Book 4: Chapter 98 - Nora Went Missing

His calmness and serenity made me feel even more embarrassed, awkward and guilty, because it seemed like I was the only one who had dirty thoughts in mind when I saw the painting.

“Only when you look without unnecessary thoughts would you truly see the artwork for what it is,” he said.

“Your Highness, you…” I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say.

Cang Yu took down Nora’s painting contentedly, only to frown. “Sadly, Nora is not perfect. I need to find someone more perfect to trigger Zong Ben’s inspiration.”

“Huh?!” I stared at him in terror. He smiled at me. “Don’t panic. Although I don’t discriminate against homosexuals psychologically, I am repulsed by it physiologically. So, I wouldn’t look for you in any case.”   

I gawked at him in shock. I hadn’t been thinking about myself! I was just surprised that he was still going to find another girl for Zong Ben to paint.

Hang on. What did he mean by that?  Did he mean to say that he actually ‘contributed’ by making Nora moan? And that he was the one who triggered Zong Ben’s passion and inspiration?

He stroked my head softly, then leisurely left my room that had been converted into a painting studio, the painting in his hand.

I was dumbfounded for a long while before I came back to reality. His Highness Cang Yu was really unpredictable! I felt that he was even darker and more dangerous than Xing Chuan!

And it was definitely by more than a level or two! 

What should I do? 

I looked at the spirit flower. My dearest from Valley Dust Ruins, what should I do? 

I knew that it was dangerous to escape a beast by hiding behind another more ferocious beast, but I had no other better option right now. 

My superpower was just being a portable charger. I didn’t have He Lei’s speed nor Harry’s strength. I couldn’t do anything when faced with Xing Chuan’s superpower. 

Plus, I couldn’t show my real power either… 

My true superpower was too powerful and it would surely hurt innocents…

The most crucial point was that I didn’t even know how to control it yet.

I worried as I ate in the cafeteria while flipping through the list of the top 20 candidates. Blue Charm, Moon Dream and Sharjah were in the list too. They had proven their ability once again. 

“Brother Bing.” 

“Brother Bing.”

Mm.” Everyone would greet me when they saw me. But I could hardly call them by their names because I couldn’t remember all of their names right away. 

That’s strange. Where is Nora?

I started flipping through the list again to look for Nora. To my surprise, she wasn’t in the top 20 list. What happened?

“Hi!” Someone suddenly hit me on my shoulder really hard then sat next to me. Two huge boobs swung in my sight and landed on the dining table.

I looked at her stiffly but Sophia seemed casual. “Can you act more naturally? I know you are His Highness Xing Chuan’s man. I won’t touch you.” 

I stared at her glumly. “I am not his man. I have not slept with him. Please refrain from saying that I am his man in the future.” 

“You’ve really never slept with him before?” Sophia chuckled happily. “That’s great! Since he won’t let me pursue you, you’d better not like him back either!” 

I glanced at Sophia. “Compared to Xing Chuan, I would prefer you.” 

“Really!?” She pounced at me excitedly. Her boobs reached me before her. 

“Don’t come any nearer!” I pushed her away by the boobs because I couldn’t reach her shoulder. Also, to me, her boobs were just like her extra pair of arms.  

“Okay, I get it.” She didn’t really mind. Supporting her cheeks with her hands, she looked at me. “I could tell since the first time you touched my boobs and didn’t have any reaction.” She sighed heavily. “You are the first guy to have no interest in me. You make me feel like a failure. No! You have to be my best friend even if you don’t like me!” She held onto my arm barbarically. My tablet nearly fell onto the table. 

“Alright, alright,” I surrendered. 

She leaned on my shoulder happily and waved at the people who walked past us proudly as she declared, “I am Luo Bing’s best friend now!” 

I started searching for Nora in the candidate system. “Congratulations, you’ve entered the top 20.” I congratulated Sophia when I saw her name in the top 20 list as I skimmed through the system.

“It’s because I want to join your team. Watch me, I will surely surpass Blue Charm and the other girls.” She seemed really confident.  

“That’s strange… Where’s Nora?” 

“She went for a mission.” Xing Chuan stood next to my table. As usual, he had the dogged He Lei next to him. He Lei seemed to have replaced Sharjah’s past position 

Seeing Sophia, He Lei was surprised. 

Sophia chuckled coquettishly and stood next to He Lei. “I have been watching you for quite a while.” 

Surprisingly, the steady He Lei blushed. He furrowed his eyebrows and moved to Xing Chuan’s other side. Sophia chuckled. “I know you are He Lei. Call me.” 

“Sophia!” I scolded.

Sophia puffed up her cheeks and narrowed her eyes. “This man doesn’t belong to you too, does he?”

He Lei immediately blushed and looked away with his eyebrows tightly knitted. 

“Stop harassing He Lei. He has a girlfriend,” I said glumly. 

Sophia pouted and sat down. “Fine. Out of respect to you, I won’t sleep with him.” She winked at me. She was quite an aggressive one among the girls. Once she had her eye on a guy, she wouldn’t give up until she’d slept with him.

I suddenly felt that she was actually quite a good match for Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan looked at me. “I promise to not touch you. Come back and sleep.” 

Holding my tablet, I ignored him. 

“I will allow He Lei to sleep in the same room with us.” 

I was stunned. He Lei and I glanced at him simultaneously. 

“Oh! Threesome?” Sophia chuckled playfully. 

Xing Chuan smiled at her and warned, “How long do you intend to sit here for?” 

Sophia’s body stiffened. Then, she walked away immediately. Xing Chuan was the only one who could deter Sophia. 

He Lei looked at Xing Chuan and asked, “I’m sleeping in the same room as the both of you?” 

Xing Chuan looked at him expressionlessly. “Is there a problem with that? We are all men.”

He Lei glared at him coldly. “I will share a room with Luo Bing. You can sleep on your own.” 

“I don’t agree with that,” Xing Chuan replied coldly.

I stood up and declared, “I won’t go back!” I turned to leave.

“Luo Bing, I can promise you anything if you agree to leave Cang Yu,” Xing Chuan suddenly shouted loudly behind me. 

Everyone in the cafeteria stared at me, including Sophia who had just left the table. 

He Lei held his forehead and his face grew glum. 

Anger ignited in me. I turned and shouted, “Xing Chuan! Can you talk properly!? I am only staying in His Highness Cang Yu’s library!” 

Xing Chuan didn’t care about what others thought. He stared fixedly at me and said, “Okay, then leave his library!” 

“Don’t bother talking to him.” He Lei suddenly appeared next to me, seeming dismayed. “He hasn’t been acting normal. Let’s go.”

I felt so too! 

Xing Chuan hadn’t been acting normal since he got back from the Aurora Legion. I wondered what had gone wrong!


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