Book 4: Chapter 102 - Moon Dream Was Eliminated

He Lei and I were astonished. It turned out that metahumans could breakthrough and achieve God-like evolution.

Although Xing Chuan was a b*stard, he knew so much more than we did.

How about myself? If my secondary evolution was to release energy, could my blue crystal energy attack evolve further?

Suddenly, Sophia waved her hands and crossed them before her body. The gels gathered before her at once. Blue Dream’s ice awls stabbed into the gel and gradually slowed down in speed. It was just as if they’d stabbed into a huge jello, which was slowly solidifying and eventually effectively stopped their advance.

Sophia’s superpower actually works like that!

“That is Sophia’s secondary revolution? To control gel form?” I asked Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan nodded. “Yes, the three standard forms are solid, liquid and air. However, Sophia’s superpower could also manipulate a super form, the fourth form. Her defense superpower is very strong.” Xing Chuan spoke highly of Sophia.

Just then, another gel form appeared in the air. The gels began to connect to one another and surrounded Blue Charm. Blue Charm quickly countered by controlling the water in the gel. She removed the water, turning the gel into a dried whiteness. However, it continued to surround her.

Humph. You’re dead, Blue Charm.” Sophia jumped and two big chunks of gel swung out as she waved her arms.

Right then, I got carried away with my thoughts.

Because I was thinking if we were at a peaceful time, the best occupation for Sophia would be being a plastic surgeon. She could plant the colloid into women’s bodies without conducting surgery, helping them complete a boob job and regain confidence. 

*Oh!* Would Sophia’s big boobs be filled with gel?!

Hence, Xing Chuan had pushed them without scruples because he’d known that they were fake?

“Stop!” Xing Chuan commanded suddenly. Blue Charm was already trapped behind the walls of dried gel. Frustrated, Blue Charm hit the wall.

Sophia stood on the top of the wall and flipped her colorful short hair. “Humph. Don’t you think you are the strongest just because you are next to His Highness Xing Chuan. I’m telling you, it was just because I’m not interested in His Highness. Otherwise, why would it have been your turn to join the knight group that year?” She rolled her eyes proudly and jumped down from the dried gel wall, before she waved excitedly at me. “Luo Bing, I won!” Now, she was like a cute child seeking compliments from her senior.

I nodded. “Wait at the shortlisted area."

“Alright.” Sophia entered the shortlisted area happily.

Sharjah and Moon Dream looked shocked while the others applauded. Sophia’s first battle had given confidence to everyone else.

Sophia clapped and the dried gel wall suddenly vanished and revealed Blue Charm, who was unwilling to admit defeat.

“Your Highness!” Blue Charm stood up hastily. “Please give me another chance!”

Xing Chuan looked at her coldly. “The person I like, is Luo Bing…”

My body instantly stiffened. He’s at it again!

Wow!” Everyone cheered, especially Sophia. “Oh, Your Highness, I support you!” she shouted.

“So, I won’t touch another woman ever again,” Xing Chuan declared coldly.

What does that have to do about Blue Charm asking for another chance!

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at me. “He’s passionate in his pursuit.”

“He is sick,” I retorted faintly. Then, I looked at Xing Chuan. “Your Highness, are you done?”

Xing Chuan smiled at me. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but express my love towards you again.”

“Get lost!” I shot back.

Xing Chuan maintained his smile.

Oh, Brother Bing, are you acting spoiled with His Highness?” The girls screamed.

Are you blind? Which part of me looked like I was doing that?

“Give up. No matter what you do to me or say to me…” Xing Chuan spoke again with his voice loud enough for the three of us to hear, “They would think that we are flirting as a couple.”

He Lei chuckled lightly. “Xing Chuan, you are so cunning. Even though Luo Bing doesn’t like you, no one would dare to fight you for Luo Bing.”

Xing Chuan smiled at He Lei. “Don’t worry. I promised Luo Bing that I will agree with any condition as long as he stays away from Cang Yu. Plus, Cang Yu wouldn’t go too close to him now.”

“His Highness Cang Yu is really more dangerous than you?” He Lei asked in return.

Xing Chuan’s gaze turned gloomy and he chuckled but didn’t say anything else. He looked down and commanded, “Begin the exam for the next group."

I began the exam for the next group because I didn’t want to continue with such a disgusting topic.

“Next, Brad and Zhou Cheng.”

Brad controlled calcium, hence he could easily make his opponent’s bones disappear or grow a new body part. By nature, all living things had calcium. Hence, his superpower was useful widely but it wasn’t something I really wanted.

However, Zhou Cheng’s superpower was to control the flowing direction of blood. Similarly, it was a highly damaging superpower to living things. 

Both of their superpowers shared a similarity, which was targeted at living things. Plus, they could both achieve great effects when attacking a crowd. They fell under the category of group attack. But Brad’s superpower coverage area was wider than Zhou Cheng’s.

After three rounds of duels, I still hadn’t found what I wanted.

We had the offensive Yama and Yama’s self-defense was strong too. He could be described as a tank-like warrior.

