Book 4: Chapter 109 - All of You Got It Right

“Mm! Mm!” I struggled in anger. When he forcefully stuck his tongue into my mouth, I bit down hard. At once the fishy taste of blood flooded my mouth.  

He left my lips immediately, and I saw his reflection on the glass, his face cold and blood at the corner of his lips. He wiped the blood off; he actually looked even more aroused now. 

All of a sudden, he hugged my waist tightly and pressed himself against my body. 

“Xing Chuan!! I will definitely kill you!” I don’t care! I must kill him! God d*mn it! This d*mn blue crystal energy, hurry up, come out and burn him to death! 

I could feel my radiation-filled blood boiling within me. It was coming out to burn that b*stard to death! 

His burning hands began to move lower over my stomach instead of under my singlet. "Can you feel it yet? The arousal... I can definitely reach the deepest spot in your body… Luo Bing... I am so attracted to you… I want to conquer you… I want to have you... I get hard just by looking at you... I already wanted to f*ck you when I saw you exhorting them this morning... So.. I have decided not to go gentle on you...” His hand gradually moved lower and lower. Soon he would find out that I am not a boy. 

*Rumble!* All of a sudden, the glass in front of me shattered into pieces and I fell forward. Then, the space in front of me suddenly split apart and an arm reached out to pull me into a split space.

“Luo Bing!!!!” A furious roar resounded from behind me, before it disappeared in the next instant.

I fell into a cabin. Tears began to flow out from my eyes. I hugged my body, barely clothed in the remaining bits and pieces of my Silver Moon City uniform, and started sobbing uncontrollably. "Ah! I want to kill him!!”  

“Hurry up and go!” Pink Baby’s legs were right before my eyes. Then, I felt the spaceship taking off.

A blanket was draped over me. I instantly flung off my torn clothes and tried to stand up. "Don’t stop me from killing him!” But someone pressed me down.

"I am sorry… But I can’t let you kill him…” He squatted in front of me and held me down. “We will all die if you kill him...” 

I stared at him. Through my blurry sight, I could make out other Honeycomb boys beside Ah Zong. The blue-haired guy studied me with a weird gaze while leaning on the shoulder of the guy with dark silver hair.

"Brother Ah Zong, why doesn’t he want to sleep with His Highness Xing Chuan?” The blue-haired guy asked curiously with an innocent look. “Just ask anyone, they’d all be willing to sleep with His Highness Xing Chuan, no?”

Ah Zong scolded sternly, "Xiao Shui, stop it!” 

Xiao Shui watched me weirdly, and hugged the guy with dark silver hair. "Let’s go.” 

Mm.” They then left the cabin. 

“Give it to him.” Zi Yi placed a cup of water in front of Ah Zong. Ah Zong took the cup and passed it to me. "Calm down.” 

I stared at Ah Zong angrily. He looked back at me with his blue and red eyes. "There is no poison in it.” 

"We saved you and yet you suspect that we would drug you?!” Zi Yi grabbed the cup and threw it on the floor angrily. “Do you know how much danger Ah Zong put himself in just by saving you?! Nobody dares to take anything away from Silver Moon City, especially Xing Chuan’s people! Ah Zong! You are out of your mind!”

Ah Zong continued to watch me, infatuated. He picked up the cup from the floor and said, "Just say that it was my idea if His Highness Xing Chuan pursues this matter.’

"No! You will die!” Zi Yi squatted next to Ah Zong and held his shoulders anxiously. 

"For him... I am willing to...” Ah Zong smiled as he looked at me, every bit as infatuated as before.

“Ah Zong, you are crazy! You don’t even know him! Can’t you be more clear-headed? You are only a gigolo in his eyes! A cheap gigolo! He wouldn’t be moved or touched even if you sacrifice your life for him!” Zi Yi glared at me angrily, murderous intentions churning in his eyes.  "It’s all because of you!” Zi Yi suddenly wielded his sword. 

"Zi Yi!” Ah Zong immediately stood up and seized Zi Yi’s wrists. “Get out!” 

“Ah Zong!” 

"Get out!” Ah Zong shouted even louder.

Zi Yi stared at him anxiously. Finally, he turned around and strode away.

Ah Zong watched him leave, before he went to pour another cup of water for me and placed it before me again. "Calm down for a bit.” 

I took the cup, wiped away my tears and downed the water. 

For a long time, I didn’t speak. He sat next to me, looking me up and down with his burning infatuated gaze. 

The spaceship seemed to stop. I became nervous. Holding onto the blanket tightly, I asked, "Has the spaceship stopped?” 

"Don’t worry, we turned on the shield. They won’t be able to find us,” he said softly from next to me.

I glanced at him. He was leaning against the cabin wall lazily as he watched me closely, just like when he had been a girl and looked at me coquettishly. Once he saw me looking at him, he immediately turned and averted his eyes. But I knew that he was actually looking at me. 

I gripped the cup tightly and calmed down. He is right. I can’t kill Xing Chuan. That b*stard is too important to this world. Also, I would get all these boys in Blue Shield City in trouble if I were to kill him in this city. 

I asked him, "Why did you cry?” 

He turned around gently and leaned sideways against the cabin wall. He hung his head low as he replied, "I was too excited… I was so excited that I couldn’t speak... I could only cry... My heart is actually beating really fast right now. Do you... want to feel it?” His long eyelashes were trembling under his pink bangs when he stretched his hand out towards me. But he took his hand back just when he was about to touch me. "You are not a guy. I don’t have the right to touch you.” 

When he’d thought I was a guy, his intention had been to satisfy me and make me happy through sex. That was how the Honeycomb boys thought. That was also the reason why Xiao Shui and the others hadn’t understood why I’d rejected Xing Chuan. 

"Girls... are the most precious treasure in this world. I thought I wouldn’t be able to lay eyes on a girl for the rest of my life....” He smiled faintly and returned to his normal self. The only difference was that he didn’t dare to touch me anymore. “Sometimes, I touch myself... but I know that they aren’t real...” He touched his chest, which began to bulge and turn into a pair of snowy breasts that any girl would envy. 

He put down his hand and the snowy breasts slowly subsided. "I have never seen a woman’s... I don’t quite know how... they look like...” 

“You can look at me,” I said. I’d known that his heart was pure the moment he’d saved me. I knew that his infatuation was innocent. We had different worldviews but he was a pure and innocent person. 

To repay him for saving me, this was nothing

He got really excited, and slowly lifted his face to look at me. 

I didn’t want to disguise myself anymore. I was really tired of it. Bit by bit, I removed my disguise in front of him. He watched me blankly without moving an inch while I removed my voice changer.


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