Book 4: Chapter 105 - Hello Again, Pink Baby

When Xing Chuan had disturbed me, I’d hid behind His Highness Cang Yu.

So when Pink Baby disturbed me, I would push Xing Chuan out then.

It was impossible for me to avoid visiting Blue Shield City in the future. There were resources that had to be exchanged. Hence, I would rather use Xing Chuan to make Pink Baby give up completely.

When I entered the spaceship, Xing Chuan had yet to arrive.

He Lei and I walked through the tunnel. I asked He Lei, “What do you think about the people we’ve selected?”

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. “They are not united. That’s the major issue. Did you do that on purpose?” He asked me.

I looked at him solemnly. “This is war. I wouldn’t joke around with something like this. The people in Silver Moon City are all well trained. They will let go of all personal scores at war. They draw clear distinctions between public and personal interest. Hence, I only need to pick the strongest people.”

Hearing this, He Lei exclaimed his praise in surprise. “This is what the Aurora Legion is lacking.” 

“However, the Aurora Legion doesn’t need to be the same as Silver Moon City, He Lei.” I smiled at He Lei. I knew that He Lei was in a hurry to reunite with his troop. “Every team has their own character. You have to find the most suitable method to rule your army. The people in Silver Moon City have grown up in Silver Moon City since young. Their living environment is different from the ground. Hence, Xing Chuan’s method might not be suitable for the Aurora Legion."

He Lei nodded solemnly. He looked at me with anticipation. “I hope that you can help me in ruling my army.”

I was stunned.

He smiled. “It should be very safe to rule the army from behind. Harry wouldn’t mind, right?” He smiled sincerely. He really had that intention. As he looked deeply into my eyes after he’d said that, I could see hope and excitement in his eyes. I saw that he was waiting for my answer. 

Just then, Xing Chuan walked past hastily and broke our eye contact.

“Depart,” he said as he sat on the captain’s seat. The spaceship immediately took off for Blue Shield City.

Now, I realized that Blue Shield City was not only a city for resource exchange. It also turned out to be a city for Silver Moon City to store its resources.

The stored resources were for the day when they declared war against the Ghost Eclipsers.

Now, Silver Moon City had manpower, material resources, military force and financial resources.

Manpower, the Aurora Legion.

Material resource, Blue Shield City.

Military force, Croton military base.

Now, we were only waiting for the right time to stir up the world war that would change the layout of the world.

It was something exciting. My dad had always been proud to be in the military forces. He had been proud to fight for the sake of safeguarding his nation. Now that I was experiencing a revolution, I was staying in the back? How could I possibly do that?

My dad’s passion for the army that he’d planted in me was telling me that I would regret it if I didn’t join the war!

My superpower in me was also telling me that it was my obligation to fight in this war.

Very soon, we arrived in the sky above Blue Shield City. The sun was setting in the west right now. The golden sunset colored the water surrounding Blue Shield City a beautiful gold. 

Looking at such a beautiful scenery, it reminded me of the lake in the world I was from. I believed that this world would be healed one day.

Blue Shield City seemed extremely quiet today. The place which was supposed to be packed with spaceships was empty too. It was as though the city had emptied just to welcome the people from Silver Moon City.

We stopped outside Blue Shield City. The entrance to the city was covered in a grand red carpet.

Xing Chuan walked in front of He Lei and me. Looking at the cabin door in front of me, I felt nervous. I found my anxiety absurd. It was obvious that Pink Baby had left a terrifying memory in me. 

Because I hadn’t been mature enough back then, I had been terrified by his madness.

Now, compared to Xing Chuan, Pink Baby was nothing. Pink Baby’s madness was straightforward and simple, but Xing Chuan’s madness was unfathomable and ridiculous. 

Maybe because I had been frightened by Pink Baby before and Xing Chuan hadn’t left any terrifying memory in me when I’d come across Xing Chuan, I had at most only ran away in fear.

The cabin door slowly opened, revealing the scenery outside beyond Xing Chuan. A breeze blew in when the cabin door opened, carrying the fragrance of the gigolo in Blue Shield City, before I saw the pink hair.

He smiled sweetly as he stood next to the Queen. Today he was in his woman’s clothing and his woman’s appearance. However, the moment he saw me, his pair of charming eyes with different pupil colors shot wide open, revealing his excitement.

He was in a white lace short dress today. It set off the beauty of his long, pink curly hair. His face had regained his beautiful features. His jello lips lifted in a smile when he saw me.

Standing next to him was the shocked Zi Yi. He gripped the sword on his waist tightly, great hatred in his purple eyes.

The others scattered behind the Queen, including the few gigolos who had come after me the previous time.

The Honeycomb boys stood under the sunlight to welcome Xing Chuan’s arrival. Their eyes revealed excitement, admiration and worship towards Xing Chuan, just like girls.

Their sexuality had been distorted completely. In this chaotic world, I couldn’t use my worldly views to gauge the entire situation. At least, they seemed like they were living a happy life.

Soldiers ran out from the spaceship and stood on both sides of the red carpet.

Then, Xing Chuan led me down from the spaceship.

The Queen Bee came forward. Pink Baby and Zi Yi followed closely next to her.

Pink Baby was the honorable prince and princess in that place.

The Queen Bee looked surprised when she saw He Lei and me. However, she smiled as though it was within her expectation. Then, she bowed at Xing Chuan. “Your Highness Xing Chuan, you are cordially welcome here."

Xing Chuan smiled at the Queen Bee. “Take care of the gigolos’ eyes.” Xing Chuan lowered his voice in coldness. 

The Queen Bee ingratiated herself with Xing Chuan with a smile. “It’s because they admire Your Highness Xing Chuan.”

“I meant him!” Xing Chuan glanced at Pink Baby next to the Queen Bee.

The Queen Bee stiffened and looked at Pink Baby next to her.

Pink Baby leaned on the Queen Bee’s shoulder sweetly and lazily. Then, he continued to look at me with a mad smile. “Does it bother Your Highness if I were to look at my Luo Bing?”

“Baby!” The Queen Bee patted Pink Baby’s face anxiously, although she used her gentlest force as though she was just caressing Pink Baby’s face.

“Because you are neither a man nor a woman. You don’t even meet the requirement to look at him!” Xing Chuan’s brutal remark made Pink Baby’s eyes dilate in shock. Cold frost crossed his eyes and he turned to me. “Do you view me that way too? So, you hate me? You found me disgusting?!”

His quivering gaze stunned me. I felt soft-hearted for a moment.

D*mn it. I wanted to use Xing Chung to suppress him but why am I shaken by his hurt eyes when Xing Chuan humiliated him?


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