Book 4: Chapter 106 - The Innocent Honeycomb Boys

Pink Baby was still looking only at me, just like how he’d always been looking at me since the first moment he’d seen me. He fixed his burning, bemused gaze upon me as if I was the only one in his eyes.

I was puzzled. How did he know that I am Luo Bing? Did Silver Moon City’s affairs spread along with my picture?

"Baby! Stop looking!” The Queen Bee panicked and shouted. She seemed to be afraid that Xing Chuan would kill her baby. 

"It was Pink Baby who pestered Luo Bing the last time we came to Blue Shield City,” He Lei spoke up. Xing Chuan looked even more somber after hearing that.

Queen Bee pushed Pink Baby towards Zi Yi. "Zi Yi! Quickly bring Baby away!” 

Zi Yi immediately dragged Pink Baby away by the arm. Pink Baby continued to look back and smile at me, pink hair falling to the side of his lips in the night wind. As he softly moved his hair away from his lips, his appearance started changing. His body lengthened and became taller, until he was taller than Zi Yi.  

That pretty face under his pink hair was filled with pure infatuation. He even looked a little silly. His spoony gaze wasn’t like Xing Chuan’s gaze that was filled with possessiveness and dominance, but was instead full of pure and simple love

I didn’t find Pink Baby as disgusting as before after having been treated by Xing Chuan that way. 

Of course, I didn’t like it either. 

Zi Yi continued dragging him away. Although he’d turned into a guy, the short skirt on him was still ravishing. It looked like a long white shirt that exposed his pair of sexy long legs.

He waved at me and smiled sweetly, still filled with love and happiness, then glanced at Xing Chuan with a disdainful smile. Then, he kept his eyes on me until Zi Yi had to cover his eyes and force him not to look at me. 

Suddenly, the teenager that had saved Pink Baby, Zi Yi and the others back then appeared. He swiftly brought Pink Baby and Zi Yi away. 

Queen Bee pleaded, "Your Highness Xing Chuan, I am really sorry. Our baby is just infatuated.” She really loved and cared for her Honeycomb boys a lot. She continued, "I know that he doesn’t have the right to look at Luo Bing but it also proves that Luo Bing is really charming. That is why Pink Baby is so attracted to him.” 

Humph, don’t let me see him again,” Xing Chuan said coldly and strode forward. 

Queen Bee let out a breath of relief and quickly fell into step next to Xing Chuan. 

Queen Bee chuckled and said, "I didn’t know who this teenager was the last time he came. Then, I heard that Luo Bing from Noah City was chosen to go to Silver Moon City. My baby told me then that it must be you. Then, we found out that it really is you. My baby has never made a wrong guess.” Her tone was filled with pride towards her baby.  

"Shut up!” Xing Chuan suddenly said with a smile. He’d said it so softly that anyone nearby would think that he was conversing with Queen Bee with a smile, but there was actually an intense murderous vibe. 

Queen Bee became awkward at once and didn’t speak again.

“Your Highness!” 

“Your Highness!” 

The Honeycomb guys greeted excitedly as we walked past them. I saw the two boys who’d turned water into metal and controlled water back then.

Xing Chuan remained cautious, not even sparing them a glance.

Whereas back in Noah City, he had at least nodded and smiled at the people. 

Queen Bee observed Xing Chuan’s expression closely. "Your Highness, these children have been working very hard for Silver Moon City all these years. Please don’t be too cold to them.”

Queen Bee seemed to be hoping for Xing Chuan to look at her children. Her remark sounded miserable. Even He Lei who didn’t care for the gigolos looked surprised, perhaps even moved. 

The eyes with which he looked at the Queen Bee, as well as the surrounding boys who gazed at Xing Chuan in admiration, now showed an additional measure of sympathy. The gigolos had truly become like girls from the inside out, including their expressions and actions. So they had actually been selling their bodies for Silver Moon City’s sake; they’d been brainwashed by Silver Moon City. 

For Silver Moon City’s sake, they worked hard to exchange for resources, to save the resources, to gather information, and also to send information. They used their own bodies to exchange for abundant food supplies to support the war.

Realizing this truth made me feel complicated. From He Lei’s reaction, he seemed to share the same feeling. We couldn’t look at those Honeycomb boys in disdain anymore, not after we’d found out that they were the ones who had been gathering the resources that we needed for the future. 

Xing Chuan didn’t stop because of what Queen Bee had said. She hung her head low disappointedly, her heart aching for her children. 

I sped up when we were about to reach the end of the corridor. Walking next to Xing Chuan, I tugged his sleeve and told him softly, "Turn back and take a look at them.” 

Xing Chuan stopped.

At my words, Queen Bee immediately looked up at me. There was gratitude in her gaze, but she only smiled faintly and continued to walk forward. 

Just then, Xing Chuan turned around. 

Queen Bee stared in surprise at Xing Chuan, her lips were quivering in excitement.

He Lei and I stood on Xing Chuan’s sides. 

Xing Chuan smiled at the Honeycomb boys and said gently, "Thank you for your hard work.” 

The entire place turned quiet. Then, the Honeycomb boys began to cry in excitement. 

Xing Chuan turned back and looked at me. "Are you happy now?” 

Mm.” I nodded faintly.

Queen Bee’s eyes snapped to me and Xing Chuan at once, seemingly realizing something. 

Xing Chuan smiled. In a good mood now, he continued to walk forward.

When night came, Queen Bee organized a dinner banquet.

Scrumptious fruits, dishes and wine spread across the magnificently long table. 

Outside, the moonlight was hazy. It had been a while since I’d last seen the moon. Seeing the moon from the ground felt different compared to seeing the moon from Silver Moon City. The view of the moon from Silver Moon City was more realistic, while the view of the moon from the ground felt more romantic. 

Xing Chuan sat in between He Lei and I. Placing a glass of wine that had been served by the waiter before me, Xing Chuan said, “Try it. This is a wine from sixty years ago.” 

I took it and sniffed. Within the strong aroma of the wine was a hint of sweetness. 

Xing Chuan gave He Lei a glass of wine as well. He Lei took it and sipped, savouring it for a long time. He probably hadn’t drank before. 

I took a small sip too. It was sweet, a sweet grape wine. I liked the taste of it. 

Xing Chuan and Queen Bee were discussing the arrangement of the resources during the dinner. 

Xing Chuan formally introduced He Lei to Queen Bee. "General He Lei will take over the logistics of the resources from now on.”  

Queen Bee raised her glass at He Lei and toasted, "I didn’t know that you are actually General He Lei. The one who came with you the last time is…” 

I felt a little dizzy. I really wasn’t a good drinker. Back then in Valley Dust Ruins, I’d passed out after one glass.

He Lei smiled and said, "He is Fat-Two.” 

Queen Bee chuckled happily. It seemed that Fat-Two had been on her mind. 


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