Book 4: Chapter 95 - Drawing On Behalf

Success could only come from countless experiments and failures. I had to admit that truth. However, I couldn’t accept the fact that Xing Chuan had used other people to carry out an experiment.

I didn’t want to think about anything related to Xing Chuan. I wanted to join the war sooner so that I could stay away from him. On the day we won the victory, Harry and I would return to Noah City, our home, and reunite with Raffles…


I looked at the ring on my hand, then closed my eyes. What should I do? What should I do about Raffles…

I really don’t want to….

Hurt him…

“Luo Bing, open your eyes.” Suddenly, Jun’s voice resounded in my head. Opening my eyes, I was surprised to find myself in Valley Dust Ruin again. My connection with Valley Dust Ruin seemed to be much stronger than the other historical sites.

Jun and everyone else was standing in front of me again.

“Today, it’s Master Quentin,” Jun said out of nowhere.

I gave him a confused look, not understanding what he meant. Nevertheless, he pulled me before an easel, at the side of which color palettes had been prepared.

Then, I saw a white-haired grandpa walk out from the crowd with great dignity. I could tell that he was an old artist with one glance.

He walked up to my side and said sternly, “I’ll have to trouble you.” Then, his hand passed through mine. At once my hand rose up, as though it wasn’t my hand at all. I had become a puppet.

Then, I saw myself holding the paintbrush and painting on the white drawing paper. It was an unrestrained drawing style. It was a painting of freehand brushwork. It was also a little… uh… abstract… 

I could only say that the concept of aesthetics and drawing style would vary across different worlds and different times.

Western and Eastern art were very different even back in my original world, not to mention the natural gap between two different worlds.

Everyone was full of compliments once he had completed his artwork, praising it as the root of the soul. The coming of end times and their transcendence of life and death had led to these artists reaching a new sublime peak, a higher level of enlightenment within their souls.

“You drew this?” I woke up to Cang Yu’s voice. There was a painting before me. It was Master Quentin’s painting!

I sat up, gawking in surprise.

Cang Yu stood before the painting quietly. “This drawing style… belongs to Quentin McGee…” He lifted his hand and touched the right bottom corner of the drawing board. “It really is Master Quentin…”

Immediately I went up to the painting. There were still messy paints by the side. Peering at the right bottom corner, there really was Master Quentin’s signature from the night before.

“How could it be?!” I straightened blankly. Confused, I looked down at my hands. There were some paints left over on my hands. My braids were in a mess at the back of my head, with some strands of hair brushing loosely against my shoulders. “Where did the drawing board come from? And these paints?!”

“Luo Bing, calm down.” Cang Yu turned to look at me with a smile. He tucked my messy hair behind my ear, then pressed his hand on my shoulders. “Take a deep breath and slowly recall.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. At once I spun to look at the spirit flower by the side of my bed. “Could it be that blue crystal energy strengthens our connection?”

Mm, it’s possible.” Cang Yu let go of my shoulders and walked to my bedside, where he bent down to look at the spirit flower. “Our new robot’s powerful mental connection relies on blue crystal energy as well.” Standing straight, he turned to look at me. “You told the robot to bring in the drawing board and paints last night in the middle of the night. It seems that it wasn’t you but Master Quentin.”

“It should be.” I scratched my head. “In my dream, he drew using my hand. They said that… they want to create their posthumous works.”

Cang Yu nodded and looked around. “It seems like we’ll have to change this into a painting room.”

“Painting room?” I immediately looked at my hands again. So, I have to help them with their posthumous work like this?

“Thank you, Luo Bing,” Cang Yu suddenly said. I looked at him while he fixed his gaze gently on me. “It seems that you have a new mission.” His eyes then fixed upon Master Quentin’s work for very long…

Silver Moon City’s exam finally started. Every training room was fully occupied. For these few days, every teacher would have to deal with dozens of students. The teachers had to categorize, evaluate and examine their superpowers.

He Lei and I walked outside the training rooms. Every student was extremely serious. I saw people who could control gravity far better than Sia. I also saw people who could control weather, metahumans who could summon tornados.

If Xue Gie’s superpower was not only limited to controlling snowstorms during snowstorm weather, but allowed her to control snowstorms in general, her superpower would have potential for a major breakthrough.

All the metahumans looked so powerful that it was hard to pick from them. It was true that Silver Moon City had picked the strongest metahumans from all over the world.

“When you pick a candidate, you also have to look at his personality,” Xing Chuan suddenly walked up next to me as he spoke expressionlessly. “If I frightened you, I’d like to apologize.” He didn’t make sense at all.

He Lei glanced at him and stood in between us. “Please do not talk about unrelated matters.”

Humph…” Xing Chuan chuckled lightly and looked at He Lei. “We are in an alliance. Plus, pursuing Luo Bing is a matter between me and him. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Xing Chuan, you are not pursuing. You are forcing!” He Lei said angrily. “Luo Bing already made it clear that he doesn’t like you!”

“He will. Sometime in the future.” Xing Chuan was certain. He was still so confident.

“No, he will leave you. Sometime in the future,” He Lei chuckled.

Xing Chuan narrowed his eyes and glared at He Lei coldly, while He Lei smirked and gazed far away, showing his arrogance and maturity.

I didn’t bother with Xing Chuan but continued forward. Xing Chuan wanted to come closer but He Lei stopped him. “I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided to stick by your side so I can keep watch over you at all times.” He Lei looked darkly at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan faced him expressionlessly for a while. Then, he gradually lifted his lips to form a friendly smile. “Then, you’d better watch closely.”

“I will.” He Lei crossed his arms, his eyes shimmering with certainty and confidence in his ability to keep watch over Xing Chuan.

With He Lei watching over Xing Chuan, I would feel much better in the coming days.

I watched everyone taking their examinations during the day, and painted for the people of Valley Dust Ruin during my sleep. Cang Yu would come by the next morning and keep the paintings that had been done.

Every artist had a different temperament. Master Quentin fell under the wild style. Although Master Quentin seemed to have a divine demeanor, he was like a mad man when he painted.   

Others were meticulous and would take very long, even a few days, for a small detail.

Often I would stand at the edge of Silver Moon City and watch the red planet. I miss Harry; I wonder how he is doing. Xing Chuan cut off my communication with Harry. He is such a barbaric man.

I miss Noah City too. Sis Cannon’s baby bump should be more obvious now.

Second Sis’ child should have been born by now too.


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