Book 4: Chapter 104 - To Blue Shield City

I continued, “And how to lead your team in surviving in the war.”

Matsuno was dumbfounded. His eyeliner-lined eyes slowly opened wider as he stared to the front in surprise.

At the same time, I could feel a burning gaze from Xing Chuan’s direction. It made me uncomfortable. I didn’t know why he had to look at me like that when I was lecturing Matsuno. Luckily, He Lei noticed and he took a step forward to block Xing Chuan’s gaze.

I looked at everyone. “Next, every one of you will lead your own team. Remember, in a war, the less deaths there are and surviving every round will count as a victory!”

“Yes!” Sophia cheered excitedly.

I slapped the tablet at Xing Chuan and said, “I have picked the team members for you. Don’t bother me! I am here for war. I am not here to be your pet man.”

“You have never been my pet man because you are the person I love,” Xing Chuan said even more straightforwardly. His gaze became even hotter, burning my body. I could feel the threatening vibe from him, just like the other night. He was like a beast that had stayed put for very long and couldn’t hold back its desire for its prey.

I couldn’t stand his burning gaze that was hotter than Harry’s. I turned to leave but he grabbed me by my wrist. His burning hand gripped tightly so I couldn’t leave.

His body temperature was so high that it felt like he was having a fever!

He looked at Matsuno and everyone else extremely coldly. “I do not want to hear the term ‘pet man’ ever again. Luo Bing is my lover and he is your North Star!”

Matsuno immediately averted his gaze and knitted his eyebrows in annoyance. His grey hair shielded his face, but disappointment flashed across his expression and his eyes became spiritless again. It seemed that something had disappointed him greatly.

“Let go,” He Lei said. He held Xing Chuan’s and my wrists.

When Xing Chuan let go of my wrist, He Lei and I turned to leave.

If both of us liked each other, it would have been seen as showing off affection.

However, I didn’t like him. I was deeply disgusted. I felt extremely annoyed by his harassment.

“Luo Bing.” Suddenly, Moon Dream called and I turned to look at her. She looked at me calmly and said, “Thank you. Don’t worry, I will not bother with His Highness Xing Chuan anymore.”

I stared at her for a while. When I wanted to reply, Xing Chuan happened to come out. I couldn’t help but charged at him and punched him.

“Luo Bing!” He Lei exclaimed in shock. I leaped and punched Xing Chuan in the face.

Moon Dream furrowed her eyebrows and moved to the side.

Xing Chuan stumbled back from my hit, then looked at me with confusion and sorrow. Ever since he’d started to pursue me, he had started showing more expressions.

I glared at him furiously. “Do not tell others that you love me. It makes me disgusted. I gave you face this time and didn’t hit you in front of the others. But if there were to be a next time, if you were to do it again, I will not save your face!”

Xing Chuan touched his face and stared at me in disappointment. “Do you hate me so much? What should I do?”

“Stay away from me,” I said. I was really not interested in saying anything else to him.

I recalled when I’d hated Harry back then, I’d told him a bunch of reasons why I’d hated him. But to Xing Chuan, that was all I wanted to tell him. I didn’t even want to talk about the reasons.

Maybe that was the difference between a family member and a stranger.

Harry was important in my heart. He was both a friend and a family member. After I’d talked to him, I had been upset for very long too. Although I’d pretended to not be sad and had pretended to not see him.

However, Xing Chuan was nothing in my heart. Hence, I wouldn’t regret anything I said to him.

Xing Chuan’s gaze dimmed. He lowered his head and clenched his fists. A treacherous, murderous vibe churned in him again.

“Your Highness, I only wanted to ask if Nora really went down for a mission?” Suddenly, Moon Dream asked about Nora.

Xing Chuan slowly let go of his tightly clenched fists. He looked at Moon Dream expressionlessly again. “Yes.”

Humph,” Moon Dream chuckled sorrowfully. “So, that’s our fate? When we are useful, you keep us by your side. When we are useless, you throw us off Silver Moon City.”

“Moon Dream! Watch your mouth!” Suddenly, Sharjah walked out from the side and roared.

Moon Dream looked at Sharjah and laughed. “You and I know Silver Moon City’s law. Is the number of metahumans you and I threw off Silver Moon City very few? I just never thought that it would be Nora this time. You researched about her superpower thoroughly so you don’t need her anymore. Am I right? I never thought His Highness Cang Yu would be so merciless. Nora really loved him!” Moon Dream’s voice was trembling and her tears flowed down. 

“Moon Dream! Don’t speak anymore!” Sharjah stopped Moon Dream.

“Don’t pretend!” Moon Dream shoved Sharjah away furiously. Her tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. They were like miserable tears that she’d held back for very long. “Didn’t you cut me off really quickly earlier? Humph… This is Silver Moon City… This is Silver Moon City…” Moon Dream’s gaze became empty. She muttered softly as she walked past me weakly, her tears continuing to flow down.

Was Nora thrown off Silver Moon City?

I looked at Sharjah but Sharjah avoided my gaze. What did Moon Dream mean by she and Sharjah always threw people off Silver Moon City?

Moon Dream’s tears had been filled with disappointment and hopelessness towards Silver Moon City. The gorgeous Silver Moon City seemed to have too much hidden darkness and pain.

“We have selected the team members for the North Star knight group. The two of you, follow me to Blue Shield City tonight.” Xing Chuan looked at us.

He Lei and I were stunned.

He’d returned to his usual calmness. “Blue Shield City has always been the resource station on the ground. Hence, He Lei, you have to transport the stored resources in Blue Shield City to the Aurora Legion’s base.”

He Lei too regained his reserved look after being surprised. “I thank you on behalf of the Aurora Legion for Silver Moon City’s support and assistance.” 

Humph,” Xing Chuan chuckled lightly. “Turns out that you will also say this kind of official nonsense.”

“I learned it from you,” He Lei said coldly.

Xing Chuan looked at Sharjah. “The knight group will be reorganized by you. The war is going to take place soon. Calm Moon Dream down.”

Sharjah straightened. “Yes! Your Highness.”

Xing Chuan stopped talking and walked away in huge strides from between He Lei and I. His long hair fluttered as he walked, showing his usual immediate resolution style. 

Blue Shield City…

Pink Baby…

I had a headache. “Can I not go to Blue Shield City?” I didn’t follow behind him.

He Lei looked at me. He understood why I didn’t want to go to Blue Shield City.

Xing Chuan stopped and turned slightly to look at me. “I hope that you can familiarize yourself with Blue Shield City. We will rely on you to transport future resources.”

I knitted my eyebrows. “Alright then.”

Xing Chuan turned. “Is there someone you don’t want to see there?”

“There…” He Lei started to say. I held his arm to stop him. “It’s okay. I’ll be fine.” I believed that with Xing Chuan around, Pink Baby wouldn’t harass, nor would he dare to even if he wanted to.


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