Book 4: Chapter 101 - The Revolution of Metahumans

I wanted to ‘thank’ Xing Chuan. Thanks to his ‘provocations’, over and over again, I had matured, and could clearly feel the changes in myself.  

Just like what Sis Ceci had mentioned before: For Harry to become mature, he had to go through relationships and feelings.

The same applied to me.

Before Xing Chuan had ‘provoked’ me, I had been like a teenage girl. Although I’d thought that I was mature, I had actually been childish. I would blush and get embarrassed whenever someone talked about lustful topics.

After what had happened the other night, I wouldn’t run away even if Xing Chuan got naked before me now, instead I would beat him up!

This was maturity. I would be able take care of things more calmly. There was no better word to describe my change.

He Lei continued to stand between Xing Chuan and I. He had become calmer and returned to his reserved self. He no longer blushed and felt awkward about gay relationships. He too had become more ‘mature’ from Xing Chuan’s ‘provocation’.

Needless to say, Xing Chuan was far calmer and steadier than we were.

In my eyes, he was shameless because he wore his saintly mask all year round. Hence, his face was naturally far thicker than mine.

Perhaps, he even thought I should feel honored that he wanted to have sex with me.

Get lost! The girls in Silver Moon City had spoiled him. Every girl did indeed think that it would be an honor to get in bed with him.

Xing Chuan smiled at the twenty candidates. “Congratulations on being able to be here. I am glad that many of you here completed secondary evolution.”

Xing Chuan suddenly said a strange term. Secondary evolution?

He Lei glanced at Xing Chuan confusedly. It seemed that He Lei didn’t know about secondary evolution either.

“This year’s batch will be much stronger than the previous year!” He Lei and I turned back to look at the candidates before us as Xing Chuan continued to speak.

Xing Chuan smiled. “Now, let’s begin our final examination. Luo Bing.”

“Alright.” I took a step forward. The candidates under the stage, besides Sharjah and the few ex-members, all looked at me in excitement and admiration. Some of their gaze even seemed a little… ambiguous.

I didn’t care about the school gossip, but I knew that the school was filled with rumors about me being Xing Chuan’s man. Most of them thought I was the one on top because I looked more dominant, even though I was shorter than Xing Chuan…

When I’d heard that, I’d felt glad because most of them thought Xing Chuan was the one on the bottom.

“You will host this exam while He Lei watches by the side. Now, you can pick the new members for the knight group.” Xing Chuan smiled. He looked at me deeply without concealing his feelings for me.

Besides Moon Dream and Blue Charm, the other girls were watching me excitedly, including Sophia. She was even waving at me in excitement, as though she couldn’t wait to perform her superpower.

I picked up the translucent tablet and swiped with my finger. A holographic image appeared on the tablet, showing the photos of the twenty candidates. I already knew Sharjah and the few ex-members’ superpowers, I’d like to see the other seventeen candidates’.

Although I thought Moon Dream and Sharjah’s superpowers were already very strong.

In the current knight group, there was Yama who could act as offence. Yama’s superpower was actually similar to Blue Charm’s. Both were element-controlling metahumans. Then, there was the speed-type Gale. However, that meant the overall defense wasn’t quite complete.

I began to look through the descriptions of everyone’s superpowers. I was surprised to find out that Sophia’s superpower was defense. I glanced at Sophia, who was jumping in excitement.

“You can give first priority to women who don’t want to sleep with me,” Xing Chuan suddenly spoke in a voice loud enough for the three of us to hear.

Humph,” He Lei chuckled lightly.

Xing Chuan smiled at him. “He Lei, women like strong men, and you are very strong. You will have the same trouble as me when you have more women around you.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Sophia!”

“Here!” Sophia came forward excitedly.

Then, I glanced at Blue Charm and furrowed my eyebrows. But I called her name anyway. “Blue Charm.”

Blue Charm was surprised but she calmed down very quickly. She took a step forward. “Here!”

“The two of you compete the first round. The winner gets to be shortlisted. If it’s a draw, both will be shortlisted.”

“Yes!” Sophia replied with her chest out.

Sharjah and Moon Dream nodded at Blue Charm. They were cheering for her.

Everyone else left the field. I was looking forward to seeing Sophia’s superpower. Silver Moon’s evaluation on her superpower was comprehensive defense, slowing down the enemy’s movement and gel transformation.

Sophia and Blue Charm stood in a corner. Blue Charm began to attack. Water beads appeared in her hands, growing bigger in mid-air as she swung them at Sophia. Sophia smirked coldly and leaped backwards. Her big boobs bounced as she leaped.

I didn’t want to look. As a girl, I actually shouldn’t be distracted by another girl’s boobs. Just like how a guy wouldn’t pay much attention to another guy’s lower body.

However, Sophia’s boobs were just too big. When she jumped, her boobs bounced to the point of covering her face. She raised her hand in the air and Blue Charm’s water beads suddenly turned semi-solid. No, it would be more accurate to say that they had turned into gel form. Then, they dropped onto the ground.

The gel fell onto the ground in small heaps here and there. They looked just like silica gel that had fallen out from a woman’s butt after a botched plastic surgery.

Then, the gels began to hover in the air.

Blue Charm narrowed her eyes. She turned and swung her hand. The liquid turned into ice awls and charged at Sophia.

“That’s secondary evolution,” Xing Chuan explained. Obviously he’d noticed He Lei and my confusion earlier, and was explaining it to us now. “Blue Charm’s initial superpower was to control water. We call that the primary tier. But Silver Moon City discovered that metahumans could evolve. After special training, many metahumans could evolve their superpowers. Hence, Blue Charm can change the form of water. That is her secondary evolution.”

I was surprised. It turned out that superpowers could be evolved. Raffles was right. He had once guessed that superpower could evolve. 

My initial superpower had been to absorb blue crystal energy. Then, I’d realized that I could release it as well. Hence, Raffles had called that my evolution.

“There is hardly anyone who can reach tertiary evolution,” Xing Chuan said.

“What would happen during the tertiary evolution?” He Lei asked solemnly.

Xing Chuan glanced at him solemnly. “According to the speculations of the scientific group in Silver Moon City, the tertiary evolution should allow metahumans to be able to superpowerfy themselves.”


“Yes. For example, if Blue Charm reaches tertiary evolution, she would be able to turn herself into liquid form."

I suddenly understood. “You mean she can turn herself into water, ice or gas form?”

“That should be the ultimate revolution.” Xing Chuan became serious. “Blue Charm went through intense training to be able to transform from controlling water to changing the form of water. By extension, her tertiary revolution is to liquefy. If she wants to change into different forms of water, it would require a bigger breakthrough.” In other words, the transformation of her superpower form would be an even tougher breakthrough.


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