Book 1: Chapter 38 - Distribution According To Need

“Phew,” Harry blew on the gun muzzle and put it away. He raised his eyebrows happily and said, “Done!” His amber eyes were shining.

“Done with what!?” Raffles was suddenly roaring in anger. He was really angry as he stomped his feet hard. “You broke it! Broke it! These cables are all broken and useless now!” Raffles’ face was red with anger. He grabbed a bunch of broken cables and bellowed, “Do you know how important the cable map is? You just broke them all! All!”

Harry wasn’t angry and grinned mischievously, “Raffles, I believe you can restore it. You have two brains.”

“Get out! Get out!” Raffles was extremely angry.

“Waifu! Let’s go collect your things!” He pulled me as he ran. It was such a soul-stirring morning that it had spiked up my heart beat. I was covered in cold sweat. Hold on. I feel like… using the restroom!

On the contrary, Second Sis was very calm. She yawned and continued to sleep.

“Harry! Don’t pull me! I need to use the restroom.”

Harry stopped and looked at me, “You… you haven’t brushed your teeth or washed your face!” He pointed at my face. He was obviously referring to my messy look.

I quickly pulled up my hood. I am at the end of the world. I can’t be so particular about anything. Forget about brushing my teeth or washing my face, I want to shower! But right now, of course, I want to use the restroom.

“I want to go to another place!” I said impatiently and turned. Noah City had a shared toilet system, similar to a public toilet. There was one located after a certain distance. This way, the next one wouldn’t be very far when needed.

However, there wasn’t any toilet paper inside. I was already fooled once… 

And it was indescribably awkward…

“Waifu, where are you going?” Harry asked. ‘He is so annoying. This is so embarrassing.’ 

“Don’t go there right now. Follow me to collect your things first. Then, you can brush your teeth and wash your face. Otherwise… your mouth will stink!” Harry winked mischievously. 

I stopped. Did Harry mean that he was taking me to collect the daily necessities?

Do I collect them first, or do I go to the toilet first?

What if the daily necessities include toilet paper?

What if I want to take a dump?

There is no toilet paper in the toilets…

I only have a pack of tissues in my pocket. I can’t use that either!

Alright. I decided to follow Harry before going to the toilet.

I turned to glare at him coldly, “Hurry up then.”

He chuckled and walked past me, and led us through the well-connected tunnels. This underground city had many tunnels, which formed a complicated maze; similar to the corridors in a hotel that made people feel lost, or even like the tunnels in the spaceships from the sci-fi movies.

Harry put his hands behind his head as he walked and looked sideways at me, “Waifu, are you comfortable sleeping in Raffles’s warehouse? There isn’t even a bed for you to sleep in there.”

“Second Sis sleeps there and she needs someone to look after her.” Plus, their beds were made of steel, which was as hard as the ground.

“True! The flying corpse is also highly alert and offensive, but she listens to you. Waifu, you really are so incredible!” Harry walked by my side as he continued to talk, “Waifu, you have so many magical things with you. I heard…” He leaned in closer to my face with a sneaky look as he continued, “You gave Arsenal some watermelon last night. Hey, why didn’t you give it to me?” He puffed up his cheeks as though he was full of grievance. 

I rolled my eyes at him, “Why should I have offered it to you?”

“Because you are my wife.” He answered, which made me feel like kicking him right then and there. But suddenly, it turned bright. We were under a white vault!

The area in front of us looked like another square, but it was obviously different from the one before. This square was very clean and white, without any luster from the metal. Sunlight was pouring in through this white vault, lighting up the surrounding space. The vault was made from pieces of glass like a huge cell wall.

There’s such a place in Noah City?

At this very moment, most of the people from Noah City were standing there. It seemed like they had come there to collect things, just like we had.

“It’s Luo Bing. Look, Luo Bing is here.” The people at the end of the queue saw us, and a few youngsters greeted me enthusiastically, “Hey, Luo Bing, over here!”

Their loud greetings caught a few middle-aged women’s attention. They looked at me and smiled, “It’s you, Luo Bing. Thank you for your apple.”

“You’re… you’re welcome.”Since they had already thanked me yesterday, I felt awkward when they thanked me once again.

Harry pulled me forward and waved his arms, “Don’t look. Stop looking. Luo Bing is my wife. You are not allowed to talk to her.”

“Hahahaha,” everyone laughed. I stood next to Harry feeling very embarrassed.

“Harry!” His brothers came to meet us, and put their arms around his shoulders. I immediately seized this chance to move away, in fact, to stray as far away from Harry as I could.

“Luo Bing, I am Marita,” a lady smiled at me and held my hand, “did you rest well yesterday?”

The middle-aged ladies surrounded me and introduced themselves to me, “I am Shufen, call me Auntie Shufen.”

Auntie Shufen sounded so friendly.

“You can call me Auntie Ally.”

“You can call me Auntie Horqin.”

I nodded, “Hi, Auntie Marita, Auntie Shufen, Auntie Ally, Auntie Horqin.”

“Such a good girl.” They patted my head tenderly and said, “You are so capable, and also courageous enough to be alone outside."

“From today onwards, treat this place as your own home. Later, we will introduce everyone else to you.”

“Yeah, thank you!” I looked at them gratefully.

“Bing, have you thought about what you want to do in the future?” Suddenly, Auntie Horqin asked. I too had been thinking about that same thing for some time now.

I looked at them in confusion, “I… What can I do?”

“Why not come with me and plant some vegetables?” Auntie Marita looked at me with a smile.

“You can also consider coming with me to do some needlework,” Auntie Shufen pointed at her clothes, “These clothes are made by us.”

“Do you know how to knead dough? You could also come with us to make bread,” Auntie Horqin suggested. This reminded me of the black tasteless bread.

Auntie Ally held my shoulders and said, “Alright, alright. Everyone, give this child some time to think. She just came here and she has yet to adapt. Plus, I think it is a waste for her to plant vegetables, do needlework, or make bread.”

“That’s right!” Suddenly, Sis Ceci cut her off. Everyone looked to the side and I saw Sis Ceci walking towards us with Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Ming You. Da Li was sitting on Sis Cannon’s shoulders. Although the special force was made of girls, they fired enthusiasm in people because all of them looked handsome, and did not concede to the men!

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