashfully. Then, he ran to the wing and shouted, “I saved a girl! Oh!” He suddenly leaped up, *Bang!* He then jumped into the water.

I smiled. They were really excited. The Honeycomb guys were actually very cute.

“Xiao Ye is the person who saved you,” Ah Zong said. He wiped his face and resumed his charming smile. “He doesn’t talk much. He’s a little silly.”

I chuckled while he fixed his eyes on me. “You smiled… You look even more beautiful when you smile…"

“So, sometimes, you don’t need to use that kind of method to make someone happy.” I smiled at him. “The true happiness lies here.” I pointed at my heart.

As his gaze fell to where I pointed, he immediately looked away and blushed.

I remembered that his clothes had a wide collar. It looked like a loose dancing dress on me, exposing my singlet strap. I seemed to be wearing an off-shoulder dress.

He smiled sweetly and turned to the side. “That’s Xiao Shui…”

I looked in the same direction. Xiao Shui had already woken up. He lowered his face bashfully as he hugged the silver-haired guy next to him and peeped at me from behind his arm. The two of them had forced our spaceship to a stop back then. 

“That’s Silver.” Ah Zong pointed at the silver-haired guy.

He tensed and looked at me while I nodded and smiled at him. Then, his limbs grew weak and he fainted too!

“Everyone is too excited to see a real girl for the first time.” Ah Zong chuckled.

Zi Yi walked out from the side and stared at me in disbelief. He suddenly strode towards me, and measured me up and down with his gaze. Then, his eyes fixed on my boobs. “Do you know how to change shape too?” Without warning, he extended his hand and wanted to grab me. At once, Ah Zong intercepted his arm and his long pink hair swept past before me. He threw Zi Yi off the spaceship right away.

*Bang!* Zi Yi fell into the water, creating a big splash.

I instantly stiffened. Ah Zong had been so fast and powerful. He was usually slow, lazy and weak. I’d thought he would be a person with girlishly weak strength. I’d never expected that his strength would be so explosive.

He smiled and glanced at Xiao Shui, who was the only one standing. “Let’s send our Queen to the Aurora Legion’s base.”

“Yes!” Xiao Shui stood straight and peeped at me happily.

The spaceship took off once again. Ah Zong was sending me to Aurora Legion’s base.

Blue Shield City’s spaceship had been provided by Silver Moon City. Although it wasn’t the latest model, it was the best-performing spaceship on ground, which was why they’d been able to catch up with us so easily back then.

“I suggest that you’d best be dressed in male clothing,” Ah Zong said. He smiled. “Xing Chuan’s men are there. If Xing Chuan finds out that you are a girl, he wouldn’t let you go.” Worry flashed through his eyes.

Thinking about it, I nodded. Ah Zong had seen more men than I had. He had seen men from various cities, and had a better understanding of the men in this world.

By now, I had already calmed down and I’d resolved not to return to Silver Moon City. In the future too, I would likely not cross paths with Xing Chuan anymore. I didn’t want to be his North Star. The moment I thought about staying by his side, I felt disgusted.

Once again, I began to put on my disguise. As my chest became flat once more, the shirt hung loosely on my figure.

Very soon, our spaceship had neared the Aurora Legion’s base, and the base had also sent out a response. My heart started racing. I am going to see Harry.

Ah Zong stood next to me and watched me. Then, he smiled.

Zi Yi was watching me closely too. He seemed to be suspecting that Ah Zong and I shared the same superpower. He didn’t believe that I was a real girl.

“Blue Shield City’s spaceship requests to land,” Xiao Shui said with a shivering voice. He was still excited because I was standing right behind him.

“Blue Shield City? Humph.” I heard Harry’s voice. “Tell them we don’t need gig…”

“Harry! It’s me! Luo Bing!” I pounced to the front, trapping Xiao Shui under me. Xiao Shui’s ears immediately blushed red as I shouted, “Hurry up and let us land!”

“Lil Bing!” Harry exclaimed in surprise. “Permission granted! Land at Croton base.”

“Alright!” I jumped in excitement and ran out from the cockpit to the cabin door. Before the spaceship had landed steadily, I’d already opened the cabin door. A cold breeze howled, the temperature so low it could instantly freeze me into a human popsicle!

However, I couldn’t care less about the cold. I saw the redhead outside. It’s Harry.

“Harry!” I jumped out and spread my arms at him. He immediately jumped in surprise and caught me in mid-air. I pounced on him and hugged him tightly. Quickly he wrapped me under his cape, engulfing me with his warmth and his scent.

When he’d landed with me on the ground, the spaceship was still hovering in the air. Ah Zong jumped off the spaceship. Harry immediately hugged me tighter while watching Ah Zong with his guard up.

Ah Zong was wearing a warm cape. He held out a cape before me while his long pink hair fluttered in the cold breeze.


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