Book 4: Chapter 107 - Got Attacked

Blushing, Queen Bee asked He Lei, "I wonder when he will come here again? I have fond memories of him.” 

He Lei smiled and raised his glass. "I’ll pass your message to him, and let him know that you miss him.” 

Queen Bee smiled bashfully.

I stood up and apologized, "I’m sorry. I’d like to return to the room to take a rest.” I felt a little giddy. 

Xing Chuan looked at me worriedly. 

Queen Bee quickly commanded, "Hurry up. Escort His Highness Luo Bing to his room and rest.” 

They called me His Highness. 

The waiter by the side immediately came over and supported my shoulder. "Yes.” 

Xing Chuan stood up, anxious. "How did you get so drunk?”

Queen Bee smiled and said, "Your Highness Xing Chuan, please don’t worry. I will get them to prepare some tea for Luo Bing to help him sober up.” 

Xing Chuan nodded, then faced me solemnly. "I have business to take care of first. I will come and see you in a bit.”

"Don’t come and see me.” I furrowed my eyebrows as my head was aching. “Don’t come and disturb me.” 

Xing Chuan turned expressionless. He frowned as he sat down, his gaze glum.

I wasn’t afraid of offending him. I had been doing that after all.

He Lei gave them a warning look to the waiters helping me. "Do not let anyone disturb him!”  

The waiters nodded. Seemingly frightened, they brought me away carefully. 

My eyesight began to turn blur on the way back. I couldn’t focus at all. I could tell that something was off but I couldn’t think straight with the headache I had. 

The waiters brought me into a spacious and luxurious room. The bright colors made me frown, but I hadn’t much choice since the rooms in Honeycombs were all in the same style. 

The waiters left the room with their heads hung low, leaving me lying on the bed. Stumbling, I went to lock the door. As I turned the lock, I couldn’t help but fall against the door. 

Leaning on the door, I felt so dizzy. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. Then, I vaguely saw a pair of legs slowly walking towards me. 

He bent down, his pink hair falling over me. 

My eyes shot open. But everything was swaying before my eyes. 

He moved close to my neck and took a whiff, his pink hair brushing against my body. “Someone spiked your drink,” he said with a raspy voice. He slowly came before me, and flashed me an infatuated smile that showed his clean white teeth. His jello-like lips were shimmering with an enchanting gloss, making me feel like biting them.

“It’s called the rainbow LSD. We call it... the rainbow sweet…” His seductive lips moved in front of me, and I felt my heart racing. "Mm… When you first have it… you will feel like you were drunk…” He smiled at me. His features became clearer; I could see his eyes glistening. “Then, your mind will become more alert but your body will feel weak all over...” 

My eyesight did become clearer. He knelt before me like an enchanted cat, supporting himself with his hands on either side of me, his body leaning above my legs. Around his neck was a pink choker with a small diamond pendant right in the middle. 

He was dressed in a long white silk shirt. The loose collar hung low due to his position, revealing the rise of his collarbone and his defined abdominal muscles.

Below the shirt stretched his exposed legs, right next to my thighs. Under the romantic light, his fair and smooth skin was tinted a seductive pink. 

My heart started racing while my body temperature rose. 

He came closer to my face, his intoxicated gaze sweeping across my features. With an infatuated light in his eyes, he asked, "Mm, do you feel like kissing me right now?” 

I panted as I looked at him; I could clearly feel how warm my breath was. My drink had definitely been spiked. It must have been Pink Baby!


If he dares to touch me, I will definitely bite him to death once the effect of the drug wears off! 

“I can smell everything. I can smell that you… ” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath next to my neck. Abruptly, his seductive smile vanished and his eyelashes started trembling. He opened his eyes, his blue and red pupils dilated. "Your desire… is female… You are... a girl!” 

I tried my hardest to glare at him. You don’t have any right to even look at my body! How dare you?!

He stared at me in surprise. His gaze turned nervous and flurried, then he patted his body as though he was searching for something. 

Not finding what he was looking for, he stood up to leave. He looked around the room and continued to search. Seeming to find his long pink hair in the way, he hurriedly pulled it up before he continued his search. 

Finally he opened a drawer and took out a small bottle of pink liquid. He quickly took a glass and filled it with water.

I watched him closely. He then poured the liquid into the glass of water too, before he rushed back to me with the glass in hand. “This is the cure, quickly drink it.” 

I was surprised. My heart was about to jump out of my throat just from looking at his beautiful lips. I really felt like kissing his soft lips that looked like jelly. 

“I’ll feed you.” He took a sip from the glass, then suddenly held my chin up. Just as I was still in shock, he closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss my lips. He passed the sweet liquid down my throat. Tears rolled down from his trembling lashes, dripping onto my face. 

The clear sound of a water drop resonated at the bottom of my heart. His warm tear rolled down my face to our connected lips, bringing a tinge of saltiness when it mixed with the sweet liquid. I could clearly feel his lips quivering. The sweet liquid spilled out from our lips and rolled down my neck with a tickling sensation, like a little snake swimming across my skin.

When his lips left mine, his body was still trembling all over. I saw his quivering eyes welled up with tears, his trembling lips and his shivering hand that was still holding the glass. His hands shivered so hard he could barely hold the glass, and the glass fell onto the floor and spilled all over.

Eyes filled with tears, he covered his lips with his trembling hand. He then looked down humbly and said, "I’m sorry. I know I have no right to touch you at all... But you probably can’t swallow it now...” He knelt and cried before me. 

I stared at him in surprise. Why is he crying? 

"I thought I smelled it wrongly the last time… I thought you smelled like a girl because you’d shared intimacy with a girl earlier…” He wiped his tears with his fair hands and continued, “But today, the hormones that you emitted clearly indicates… I’m sorry... I didn’t know you were a girl before this... I shouldn’t have touched you with my dirty hands...” He clenched his hands and hugged his body, as though he was a dirty and cheap maggot from the drains. 


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