Book 4: Chapter 103 - The New Knight Group

I recalled the war I’d fought against Pink Baby.

Back then, when I’d almost lost control of my superpower near the end, Zi Yi had wanted to launch his superpower at me, but he’d looked surprised while I hadn’t felt any form of attack. Could it be that… Zi Yi’s superpower had been nullified by me?



Suddenly, the following candidates groaned in pain. They held their heads and knelt down in agony. Only Sharjah stood on the spot and looked to the side in shock. The one standing next to him with glaring eyes was Moon Dream!

She was facing forward with rage on her face. She was performing her superpower, by using it to torture the metahumans in front of her. 

She was also venting her anger, towards Xing Chuan as well as towards Sharjah. Her anger affected everyone under the stage, including Sophia and even Blue Charm who could be considered to be her best friend.

“Sharjah, hurry up and stop her!” Blue Charm shouted at Sharjah.

Xing Chuan watched everything that happened below expressionlessly. He didn’t command anyone to stop nor did he express his attitude.

Then, among the crowd of people who fell down, one guy gradually stood up. He looked like he’d returned to normal.

He had side punk short hair in withering grey. His hair was cut so that it was gradually longer from the left to right, leaving the right side of his face was slightly covered.

His dark eyeliner lengthened his eyes, just like the male celebrities who’d liked to draw eyeliner in the world I’d come from. However, his eyes weren’t as arrogant looking as those male celebrities but more like a pool of stale water. They looked dead.

He lifted his hand and the people around him gradually recovered. Everyone else stood up slowly and glared at Moon Dream in anger.

“Moon Dream, what are you trying to do?!” they asked with rage.

Moon Dream retracted her gaze but didn’t reply.

I immediately looked through the guy’s information. His name was Matsuno. His superpower was to block the release of brainwaves and… counter-attack the other’s brain.

Hey! This superpower is good!

“He could nullify metahumans’ superpowers?” He Lei exclaimed in surprise.

“Yeah, almost.” Xing Chuan glanced at us. “Matsuno’s superpower acts like a blockage. Our metahumans use their brains to send commands when they perform their superpower. Hence, when he stops the brain, it would cut off the other metahuman’s performance of their superpower. However, there is a limited time and limited number of people he can use it on.”

I looked at Matsuno again. He continued standing there expressionlessly. He didn’t seem to be interested in the result. He wasn’t even interested in the examination.

The information recorded showed that he was unsociable and eccentric. He didn’t like to talk and he wasn’t interested in joining the war. He preferred to carry out individual research. He had once participated in the development of the latest robot.

If he’d participated in the development of the latest robot, that meant that he would be familiar with everyone’s superpowers in Silver Moon City. The development of the latest robot would have required him to understand everyone’s superpowers in order to have the robots imitate them.

However, he didn’t like to participate in the war. Hence, it was written in the remark that he didn’t voluntarily join the exam but that Silver Moon had evaluated and shortlisted him.

It seemed like he really didn’t want to participate in war.

“Have you made a decision yet?” Xing Chuan asked me.

I looked at him. “You are letting me decide?”

He looked at me expressionlessly but deeply. “Yes, I’ve said it before. I will trust in you forever…”

“Shut up,” I cut him off. I decided to end it sooner so I could stay away from him sooner.

Cut off, Xing Chuan stood speechless next to me.

Heh,” He Lei smiled and turned to look at him. “Although I haven’t pursued any girls before, I can tell that you are bad at it.”

Some people would never learn how to lie, but some people had worn a mask for too long and didn’t know how to communicate with others when they wanted to take off their masks.

If Xing Chuan had been pursuing another person, I’d have told him that the Xing Chuan who wore a mask was more likable. Hence, that version of His Highness Xing Chuan was loved by many girls.

Theoretically, I should have been moved by whatever Xing Chuan did for me. However, after what had happened that night, it would all turn into ashes because of that forceful night no matter how moved I was. 

I took a huge step forward and looked at everyone. “The examination has ended. I will announce the shortlisted now.”

“What? You have yet to see our superpower!” The people who had yet to go through the test exclaimed.

I leveled a glum look at them. “Today’s examination topic was superpowers. But Moon Dream’s superpower made most of you kneel down before her. Hence, it was enough to prove that Moon Dream’s superpower is better than all of you!” Moon Dream’s superpower had grown stronger too. She could affect so many people at once.

Hence, she’d improved her single attack into a crowd attack.

Some people shut their mouths in distress. They sighed and shook their heads as they returned to their original spots.

I glanced at Moon Dream. “Moon Dream, congratulations. Welcome back to the North Star knight group.”

Moon Dream stared at me in surprise. She lifted her chin to look at me while I faced her calmly. “My decision is equal to His Highness Xing Chuan’s decision. You don’t have to worry about it."

The way Moon Dream looked at me became complicated.

I continued, “Sharjah.”

“Yes!” Sharjah stood straight next to Moon Dream.

Although I didn’t like Sharjah personally, we were selecting powerful metahumans, not people we liked or disliked.

“Welcome back.”

“Thank you, North Star!” Sharjah bowed at me. He changed sides really quickly.

I looked at Sophia again. She was jumping already. “Sophia!”

“Yay! It’s me! It’s me!” She hopped up to the line and waved at everyone who’d lost.

“Be quiet,” I said.

She immediately shut up and winked at me.

“Congratulations on joining the knight group.”

“Thank you, Your Highness! Thank you, North Star!” Sophia said.

In the end, I looked at Matsuno. “Matsuno.”

Matsuno furrowed his eyebrows in disdain and walked up next to Sophia.

Sophia looked up at him. “Seriously?! You really picked Matsuno? He is so not likable.”

Matsuno looked like he didn’t care.

I glanced at Sophia. “He doesn’t need to be likable. I am not selecting a celebrity.”

Matsuno chuckled lightly.

“Matsuno, congratulations on joining the knight group.”

“I refuse to,” he finally spoke in a tone that  couldn’t be bothered about anyone.

“You have no rights to refuse,” I refuted straightforwardly.

His spiritless gaze suddenly vanished and he looked at me in disdain. “I do not want to be in the same group as a pet man.”

Sophia immediately gasped and covered her mouth in terror as she stared at him. However, the terror also contained her satisfaction and anticipation to watch a good show.

She moved in Sharjah’s direction.

Sharjah and Moon Dream were shocked too but they’d fixed their gazes in front of them.

Xing Chuan’s face turned grave.

He Lei chuckled lightly. “I quite like him. Xing Chuan, if you don’t want him, you can give him to me.”

“Luo Bing, re…”

Xing Chuan had yet to finish his sentence but I had already turned towards Matsuno. “I think what you need to be worried about next is not about being in the same group as a pet man, but how to survive in a war.”

He was stunned as he faced forward.


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