Book 4: Chapter 108 - Forceful

“I won’t touch you again in the future… I won’t touch you...” He choked with sobs. He hung his head low, refusing to look up at me, his long pink hair scattered across the sides of his face. 

I could feel my body recovering. I asked softly, "Did you spike my drink?” 

He shook his head at once. "I didn’t! It should be someone else.” He didn’t look up but averted his eyes to the side. He seemed to be thinking back. "Right. I could smell a strong lust on His Highness Xing Chuan. You have to be careful of him.” 

I said, "Help me… to leave.” 

He clenched his fists tightly in surprise. "No, I don’t have the right to... I, my hands are too dirty…” He looked at his hands. “No, you are not a boy. You are a precious girl... You are a girl...” He kept muttering to himself. My true identity as a girl seemed to have shocked him greatly. His emotions became complicated and he couldn’t calm himself down. 

“Have you... not seen a girl before?” I looked at him.

He shook his head, then nodded. "I have seen girls when I was younger but…” He smiled faintly. “After the agreement between Queen Bee and Silver Moon City, all the girls were sent to Silver Moon City. I have never seen any girl ever since…” He lowered his head and continued, “We do not have any right to see or touch a girl. We are Honeycomb boys… We… We don’t have the right to... His Highness Xing Chuan is right... I don’t even have the right to look at you.” 

"Stop your nonsense and help me to leave.” I could feel my hands again. I reached for his arm. His originally still body began to tremble again. It was as though his idol had touched him, making him tremble in excitement. 

His name was Ah Zong. In my heart, he was no longer the disgusting Pink Baby because of the remedy he’d given me and his tears... 

I shouted, "This is an order!” 

Now, he immediately helped me up from the ground.

If it really had been Xing Chuan who’d spiked my drink, I definitely couldn’t stay in the room that Xing Chuan had arranged for me.

Ah Zong quickly opened the door. Right at the moment he opened the door, Xing Chuan’s clothes entered my line of sight!

“Do not touch him!” Xing Chuan suddenly seized Ah Zong. Then, his arm began to lengthen. Ah Zong instantly vanished from my side. Just as I fell, Xing Chuan caught me with his other hand. 

I saw him pushing Ah Zong to the balcony with his extended arm. He then pushed him right off the balcony!

Ah Zong was glaring at Xing Chuan angrily even as he fell, his long pink hair vanishing altogether from the edge of the balcony.

Xing Chuan retracted his arm. I said mockingly as I leaned on him, "Oh, turns out that you can turn yourself into an octopus as well.” 

He didn’t say a thing, only carried me into the room. 

 "Let me go!” I said with the strength that I was slowly regaining.

However, all I heard was the sound of the door being slammed.

*Bang!* He threw me onto the bed, staring at me with a glum look. 

I glared at him angrily. "I will kill you if you touch me!” 

He faced me darkly. "Where did he touch you?” 

I narrowed my eyes and roared, "You spiked my drink! You!” 

Without warning, he harshly slapped his palm right next to my head. *Bang!* His hair fell to both sides of my face, hemming me in. "You shut up!” Then he continued without any emotion to his voice, "Where did he touch you?” 

Furious, I retorted, "It’s none of your business!” 

He slowly lifted his head, his legs pressing against the sides of my legs. He sat up and straddled me, then started taking off his clothes expressionlessly.

I stared at him in shock and yelled, "What are you trying to do?!” 

He stripped off his outerwear, the buttons shooting out like streams of light under the moonlight, slamming against the glass door at the balcony with a clatter.

“F*ck you.” He flung off his outerwear, exposing his strong and muscular body. Dim moonlight vaguely outlined his body. The thin petals of the enchanted spider lily spread across his chest. The tattoo actually shifted!

Thin long flower petals extended, resembling vipers flickering their forked tongues at his nipples, filled with evilness. 

I cried angrily, "Don’t you dare!” 

He lowered his body again. His black hair slipped past his shoulders and veiled his face, which hovered right next to mine. Although his dark hair blocked out the moonlight, it didn’t shield his burning gaze. 

"I’ve already drugged you. Of course, I want to f*ck you!” He roared.

“You promised that you wouldn’t touch me!” 

Humph…” He chuckled lightly, his warm breath burning my face. "You’ve never trusted me anyway, have you?” He leaned closer to my face and stuck his tongue out to lick my cheek. "You are very conscious. Did that gigolo give you the remedy?” 

“Let go!” Feeling the strength in my arms coming back, I punched him. Instantly he was pushed off of me. I rolled off the bed at once, diving through the gap between his body and the bed, and ran to the balcony.

Within a breath an arm had shot past me and pulled the balcony door shut. Not able to stop in time, I ended up slamming against the glass door. Then, a burning hand locked onto my wrist and pushed me against the glass. 

A burning breath rushed towards me from behind. In the blink of an eye, he was against my back. "This is even better… You’re making me want it even more!” 

“Xing Chuan! Let go of me!” 

"Do you know why I am so into you?” He asked with his raspy voice, his burning face pressed against the nape of my neck. “I have never felt so relaxed and calm as when I slept next to you...” The glass around my wrist began to change shape. Transparent tentacles snuck out from the glass like wriggling snakes, entangling my wrists before hardening into metal hoops that locked both my wrists in place.

His hands gradually shifted away from my wrists. With every inch he moved, my shirt shredded into pieces under his hands and fell off from my arms. 

My body trembled. It was my first time feeling fear. Fear of being violated. 

His warm palm stroked past my shivering arm, leaving a trail of burning sensations. 

"I love you… I really do love you so much… Why don’t you believe me!?” He suddenly roared furiously from behind me. Then, he violently planted kisses on the back of my neck, biting forcefully and wantonly in madness.

I clenched my fists in anger.. His hand stroked past my waist and my stomach, burning away my outerwear as he went. His warm hands reached my chest and my body stiffened. "Xing Chuan, I swear I will kill you!” 

However, he couldn’t be bothered by my words at all, and continued to stroke past my singlet. He grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards his. Then, he leaned his face against mine. "Since you don’t want to tell me how I can make you like me… I will continue to use my own way to make you like me. I will f*ck you until you love me!” He abruptly kissed me, mumbling the last words into my lips!


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