Book 4: Chapter 96 - The Experienced Cang Yu

After the recruitment test, I would finally be able to see Harry. The recruitment process was really fast. The top 20 were chosen within two days. Blue Charm, Sharjah, Nora and Moon Dreams were among the top 20. 

All of them would be facing strong opponents. Whether they could remain in the knight group would depend on their individual capabilities.

At night, I curled up between the bookshelves to read. My current read was a romance novel about the love entanglements between the female lead and a few guys, reflecting the perceptions of romantic relationships from sixty years ago.

This world’s views on romantic relationships were very free. No one would force another. People got together if they loved each other and felt happy together. 

If they weren’t happy together, taking a break from each other was perfectly acceptable. If they still loved each other afterwards, they would continue to be together. On the other hand, if their love had faded, they would part ways and wish each other the best.

In the book, the female lead found a guy she loved and entered into mutual love relationships with in each city she went to. Some cities that she’d mentioned in the book happened to be the ruins that I had been to.

One of the guys with whom she shared a mutual love was from Valley Dust Ruins. His name was Feng, meaning ‘wind’, and the writer truly did portray him as a young man who was like the wind. Bright as sunshine and living in an ocean of artistry, he was just about the best gift the universe had given the female lead. 

As I read the book’s descriptions of Feng, I suddenly found him very much like Jun.

“Are you trying to seduce His Highness Cang Yu?” Nora’s voice abruptly cut through my reverie. 

I looked up confusedly, meeting with Nora’s cold glare. She lowered her voice as she said, “His Highness Cang Yu won’t like a guy. Give up!” 

I blinked at her, puzzled. “I like Harry, not Cang Yu.” 

Stunned, Nora calmed down and revealed a smile. 

“Did Nora come by?” I heard Cang Yu’s voice as he walked over. 

Nora became nervous. She stared at me anxiously as though she was afraid that I would sell her out for questioning me over something I hadn’t done. After all, she had given me trouble along with Moon Dream and Blue Charm, which had led to Xing Chuan evicting all three girls from the knight group.

I stood up and glanced at Cang Yu, who was coming over. His long braid laid on his chest, swaying with his steps as he walked. Every one of his movements was elegant.

“Your Highness Cang Yu.” Nora became even more nervous when I greeted him. “Have you read this book? There’s a boy in it who sounds a lot like Jun.” 

His Highness Cang Yu stopped next to Nora and glanced at the book in my hand. Smiling elegantly, he replied, “This book was written by a woman from that era. Back then, Jun was really popular, not to mention really handsome. Hence, he became every girl’s prince charming. Many female authors used him as a model in their books to fulfill their desires to have him.”

“Oh…” It turned out that this world practiced the Mary Sue culture as well. 

Lu Han and Kris Wu had been trending back when I had left my world. There was a period of time when I’d seen a lot of posts across the internet saying, ‘Lu Han loves me and my husband is Kris’. 

I felt like I’d finally found something that this world had in common with my original world. 

“If you would like to read about how the guys fantasized about Jun, you can read…” He lifted his chin as he searched for the book. “Here! This one. He was a very famous gay author. His writing was so exquisite that most of the female authors couldn’t beat him. The gay-themed books he wrote about were really popular, even the Queen at that time was also his reader.” He took a hardcover book from the top shelf and held it out to me. 

Taking the book, I flipped it open. I’d never thought that Jun had been that popular. The first page of the book gave me a shock when I saw it. It showed a picture of two naked men doing SM.

My brain froze for a while. 

Flipping to the next page, I read: ‘He is a clean young man with a bright smile. Just watching him paint arouses me. Not a moment goes by without me desiring to leave my mark on him, and paint my masterpiece on his skin!’


That is a bit too much for me… 

His Highness Cang Yu smiled and asked, “How is it? Isn’t it very exciting?” 

Looking at him stiffly, I stuttered, “I… I will bring it back to read slowly.” *Gulp*, it is too exciting. 

His Highness Cang Yu nodded and smiled, before he turned to Nora. “Nora, why do you look so anxious lately? What happened?” His soft and concerned tone was enough to soften any girl’s heart.  

“Your Highness, I…” 

Shhh… don’t say anything. Let me kiss you first...”


I sped up my footsteps. His Highness really knows his way with girls! 

The sounds of their shallow breathing became more distinct. Most of the time, His Highness Cang Yu and I were the only ones in the library. Flowers and books were naturally quiet. Hence, Nora’s tender pants sounded really seductive in this quiet world full of books and flowers. The soft noises made me understand at once that His Highness Cang Yu was also a man! 

As a man, His Highness Cang Yu naturally had a need for women. Everything about him attracted a woman’s heart - his warmth, his calm, his elegance and his intelligence. 

He could penetrate into your heart without being too pushy, and make you want to share your story and worries with him. 

Now, I found out that he could also make a girl forego ‘resisting’ his advances without being too pushy as well. Nora made such seductive panting sounds during his kiss. 

“Your- Your Highness…” 

Shh… Just enjoy it quietly…” His Highness Cang Yu voice had turned a little raspy but he still sounded calm and elegant as usual.

I ran quickly. Did His Highness not mind having me around? He could have waited until I was further away. 

Swiftly I ran back to my room and closed the door behind me, then changed the view to night scenery to mask the sight outside.

I was blushing. His Highness Cang Yu was… just the same as other men…

Men could differ from one another in terms of appearance or character. But they were the same when it came to the desires and needs of a man. 

I glanced at the room that had been converted into a painting studio. One shelf was filled with various paints, while another held all sorts of paintbrushes. Next to the paintbrushes were different kinds of painting tools that I had never seen before.

In the middle of the room, there were also canvases in different sizes and materials as well. I needed to start again tonight. I’d started anticipating nightfall ever since I’d begun to draw for the artists in Valley Dust Ruins, because I looked forward to finding out what kind of painting I would produce. 

Once again, I stood among everyone. Jun looked around at everyone and asked, “Whose turn is it today?” 

Everyone glanced at one another. 

“Is Zong Ben around…” Suddenly, His Highness Cang Yu’s voice resounded vaguely. 

Stunned, I looked up at the sky. 

“Zong Ben, I prepared something you’d like to draw…” 

What’s going on? Why can I hear His Highness Cang Yu’s voice? 

The people of Valley Dust Ruins controlled my hand through strong neural connections. Conversely, if someone was to speak right next to me, they should be able to hear it too, just like how his voice had transmitted to this world now. So… Cang Yu was next to me! 

Humph!” Suddenly, I heard a light humph from among the crowd. The voice was hoarse and deep. “I’d like to see what you have prepared for me.” 

Then, an extremely skinny man who was almost naked walked out from the crowd! 


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