Book 4: Chapter 111 - I Felt Sorry For Pink Baby

“Ah! A girl!” Xiao Shui exclaimed from behind Zi Yi. Then, he fainted where he stood at the end of the tunnel, knocking into the other silver-haired Honeycomb guy who looked equally dumbfounded.

Ah Zong smiled enchantingly. “Look, Xiao Shui is even more excited than I was.”

I seemed to understand why Ah Zong had been in tears and why he’d been quivering. Xiao Shui had fainted when he saw me! Zi Yi had stood dumbfounded for very long before he came back to reality. Now, he continued to look at me in shock.

Besides the Queen Bee, they had never seen any other girls. They’d thought that they would never see a girl, ever.

The spaceship had stopped over a stretch of faint pink water, just like when they’d been chasing after us back then.

The moon swayed on the surface of the water, just like this spaceship.

Ah Zong sat with me on the spaceship wing. He hugged his knees and turned sideways to look at me. “You are still unhappy. I want to serve you. I want to make you happy."

He wasn’t giving up.

“Ah Zong, can we switch to another  topic?” I said.

He thought for a while before he smiled. “I didn’t study much and I don’t know a lot of things. We’ve been taught how to make our guests happy since young in Honeycomb. Every guy hopes to serve a girl one day… However, we only have our Queen Bee Mother…”

I glanced at him. He was supporting his head with one hand while smiling, looking at the moon rippling on the surface of the water in silence. His pink hair scattered across his arm, making it hard to identify if he was a girl or guy.

“Queen Bee Mother loves and cares for us, including me. Mother says that I can give my first to a guest I like. This is a special privilege that only the Honeycomb Prince has…” He smiled happily as though it was the best and most precious right that had been given to him. “That day, when you saved me, I already decided that I would give it to you, to make you happy…” He stared at me obsessively.

My body tensed while he flashed an enchanting smile. “I told mother that I wanted to give it to you. Mother said that as long as I am willing to, it can happen. However, I never expected that you wouldn’t want me…” His gaze dimmed. “You hated me and I was angry. I am Pink Baby and every guy wants me. So, I told Zi Yi to capture you. I wanted you to let me serve you. Then, you will know that I didn’t lie to you, that I can give you happiness…” Lifting his head away from his chin to place it next to me, he moved closer towards me. He gazed at me seductively and obsessively. “So… Are you willing to give me this opportunity to make you forget about all the things that bother you and make you happy?”

His red and blue eyes twinkled like mountain water under the moonlight. His enchanting eyes let out an irresistible charm. He had been born a seductive and tempting seductress who moved one’s heart.

Slowly, I extended my hand and touched his face. His body instantly quivered with excitement. The pink glow shone from under his collar again.

Mm…” His eyes were half-closed in pleasure, tears quivering in his red and blue eyes.

My fingers slowly rubbed against his lips. At once, he opened his mouth and took my finger in between his lips. His soft tongue pressed against my finger. Every action seemed so instinctive, as if it was natural for him to physically react like this to another’s touch. 

I immediately pulled my finger out, drawing out a silver thread. He leaned closer as though he was chasing after my finger. I rubbed it on his body and he opened his eyes, which were fueled with lingering emotions. “Why? I didn’t do well?” He smiled. “I can do better.”

“You are excited.” I stole a glance at his lower body and he smiled, a tinge of wickedness in his grin. “Yeah, would you like to see?” He pulled the blanket around his waist.

“So, you are the one who received happiness,” I told him seriously.

He was stunned.

“Why did the Queen Bee say that you can keep your first for a guest that you like?” I asked him again.

He slowly returned to his original spot.

“Because doing it with someone you don’t like doesn’t make you happy, right?” I stopped and didn’t continue speaking.

He became quiet too.

He’d wanted me to receive happiness. But that was only physical happiness but not happiness from within.

A cooling breeze blew through my hair and his. I had not returned to the ground for very long. We shouldn’t be too far away from Noah City. I wanted to return to Noah City. Xing Chuan had already decided before to let me return anyway.

“My dad would visit me once every year…” Ah Zong casually said.

I glanced at him in surprise. It turned out that he had a father. Many of Honeycomb’s guys had been sold in exchange for resources… it had been the same for him.

However, he wore no hatred across his face but instead a faint smile. “He told me that the children at home have food to eat and clothes to wear because of me. But they don’t eat and live as well as I am. Hence, he is happy to see me like this. He is very happy and he is at ease. He told me not to go back but to stay and repay the Queen Bee because our hometown is very poor… very…”

I suddenly felt sorry for him. I couldn’t help but hug him. He paused in surprise, his body stiffening.

I didn’t know what to say to him because I knew that Honeycomb guys thought they were living happily. And the truth was that they did live better, wear better and eat better than the surrounding cities. Just like he’d mentioned before, he even thought those people who paid him to strip for them were silly.

I knew that no explanation would make them understand that their life was a mistake because they were living well…

“Don’t ever take off your clothes for others to watch. Consider this an order from your Queen.” I hugged his stiffened body. I felt sorry and sad for him but I knew that he wouldn’t even understand why I felt sad about it.

Mm…” He gently leaned against my shoulders and nodded. “In the future, I will only take off my clothes for you…”

“…” *Sigh*… He wouldn’t change his preconceptions that had formed from living in Blue Shield City all of a sudden.

“Hence… you want to do it with a person you like, then you will feel happy?” He asked solemnly.

*Sigh!* He is a professional after all. He can’t talk about things unrelated to his profession.

“Yes, the feelings must be mutual.” I could only answer him like that.

I let go of him and he smiled at me obsessively. “Want me to teach him?”

“There’s no need to!” I quickly said. I suddenly blushed. “Send me to the Aurora Legion’s base. You know where that place is, right?”

He nodded and smiled sweetly. “To look for him? The man you like? He is definitely there.”

Ah Zong is very smart.

I was curious. “Why did you like me back then?”

He smiled sweetly. “Because you glow. You have the kind of glow… that I will never ever have.”

Could it be the blue crystal energy?


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