Book 4: Chapter 90 - The Hospitality of Valley Dust Ruins Kingdom

“Your Highness Cang Yu.” I pursed my lips. 

“What’s the matter, Luo Bing?” He asked gently as he read. 

“Can I head to Valley Dust Ruins today?” I needed to get Xing Chuan’s approval to leave Silver Moon City, because leaving the satellite incurred a lot of energy. It was different from driving a car or taking off in an airplane, like in the world I’d come from. Hence, the rules to enter and leave Silver Moon City were really strict.

He flipped another page and nodded. “Go ahead. I know Xing Chuan. Once he has his eye on you, he won’t stop until he gets you.” 

My body tensed. Is Xing Chuan really that overbearing and barbaric? 

I hadn’t believed Xing Chuan when he’d said that he liked me. He must have been thinking of trying a new adventure after having sex with so many girls. 

Should I just turn back into a girl since he hates girls?

Cang Yu chuckled. He lifted his chin and looked at me. "The first time will hurt a lot.” 

I instantly blushed. I’d never thought that His Highness Cang Yu who looked so gentlemanly would be familiar about both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships. 

Now I recalled that he’d told me not to read too much of the book I’d chosen during the first time we’d met, because the book had a lot of sex scenes. 

However, how did he know that I had not done it with other guys before? 

Cang Yu smiled at me, then stood up and raised his right hand. "I have a present for you.” The ground suddenly split apart as he spoke. An ice blue egg-shaped vertical aircraft rose up from the gap. 

I was astonished when I saw the aircraft. The seams on its body began to unfold, releasing bright blue light rays from every gap. In the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a huge robot standing in the garden library. The ice-blue color complimented the garden library well. It looked just like a guardian god protecting the library. 

“You can activate it with the Gold Moon Badge. Go and have some time to yourself, but do remember to come back.” Cang Yu smiled at me. “Also, remember the things that I’ve said to you. Xing Chuan isn’t the only one in Silver Moon City, there are also other people and other matters here that you will enjoy.”

I nodded. It was true that I’d enjoyed the living environment and the people in Silver Moon City for the past few months that I had been here. Including Sophia who’d madly pursued me, Gale and the guys who were always awkwardly looking at me, and the chefs who always asked me to teach them cooking. 

I shouldn’t back off just because of Xing Chuan. Rather, I should just beat Xing Chuan up until he stopped having absurd schemes towards me. 

The robot then transformed into an aircraft again. When the silver cabin door opened, I stepped into the aircraft. RIght away it adhered to my body shape, while my Gold Moon badge emitted golden light.  

Smiling, His Highness Cang Yu said, "Have fun!” 

Rays of golden light shone on the cabin door as it closed. Then, holographic data and instruments materialized before me. My hands were wrapped up in a cloud of liquid-like substance. I knew that it was a kind of mind-operated control system. 

A flight corridor appeared in the ceiling above.

"Depart,” I commanded, and the aircraft took off. Its speed was much faster than Ice Dragon. The long passage fell away in an instance. Before me was the huge red planet!

In the standing cockpit, I felt like I was standing right in front of the red planet. In that moment, I felt as small as a speck of dust. 

”Destination, Valley Dust Ruins,” reported the robot. Immediately I descended towards the planet at a high speed.

I had only seen the planet from the cockpit before. But today, I was charging towards it. I felt the sacredness of the universe. It couldn’t be challenged nor violated. Under the weight of that sacredness, my breath unconsciously stagnated, until I’d passed through the atmosphere and entered the universe. 

As if I had grown wings, I descended through outer space. In an instant, that magnificent view had wiped away all my worries, because I’d realized how tiny I was before the universe. 

Gliding, I descended through space alone in silence. What I felt now wasn’t awe for nature, but the feeling of detachment that the universe brought to me. 

I was still in a trance even after I’d landed in Valley Dust Ruins. 

Stimulated by the adrenaline rush of falling from the universe, my hormones were still rushing through me like a tidal wave. Every cell in me clamored in excitement; I was already longing for another round!

Hopping off the cockpit, I’d already forgotten about what had happened between Xing Chuan and I. I’d even forgotten the disgust and hatred he’d made me feel. Now I only felt excitement, and I only wanted to shout out loud. 

“Ah!” My excited roar reverberated throughout the quiet Valley Dust Ruins. 

"Ah! This feels so good!” I shouted excitedly. I was the only person in Valley Dust Ruins. 

The ruin was the best place for me to hide whenever I had worries. No one could disturb me here, not even Xing Chuan. 

I couldn’t look for Harry as he would definitely notice that something had gone wrong. Then, he would want to bring me back to Noah City and return to Raffles’ side. 

But, would I be able to hide from Xing Chuan in Noah City?

I would just stay away with Xing Chuan in the future. Eventually Xing Chuan would realize that girls could give him more excitement compared to a guy like me.

Xing Chuan had probably just gone crazy because he hadn’t slept with girls in a while. Now I realized the importance of Moon Dream and the other girls!

Without them, Xing Chuan didn’t have a place to vent his needs. He would even be okay with guys!

How could he be that desperate for sex? Just how strong were his urges?! 

It was too scary! 

Not even Raffles and Harry have done that to me when they were with me. Clearly, Xing Chuan is a bad guy! He is a tyrant!  

I sat down next to the robot. As the sky gradually turned dark, beautiful spirit flowers started blooming one after another. Looking down at the ring on my finger, I thought about how mad Harry would be if he found out what had happened.

I’d better not let him find out.

I looked around the quiet Valley Dust Ruins but didn’t see the spirits. They were probably hiding, just like when I’d first arrived in Kro.

Standing up, I walked up a tree trunk. One by one, spirit flowers bloomed under my feet. 

“Hello!” I shouted. “I am coming in to look for food!” Then, I stopped. There wasn’t any reply, so I took their silence as agreement.

As I walked in, the spirit flowers suddenly bloomed even more brightly than before. Like colorful Christmas lights, they lit up the night sky beautifully, giving me a pleasant surprise. 

Beautiful spirit flowers bloomed in magical patterns across the surrounding buildings. As the flowers bloomed and withered, the patterns went through magical changes again.

On one side was a happy girl blinking her eyes at me. On the other side, there was a spaceship taking off.

A huge blue arrow appeared under my feet. Following the arrow, I walked past the beautiful magical world. 

A colorful palace stood in front of me. Tree vines on the palace door retreated, like a giant door bolt slowly moving out of the way. 


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