Book 4: Chapter 110 - Ah Zong’s Queen

“Give me your shirt.” I looked at him and spoke to him with my original voice. As for all the items I’d used to disguise my identity, I put them away in my trousers.

Coming back to reality, Ah Zong took off his long shirt that was suitable for both males and females. 

Suddenly, I saw his private part between his legs. Immediately I threw the blanket on him. "Why aren’t you wearing any trousers!?” He wasn’t wearing anything below, just like the last time. 

He blinked and hung his head low. "I... am used to not wearing any trousers...” he said smilingly. He seemed to enjoy not wearing any trousers. 

I put on the loose shirt that he’d given me like a mini skirt. My nose was instantly filled with his fragrance. As I freed my chest, my breasts puffed up the dress just like when Ah Zong in his girl form. 

Standing up, I looked at my torn Silver Moon City uniform. "I am not going back to Silver Moon City anymore. I am going to be a girl again!” I had had enough! People there even thought of me as Xing Chuan’s pet lover! 

What’s so good about their Xing Chuan?! I am not interested in him at all!

I am his pet lover?! That is such an insult. It should be him being my pet lover! But, is he better than Pink Baby in any way?!

“You are so pretty...” Ah Zong slowly stood up next to me with the blanket wrapped around him, his eyes filled with infatuation again.

I clenched my fist in anger and muttered, "Xing Chuan will stop pestering me as long as I go back to being a girl.” 

“No! He will be even crazier!” He stared at me infatuatedly with his sparkly eyes. “Just like me…”

"No! He is different from you! He is sick! He-!” My chest was heaving in anger. I couldn’t control the murderous intention rising in me whenever I recalled what had happened earlier. 

"You are so pretty.” I heard Ah Zong’s infatuated voice again. I glanced at him and he began to come closer to me. His jello-looking lips hung slightly open, while his red and blue eyes were filled with infatuation. He wanted to kiss me but I quickly pushed him away, "What are you trying to do!?” I didn’t feel any murderous intention towards him though. 

He panicked and tried to smile again. "You are unhappy. Queen Bee will get herself two boys whenever she’s unhappy. Then, she will become happy. I want to make you happy. You can play with me in any way you like.” He spread his arms widely, and his body began to turn pink. 

It wasn’t the kind of pink when blood would rush to the skin when you blushed, but the natural shimmering pink of crystals. I seemed to finally understand the meaning of his name, Pink Baby.

He was still the same towards me, but he didn’t dare to touch me. But in order to make me happy, he was willing to let me touch him in any way I wanted. Even if I were to torture him like what other perverted customers would do to him.  

But it was impossible for me to feel happy from hearing his words and looking at his smile. I only feel unprecedented heartache for him.

He slowly put his fingers into the blanket at his waist. "I will make you happy again. I can make you forget what His Highness Xing Chuan did to you.” 

I immediately stopped his hand that was about to lift away the blanket. His hand was trembling. 

"I don’t need it!” I rejected him loudly just like before. I’d found him disgusting before, but now I only wanted him to understand that he wasn’t a toy to entertain others. 

“Is it because I am dirty?” He asked me with a faint smile. It didn’t cross his mind how self-derogatory the question was. He tried to explain, "I have never been touched by other men. I only touch myself for them to see.” 

I shook my head. "Come and take a walk with me outside.” 

He was shocked. 

I let go of his hand. I knew that we had different worldly views. He wouldn’t understand me nor would I understand him. 

I picked up the shredded clothes and took the golden badge. I gave it to him and told him, "Xing Chuan will not dare to touch you if you have this.” 

“The gold moon!” He stared at the golden badge in shock. They naturally knew about the gold moon badge since they were directly connected to Silver Moon City. 

I looked at his clean face and said, "Thank you for stopping me from killing him.” Blue Shield City wouldn’t be the only one affected if I were to kill Xing Chuan. Noah City would be affected as well. 

As he stared at me, his gaze became seductive and lustful. "Are you sure that you don’t need me to make you happy?” He extended his arm and placed it on the cabin wall indolently while he let out those seductive pink rays. It made his nipples look like two crystallized transparent pink ice bubbles that were seducing you to bite them, break them apart and taste the strawberry juices within.

I shook my head and walked out. 

When I opened the cabin door, Pink Baby’s loyal bodyguard was unsurprisingly standing right there. The moment Zi Yi saw me, he was astonished. He stood there gaping, then his face blushed.

I walked past him, and he didn’t move an inch.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Ah Zong extended his hand and held Zi Yi’s shoulder. He leaned against Zi Yi’s body lazily. “She is so beautiful… I wouldn’t mind if you gave her your heart to… She’s worth it…” Ah Zong let go of Zi Yi. Then, he took off Zi Yi’s clothes and put it on himself, fastening a few of the buttons lazily. The shirt was still rather loose on him, revealing his sexy collarbone. He still had the blanket wrapped around his waist. 

I watched as he put on the clothes. The silk blanket that he was wearing around his waist looked like an Egyptian prince’s skirt. Ah Zong was able to look seductive regardless of whether he was wearing a male or female outfit. That mix-and-match look on him actually brought out another level of sexiness within him. 

He knelt down on one knee before me and took my hand. "My Queen, I will not love anyone else in my life. My heart belongs to you forever… I am sorry that I am a worthless gigolo and I am not worthy of loving you… My heart is dirty and it isn’t good enough for you...“

“Ah Zong, you are not worthless. You are the King in their hearts.” I glanced at Zi Yi, who stood there half naked. He continued to gape at me in disbelief.

I helped Ah Zong up and said, "Get up.” I didn’t feel disgusted by whatever Pink Baby said anymore. I knew that he meant those words from the bottom of his pure heart. 

I had already heard the most disgusting thing in this world this same night. Those words from that disgusting man had made me realize that Pink Baby’s infatuation was far purer and more innocent than his!

“My Queen, I am willing to die for you. It will be an honour to do so for you...” Ah Zong stood up after saying that. He turned to look at Zi Yi with a smile. "I believe you would too, right? Zi Yi?” 

Zi Yi blinked and finally came back to reality. He stared at me in surprise. "You are a girl!” Zi Yi looked much more like a boy, compared to Ah Zong, whom one would be hard-pressed to differentiate as male or female. 


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