At the same time, we had the extremely fast Gale. The importance of speed had been proven during the wars in the past.

Hence, for the last four vacancies, I wanted someone with strong defense ability, another with strong far distance attack power, a powerful healer and lastly, someone who could see the enemy like Qian Li.

Even though technology had advanced and there were various investigative equipment now, sometimes humans were just more reliable.

As for the other powerful metahumans, they could join the knight group and put their superpowers to use as well.

“Next, Moon Dream,” I called Moon Dream. I had experienced her superpower before and intended to shortlist her directly.

Moon Dream walked out from the line and stood in the middle of the field steadily. She was fearless against all challenges. The confidence on her face said that she had a card up her sleeve.

“You can go to the shortlisted area directly,” I said.

She was surprised. She seemed to be surprised that I hadn’t made her go through a battle.

“Hold on,” Xing Chuan interrupted. I glanced at him. What’s wrong with him now? Could it be that because he’s slept with Moon Dream before, he wants to kick her out from the knight group?

Moon Dream became anxious.

Xing Chuan looked at Sharjah. “Sharjah, compete with Moon Dream.” 

Sharjah stared at Xing Chuan in surprise. “You Highness?”

Xing Chuan’s gaze turned cold. “Why? You can’t? Because she slept with you before?”

I stared at Xing Chuan in shock with my eyes wide open. What kind of a messy relationship is this?

That’s not right. It is legal for a woman to sleep with a man…

I just thought Xing Chuan’s woman wouldn’t sleep with other men…

Xing Chuan glanced at me calmly. “You thought that since they slept with me, I should have feelings for them. But, look, they’ve slept with other men too,” Xing Chuan said and turned back. His expression was cold.

Moon Dream bit her bottom lip. She kept her chin up so that the water welling up in her eyes wouldn’t turn into tears. 

From Moon Dream’s expression, I could feel her love towards Xing Chuan. But I didn’t know why… she’d slept… with Sharjah…

I glanced at Moon Dream’s determined expression, then glared at Xing Chuan. “What is the point of you humiliating her?! What is the point of saying this out loud?!” I roared at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan gave me a confused look. I wanted to walk forward but He Lei stopped me. “Luo Bing, calm down. Everyone is looking.” He Lei glanced down from the stage and everyone was quiet. Even Sophia didn’t dare to look up.

Sharjah’s eyebrows were tightly knitted and his face had turned glum. He glanced at Moon Dream but there was a glimpse of coldness in his eyes. As though he was blaming Moon Dream because he’d always had to cover her, causing him to now have to return to Xing Chuan’s side by passing the examination.

“Beat him up when you go back,” He Lei leaned down and whispered.

Suppressing my anger, I looked at Sharjah and Moon Dream. “Let’s begin.”

Moon Dream regained her calm and turned to look at Sharjah.

Sharjah’s face grew gloomy as he looked at Moon Dream coldly.

Moon Dream’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. Suddenly, Sharjah raised his hand calmly and blocked before Moon Dream. “You should know that your superpower doesn’t work on me.”

I was surprised. The most vital superpower to me was actually useless to Sharjah!

“Sharjah’s secondary evolution is to control electric waves,” Xing Chuan said calmly.

He Lei and I glanced at him unison. It seemed that He Lei had stopped me from hitting Xing Chuan because he’d wanted to see more of the metahumans in Silver Moon City and their secondary evolutions.

Xing Chuan blinked and looked at me expressionlessly. “Moon Dream’s superpower happened to be related to brainwaves. Hence, her superpower could do nothing to Sharjah. When a metahuman’s superpower is ineffective or useless before another metahuman, we refer to it as being nullified.”

I turned back and stared at Sharjah and Moon Dream in shock.

Moon Dream lowered her face. She looked like she had retracted her superpower. “I lost,” she muttered softly. Both her eyes had lost their usual colors, and she likewise had lost her earlier determination. She had been defeated by two men. She expressionlessly walked to the eliminated area where Blue Charm was at. Moon Dream seemed almost out of her wits.

Blue Charm went up to her and hugged her. But she pushed Blue Charm away. Even though she stumbled, she was determined to walk by herself.

I remembered the first time when I had seen her and Nora. Then, they had been two beautiful Goddesses who’d welcomed Xing Chuan’s return.

Now, one was missing while the other one had been brutally kicked away by Xing Chuan.

In merely a few months, there had been such a drastic change.

Sharjah’s face grew glum. He bowed at Xing Chuan. “Your Highness, I know I made a mistake. I won’t be soft-hearted towards anyone in the future.”

Sharjah, you are an as*hole! You deserved to stay by Xing Chuan’s side!

Xing Chuan nodded while Sharjah turned to walk to the shortlisted area. Judging from Xing Chuan’s expression, Sharjah would definitely be retained.

Because Sharjah served another important purpose. He could nullify any metahumans who used brainwaves. The mind-controlling metahumans, who I’d originally thought were the most powerful, had been neglected just like that.


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