Book 4: Chapter 94 - Examination Began

He Lei nodded awkwardly. “I will."

*Sigh.* I didn’t want this either but Xing Chuan is forcing me into a corner.

We followed behind Xing Chuan at a distance. Even when taking the elevator, we chose to take a separate one. Xing Chuan looked distressed the whole way. He didn’t even bother wearing his usual smile.

“I see. This is the real him.” He Lei watched Xing Chuan, who was ascending on the other side. “He is aggressively offensive, and has a conqueror’s nature.”

“You feel it too?”

He Lei nodded. “It’s a man’s gut feeling. It’s right that you stay away from him. This kind of man is very dangerous.”

Furrowing my eyebrows slightly, I didn’t look at He Lei out of embarrassment. “That… Cough. If there was a man who wanted to… have sex with you, what would you do?”

“I would beat him up, of course!” He Lei said without hesitation. Then, he rubbed his arm. The situation became awkward. “Cough. I… don’t like men.”

“I know that you like Sayee.” I quickly changed the topic.

He blushed. “I… actually don’t quite know what the feeling of liking someone is. There are so few girls in this world. Sayee likes me and I think I should protect her.”

“It’s okay. Like you said, there are very few girls in this world. But you will know the feeling of liking someone when it happens to you.” Looking out of the glass, I noticed that we had already left the building and were shuttling in the sky above Silver Moon City.

There was a tall platform not too far away. The platform looked like a huge field, filled with people from Silver Moon City.

“Take a look at the girls in Silver Moon City. They are all very beautiful.” I glanced back at He Lei, only to find him was lost in thoughts as he stared at me.

I was confused. “He Lei? Are you okay?”

He blinked and quickly reined back his gaze. Eyebrows tightly knitted, he looked like he was laden with anxiety. “I’m fine. I was just thinking that I understand if Harry likes you but why does Xing Chuan like you? There are so many girls in Silver Moon City.” 

My face grew grave. “That’s why I said that he’s sick!” I didn’t want to talk about Xing Chuan. He disgusted me.

As the shuttling cabin drew closer, the girls became clearer. He Lei also revealed a surprised expression.

I smiled. “Wasn’t  I right? The girls in Silver Moon City are very beautiful.” Harry couldn’t take his eyes off them at the beginning.

If it wasn’t because of that experience, I might never have realized my own feelings, and I might never have found out that I liked Harry so much. I hadn’t even allowed him to take a look at other girls. I had even… taken off my clothes to fight for my man with my woman's body…

Now, as I thought about it, I realized that I had been so silly…

I had actually done that back then…

Suddenly I blushed. Only now did I realize how shameless I had been! I had purposely stood with my chest out to show that my boobs weren’t small…

I suddenly felt that I had been silly, yet I found myself funny too. It was a complicated feeling.

However, wasn’t I at the age of doing silly things? I hoped that Harry wouldn’t make fun of me when we grew older.

The shuttling cabin descended. When we stood on the stage before everyone, everyone stood straight. The thousands of people on the plaza suddenly quietened, the young men and women wearing solemn looks.

They were about my age, with some of them being younger than me, but you wouldn’t see the impatience and rebellious that the youngsters in the world where I had come from would carry. None of them had been capable, yet they had all been arrogant. There had also been some who were bashful, shy and had no confidence.

On the other hand, the young people here were full of heroic spirit. The moment I saw them, their soldier temperament stood out over their appearances. No one would pay attention to their looks and figures, but would instead praise that they were an elite army! They were the future of the planet! 

He Lei stared at the solemn looking young men below the stage in shock. He also felt that this was what a true army was like, these were soldiers who were ready for war! They were honored to fight the enemy at war. They were proud to safeguard their homeland! They felt privileged to have the chance to fight for their future!

This was their conviction, a conviction that would never be shaken!

“Today, I am here to inform everyone that Silver Moon City has begun to build our foundation on the ground.” Xing Chuan’s voice reverberated throughout the plaza. There were thousands of people standing there, yet it was so quiet that we could have heard a pin drop. This was true discipline. “War is about to begin. We need to reelect the North Star knight group as well. Good luck, everyone!”

“Yes!” Everyone replied simultaneously, snapping to stand at ramrod attention.

I had no choice but to admit that Xing Chuan was good at training his army.

Although he was sick in the head…

He Lei stared at the sight. Excitement, embarrassment, astonishment and other complicated feelings flashed across his eyes.

Sharjah, Blue Charm, Moon Dream and Nora stood in the very first row. They would take the examination once again.

Xing Chuan looked down at them. “The final examination for the reelection of the North Star knight group will be carried out by the North Star and myself. Before that, get into a group of two hundred and carry out a superpower test with the teachers of Silver Moon City.” Xing Chuan raised his hand and another platform ascended below our stage. On it were hundreds of middle-aged people - these were the teachers in Silver Moon City and the parents of the youths.

“All your examination results will be keyed into Silver Moon’s cloud server for evaluation of your comprehensive strengths. Then, the North Star and I will shortlist twenty candidates. During the time of examination, the North Star and I will be observing you at the examination sites. Any one mistake might lead to you missing the opportunity to join the North Star knight group!” 

“Yes!” The young man and woman replied, their reply reverberating.

At night, I sat in my room in the library, located at the far back of the bookshelves. It was surrounded by flowers. I could look out from inside but no one could look in from the outside.

Although the room was small, it was fully equipped. Right in the middle stood a bed with floral patterned silk sheets. Next to the bed was a white bedside table made of carved wood, on which was placed my spirit flower.

On the other side of the room, there was a single seater sofa upholstered in green floral fabric. By its side stood a round metal coffee table. The toilet was in the basement, which was even more secluded.

This room had been built in the countryside style.

Reclining on the soft bed, I picked up the holographic tablet that Xing Chuan had passed to me. It held the candidates’ detailed information. From the next day onwards, I could learn any candidate’s situation from the tablet as I wished. This would be a strict examination, as well as a most vigorous competition.

There were only four empty spots in the knight group. After the knight group reformed, the members of the knight group would select their men and form their elite troop. Those who weren’t chosen in the elite troop would be allocated as common soldiers.

Looking at the innocent faces on the screen, I found it hard to believe that these youths were going to war. Who was going to take responsibility for their safety?

Hence, the scientists had developed robots that could be mentally connected from a remote distance. They had invented it with the intention of securing their safety.

However, they had never thought that a powerful mental connection could bring about such an effect. How should they overcome this obstacle?


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