Book 4: Chapter 92 - In Hot Pursuit

“Everyone, look! She is a girl,” he told everyone happily. I could only follow behind him blankly as he pulled me over to everyone, my attention caught by his beautiful braids. There were even a few tufts of hair that had colorful feathers hanging at the ends. 

The Spirit Prince turned to look down at me, his smile bright and clear. “Come meet everyone. They are all curious about you.”

I looked around at the artists’ faces and their expressions… Each had their own individuality. Some were arrogant, some were cold, some didn’t care, some glanced over in disdain.

Mm, not bad,” commented a feminine man with smoky makeup. 

“This is not bad?!” Another man whose face was covered in white face paint sneered, “Look at her face, look at her body, look at her legs! Nothing is perfect! Oh! I can barely look at her!” He shielded his eyes impatiently.

“You have OCD!” A woman mockingly rolled her eyes at the man. “There isn’t a woman you are happy with! Who here doesn’t know that you drool over the women in your artworks?”

Hahahaha!” Everyone burst out in laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh too. Although they looked difficult to get along with, I felt that they were nice people.

“Ignore them.” The Spirit Prince smiled at me. “They are all artists. Here,” he pointed at his head, “isn’t quite normal.”

“Who are you talking about?! This brat!” Suddenly, the woman came forward and gave him a tight smack on his head.

“Xiao Jun is excited to see a girl who is alive.” The younger artists began to mock the Spirit Prince who was still holding onto my arm.

“Brother Jun is ours!” The younger girls rushed over and pulled Jun away from me, surrounding him at once.

Everyone chuckled and the girls who pulled him away laughed spiritedly too.

I looked around at everyone. They all seemed so happy. Compared to them, I looked so pessimistic and distressed.

Turning, I looked at the young man again. The guy who I’d referred to as the Spirit Prince, it turned out that his name was Jun.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked. Jun had said earlier that he’d hoped I could do them a favor.

Everyone abruptly stopped smiling and became quiet. They looked at Jun in unison.

The girls moved away too.

Jun walked over to me again. He took both my hands and held them up as though he was pleading with me. “Help everyone to draw their posthumous work. Please, please.” He bent down and touched his forehead on the back of my hands, brimming with sincerity..

Posthumous work…

It sounded so heavy. Thinking of those smiles, this heaviness stirred a greater sorrow in me.

“What should I do?” I tilted my face down to look at him.

He looked up as he held my hands tightly, smiling widely at me. “Does that mean you’ve agreed?”

I nodded.

He immediately swiveled to break the news to everyone. “She agreed! She agreed!” He shouted excitedly.

“Yes, she agreed, so can you let go of her hand?” An uncle made fun of him.

“Don’t act like a pervert. You are going to scare our girl away!” The guys objected loudly.

Hahaha. That’s because I finally saw a living person after so many years."

“No way! We want to touch her too!” Suddenly, everyone pounced at me.

Hahaha! Hurry up and run!” Jun pulled me and started running. We ran so quickly. In the dream, we were as light as swallows. He brought me toward the edge of the place. I turned out that we were on the rooftop!

Suddenly he leaped, pulling me off the edge.

Ah!” I shouted. Then, I realized that I was wearing a floral dress like what I had normally worn at home in my original world. It was the one I’d been wearing in the photo that I’d showed Raffles. In this world, I couldn’t hide my gender.

“You should really wake up,” Jun abruptly said in mid-air. Smiling, he pushed me down slightly. He let go of me, and I began to fall while he remained hovering up in the blue sky as he waved down at me.

He was as cheerful as Harry. He too liked to smile, yet he was different from Harry. Harry was a little delinquent while he was like a bashful young man. His smile was innocent.  

I woke up from my drunken stupor. I’d always known that I would have a magical mental connection whenever I came to a historical site. Could this mental connection be the same connection that the spirits in Croton City used to counter-control humans? 

However, when I’d connected with them, the scenes had been even more rapid and intense than back in Croton City.

Rays and rays of quiet and clear sunlight shone down before me. The white morning sunlight accentuated the blue in the spirit flowers.

Sitting up, I saw that there were still leftovers on the dining table from the night before. It was just as though I’d had an interesting dream. Only I knew that it wasn’t a dream but actual reality.

The entire palace had returned to its usual tranquility. The robot from the day before emerged from the dark again and came before me. It carried an oval glass container, which I recognized. It was a radiation-resistant box that could carry blue crystal energy.

Floating within the box was a beautiful spirit flower.

The robot placed the radiation-resistant box before me and Jun appeared next to him again. He was also extending his hands, carrying the box with the robot.

Jun looked at me, his almost transparent eyes filled with sincerity. I took over the spirit flower from the robot’s hands and he smiled. Swooping through the robot’s body, he ran to the door before he turned back and looked towards me.

I followed behind. When I arrived at the door, glaring sunlight poured down onto me. I raised my hand to shield my eyes. After I’d adjusted to the brightness, I saw a gorgeous city before me. At once the colorful city lifted my mood, like a blooming firework.

Suddenly, a small robot flew over towards me. Jun wanted to touch it out of curiosity but I immediately stopped him. “Don’t touch it. It will run out of battery.”

Jun reluctantly took back his hand. He should have already known that he could absorb energy from any machinery. It was just that he was a curious young man after all.

The robot hovered in the air for a moment. Then, when the lights poured out and formed a human figure, I turned around to leave.

“Stop right there!” He said tonelessly.

I stopped and his image came before me, without a sliver of apology on his face. There was only a burning invasive gaze, like an invader who wanted to conquer the entire world.

“You can’t hide from me. I suggest you give up,” he said expressionlessly without any emotion in his tone.

I didn’t bother with him. “You’re sick in the head.”

“I’m pursuing you!” He became agitated and anxious.

“I refuse your pursuit!” I rejected him directly as I looked at him coldly. “And, I think you don’t even know if you like me or if you are just curious!”

“I might not have known before but I am certain now that I like you!” His burning gaze scalded me. “Luo Bing, before I found you this time, I thought about you for a whole year! Every second of every day I was thinking about you, about how to make your life a living hell!”

Heh, this lion had already shown his claws back then. I had humiliated him and made him furious. Of course he’d wanted to torture me.


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