Book 1: Chapter 36 - How To Live

“I don’t think they would bring me to Silver Moon City. They suspected me in the first place.” Regardless, it was a fact that Xing Chuan threw me off from the high sky.

“If they really were intending to abandon you, they wouldn’t have given you an escape pod,” Arsenal looked solemn. It was as though she was explaining on behalf of Xing Chuan.

“But you saved me! You didn’t suspect me nor did you interrogate me!” I became emotional, “I am equally a stranger to you!”

Arsenal’s expression stiffened. She hung her head low and she became quiet. Her expression shocked me. Did she…

“How is it possible to not suspect?” Suddenly, there was an old but powerful voice. Arsenal and I turned around and saw Elder Alufa who was walking with a wooden staff under the moonlight. His white hair was shimmering silver in the moonlight, which made him look even more like a mage.

He looked cool and composed as he slowly walked in front of me, “I’m sorry, Luo Bing. We once suspected you too.”

“Did you think I’m from Ghost Eclipse City?” I wondered if it was because of Xing Chuan’s attack back then, or because Noah City had saved me, or because of Elder Alufa’s honesty, I wasn’t unhappy but rather calm when I found out that they too had suspected me in the beginning.

“Hahaha!” Elder Alufa let out a burst of hearty laughter, “The people in Ghost Eclipse City are not as clean as you are.”

“…” I recalled that Xing Chuan had made the same remark. The reason why he didn’t think I was from Ghost Eclipse City was because I wasn’t smelly, but was clean.

“It’s here.” Elder Alufa pointed at his eyes. He smiled mysteriously as he put down his hand, “Plus, I believe in Mason’s judgment. He thinks that you’re fine and you are definitely fine!”

I stared, “Uncle Mason? He doesn’t look reliable!” Although I mentally thanked Uncle Mason for his trust, would his judgment really be that accurate?

“Luo Bing, don’t judge Uncles Mason by his looks. He is very powerful. You’ll find out eventually,” Arsenal chuckled. I looked at her smile, but was still in doubt.

Uncle Mason?

Very powerful?


Although Arsenal and Sis Ceci had allocated a room for me, I continued to stay with Second Sis in Raffles’s warehouse. The pile of wire rod was very warm and it was September then. Because they were in District Nine, Silver Moon City would be back in District Nine in September of next year.

Second Sis also liked the pile of wire rod very much. I laid down on Second Sis’s soft chest, and looked at my uniform. How should I survive? I can’t let people in Noah City continue to take care of me, while I live off of their charity.

Arsenal, who was almost my age, was working hard to protect this city. She was neither haughty nor humble before the people from Silver Moon City. She was generous and composed, and an outstanding leader.

As for Xue Gie and Ming You, they were dressed in war suits and were obviously the guardians of this city. They would fight to protect this city.

Also, Harry who looked unreliable and glib-tongued, had his own scouting troop that was in charge of scouting for resources.

Raffles was working hard to improve the technology in this city. One side of his brain was thinking about how to increase the production of crops while the other side was analyzing Silver Moon City’s technology.

Everyone here was my age, and they had an important task to carry out. They were independent, strong and responsible. In my world, girls at my age would study while being spoiled by their parents, and boys at my age would study while pretending to be cool.

It reminded me of a saying, ‘time makes the man.’ At the same age, we were doing different things — things of far greater difference. 

How about me? What can I do?

I looked at my hands. What can this pair of hands do for this city? What can I do for these kind people who took me in?

I could only throw blades. To this world that is filled with metahumans, it is not worth bringing that up at all.

Oh yeah. I can cook too. It is a pity that there aren’t any ingredients here. I have no chance to exercise my cooking abilities.

I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. In this foreign world, in this terrifying end of the world, it was my first time falling asleep peacefully…

The people in Noah City woke up early. Everyone seemed to have their own duties and they were busy from early in the morning. It was an underground city and it lacked resources. You wouldn’t understand what kept them busy.

Raffles came early in the morning. Once again, he started inspecting the escape pod from Silver Moon City. Second Sis didn’t keep her guard up against him anymore. Whenever he would come, she would sit on the pile of wire rods watching him, as though she was looking at her own child.

“Sharjah said that they will be able to find out your location, the moment you connect to their main server in Silver Moon City,” I reminded Raffles.

Raffles lowered his head as he was too shy to look at me, “I know. I only want to take out the blue crystal energy for now.”

“Take it then,” I sat on the pile of wire rods. I watched him as I picked up my bag. There was a set of personal hygiene tools.

Raffles couldn’t help but look at my bag. I didn’t even look at him when I said, “I have no other food in my bag.”

He blinked and reined back his gaze. “Princess brought over the watermelon you gave her last night."

“She didn’t eat it?!” I was shocked. I never expected Arsenal to keep the watermelon. “Those are seedless so there are no seeds. It will spoil if you don’t eat it.”

Raffles felt sorry about it, “Yeah but Princess wishes for me to keep it properly. So that we could retrieve its genes when we have the means to do so. Then, I will be able to clone them.”

I looked at him in shock. “That can be cloned? Then, would it be a whole watermelon or just a slice of watermelon?”

Raffles observed me with his grayish-blue eyes, “Luo Bing, I realize that you know a lot of things.”

I continued to be stunned. I know a lot? I am only a junior high school student.

“After the end of the world, science and technology were severely damaged,” Raffles sounded sorry, “Radiation zones segregated the survivors and there are places that have retrogression of technology.  Harry had told me that he had once discovered a village that had built their houses with stones. There was no technology and the people there were illiterate. They are so pitiful… Luckily, Princess Arsenal’s grandpa was once a scientist. Hence, he maintained some resources of technology,” Raffles shook his head as he felt sorry for a place that was experiencing a retrogression of technology and civilization.

Although I was only a junior high school student, I was also aware of the fact that technology would go backward if there wasn’t exchange and learning. Similar to our world, where there are villages that weren’t willing to communicate with the outside world and continued to live like a primitive society.

“Hurry up and take out the blue crystal energy then. Arsenal said that you could discover new further places with it!”

He became nervous, “I can’t be fast about this. Blue Crystal Energy contains a type of dangerous substance. If I am careless, it might explode!”

“Explode!” I became nervous and I grabbed Second Sis by her arm, “We’d better not be here.”

Second Sis didn’t move. She obviously didn’t want to leave the pile of wire rod.


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