Book 4: Chapter 93 - Shortlisted Warriors

“But once I discovered your whereabouts, I was excited and thrilled with happiness!” He took a huge stride towards me, so close he was almost passing through my body. He stared at me with his burning gaze. “Now, I realize that I actually already wanted you back then!”

“Go away! Don’t disgust me!” I hugged my own body, trembling. His gaze made me very uncomfortable. That perverse gaze was shameless! He thought I would actually be like those girls who would feel honored to be liked by him and would be in a hurry to get in bed with him!?

“I am also certain that I will never fall for you, ever!” I glared at him. “Just forget it, Xing Chuan!”

His eyes turned dark and sharp. “Then, I will just bed you until you fall for me!”

I gaped at him in shock, completely taken aback.

“Shameless!” I cried in disbelief.

He took another step closer to me. “I-!”

Without warning, his image vanished. The imaging robot fell from the air. Jun stood by the side, yet to put down his hand. Glancing at me, he quickly retracted his hand with an innocent and awkward smile. With a shrug, he twiddled both his index fingers together as he looked around as if trying to say it wasn’t him at all.

His cute expression made me laugh. He looked like he was afraid of being scolded for what he’d done. I gave him a thumbs up and said, “Thanks!”

He put his hands down and smiled.

I picked up the imaging robot and thought to myself, Xing Chuan intentionally separated Harry and I. Jerk!

Suddenly, my robot walked over to me under Jun’s curious gaze. His eyes were filled with his boyish yearning toward machines.

The robot looked down at me. “You should come back. I know you hate Xing Chuan, but just like the Ghost Eclipsers, he exists right before you and you can’t avoid him. Come back. You have to shortlist the warriors who will be joining the knight group. The war is going to take place soon. Luo Bing, the world needs you.”

The robot had spoken in Cang Yu’s voice. Now it stood quietly before me.

I turned to look at Jun while he watched the robot and I, insecurity in his eyes. Seemingly anxious about something, he shook his head at me.

Holding the spirit flower that he’d given me, I smiled. “I might not be obliged to protect this world, but my superpower tells me that I can’t just sit and watch. Jun, goodbye."

The robot grabbed my body and began to ascend. Jun leaped onto the tree vines by the side, climbing up along with me. Finally the robot sent me into the aircraft and the door closed. Jun stood at the edge of the tree vine, watching me in silence.

The robot began to take off. Jun leaped onto the tallest building like the previous time, and waved at me as he watched me leave.

I have a spirit friend. His name is Jun. He is the spirit prince of Valley Dust Ruin. He has an artistic temperament. He is a young man with a bright smile.

His bright smile couldn’t be found on the faces of people in the world today. His bright and clear smile belonged to the world from sixty years ago.

People’s lives had been so peaceful back then. They had taken whatever food they’d wanted from the mall. There had been melodious music in the halls. There had been a city of books. There had been a place for artists to paint as they wished.

It had been so enviable. An almost perfect world, yet there had been people who couldn’t wait to destroy it just because of the ridiculous heresy about human revolution.

The robot sent me back to Cang Yu’s library. He faced me with a smile. “You can sleep here in the future. There is a private room behind the bookshelves. Move back after Xing Chuan calms down.”

Looking at Cang Yu’s gentle smile, I felt uneasy but still I nodded. Because even Harry’s room wasn’t safe. The only place where Xing Chuan wouldn’t behave wildly was here. Everywhere else was Xing Chuan’s.

“Thank you, Your Highness Cang Yu.”

His gaze fixed on the spirit flower. His gaze turned gently and adoring. “This is a spirit flower, right?”


“I saw. Jun gave it to you.” He lifted his hand and touched the radiation-resistant cover around the spirit flower.

I was shocked. “Your Highness knows Jun?”

Cang Yu smiled. “Jun was once the most accomplished and creative young man in this world. His drawing talent received the recognition of artists all over. This is all history. They were once famed personalities in history. Hence, it is all recorded.” He took the box from my hands. “I will take care of this for you temporarily. Xing Chuan is waiting for you at the door. He Lei is here too.”

I felt much better once I heard that He Lei was here too. Passing Cang Yu the spirit flower, I bowed at him. Then, I ran out of the library. When I looked back, he was watching the spirit flower closely with a faint smile, as though he had met an old friend.

Cang Yu’s expression was weird sometimes. It was as though he had once been familiar with many things in this world. Maybe it was because he loved to read and had immersed himself into the disappearing history.

He Lei was with Xing Chuan. Seeing He Lei now, he looked like an entirely new person.

He was handsome in Silver Moon City’s uniform!

Wearing the same long uniform as Sharjah, He Lei’s figure looked even more outstanding than before. He maintained his man bun at the back of his head, which was still tied with the hairband I’d given him. It looked casual yet wild.

Seeing me come out, he came forward to greet me, but the door shut tightly in his face and wouldn’t let him in. He could only wave at me. Under Xing Chuan’s cold gaze, I walked over to He Lei.

When the door slid open again, He Lei looked at me anxiously. “Are you okay?”

I shook my head. I glared at Xing Chuan as he stared back at me with his burning gaze. Suddenly, he extended his hand towards me. He Lei saw and quickly grabbed me. Xing Chuan’s hand paused over the spot where I’d been, but He Lei and I had already reappeared three meters away from him.

Xing Chuan clenched his hand in the empty space, before he retracted his hand. He stared at me like how a lion fixated on his prey. “You will understand I am your best option!” He declared. Then, he walked past He Lei and I in huge strides.

“What’s wrong with the two of you?” He Lei held my arm and asked. Although he was guarded against Xing Chuan, it was mainly because Xing Chuan had once used me as a tool.

“He is sick!” I said furiously. “He declared out of the blue that he is pursuing me.”

As if scalded, He Lei quickly let go of my arm. He looked to the side awkwardly and coughed. “Cough.”

“Sorry, I made it awkward for you.” I felt embarrassed.

“It’s-, it’s okay. You and Harry are…”

“Lovers,” I replied without any intention of hiding it

He Lei’s ears flushed red and he couldn’t look at me at all. “It’s okay. I will look after you in the future.”

I nodded. “Thank you. I will sleep at His Highness Cang Yu’s place at night. At other times, I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Alright. So… I will pick you up here in the mornings?” He spoke awkwardly, blinking as he pointed at the entrance to His Highness Cang Yu’s library.

“Yes. Xing Chuan is cunning. You be careful yourself,” I reminded He Lei. Who knows, Xing Chuan might turn him into an octopus while he is sleeping.


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