Book 4: Chapter 89 - Keeping a Distance

How could Xing Chuan do such a perverted thing to me?! If it wasn’t for our common goal to defeat the Ghost Eclipsers, I would have left Silver Moon City right away and stayed far away from that disgusting man!


I can still leave…

The issues of this world are none of my business…

I don’t belong to this world and I have neither responsibility nor obligation to this world…

I held my head. When I lifted my face, I realized that I was already at His Highness Cang Yu’s garden.

The garden was really quiet, as though the books on the shelves were asleep as well. 

His Highness Cang Yu’s floral seat was empty. There was only the fragrance of tea wafting from the table. 

I looked left and right. My head still felt heavy. Seeing rows of bookshelves filled with books, I walked behind them. Below was soft grass. So, I lay down and curled up at the foot of a bookshelf. Then, I fell into a deep sleep. 

This was the safest place in Silver Moon City because I could tell that Xing Chuan was afraid of Cang Yu. The fact that Cang Yu’s Gold Moon Badge ranked higher than Xing Chuan’s said it all. 

Cang Yu had said that Xing Chuan wouldn’t dare to bully me if I had his badge.

He did not bully me but he wanted to have sex with me!  

Goosebumps rose all over me at the thought of it. I couldn’t believe that I’d slept next to a naked man. Although it had happened before, it had been an accident back then. This time, it was a completely different story!

“Is he here?” I didn’t know how long I’d slept for, but I startled awake at Xing Chuan’s voice. Just like the terrifying nights when I had first come to this world - the softest noise had been enough to wake me up with a start.

“Yes,” Cang Yu replied. 

Nervous, I didn’t move an inch. My body was on high alert. Turning around, I wanted to crawl forward. Then, I realized that there was an embroidered fur blanket over me. 

His Highness Cang Yu must have put it over me. 

Gently I turned around and crawled forward slowly. I tried not to make any sound on the lawn. Soft classical music was playing in the garden library, covering up any sounds I made. 

“Xing Chuan, don’t bully him.” Cang Yu’s voice was calm, yet intimidating. 

From a gap between the shelves, I held my breath as I peeped out. 

His Highness Cang Yu was sitting on his floral sofa, as elegant and calm as ever.

Whereas Xing Chuan… I looked to the other side and saw Xing Chuan standing. It seemed like he was keeping his distance with Cang Yu, his stance showing his reverence.

“I didn’t bully him. I was pursuing him,” Xing Chuan said without hesitation. He didn’t even try to cover it up. He was as straightforward as though he was reading out a declaration. 

“But you obviously scared him.” His Highness Cang Yu smiled but didn’t seem surprised, unlike Sharjah or Gale. Was it because His Highness Cang Yu was so well educated that he was indifferent towards everything? 

I glanced at His Highness Cang Yu’s smile, then looked down at the blanket over me. I had always respected and been in awe of His Highness Cang Yu. I even admired him.

Raffles and I had been captured by his charm during our first encounter. We became his fangirl and fanboy right then and there. He’d also protected me in Silver Moon City. 

However, just as I began to trust him, Xing Chuan had revealed the unknown side of him that was aggressive, possessive and overbearing. He was like a ravenous lion who had suddenly seen a delicious prey. He pounced at his prey and wanted to tear me into pieces from inside out.

Cang Yu was right. Xing Chuan had frightened me. I was frightened by the aggressiveness and possessiveness I could see in his eyes.

How about Cang Yu?

Since Cang Yu could suppress Xing Chuan, he mustn’t have been too kind or too nice. Someone who could tame Xing Chuan must have possessed a certain superpower and courage, because Xing Chuan was just like a ferocious lion. 

"I will take note of that in the future,” Xing Chuan replied expressionlessly. 

Humph.” Cang Yu chuckled lightly and put his teacup down. Every single movement of his was attractive. However, the more charming a person was, the more fearful I was of getting close to that person.

He leaned back in his seat and started reading the book in his hand. "You reminded me of Su Yang. You’re just like him when he was going after Yu Xi. He was just as overbearing as you are.” He flipped a page and wore a faint smile. “This method might work on a girl but Luo Bing is a boy, and a strong boy at that. You would only scare him off by doing that.” 

I gasped. It seemed like His Highness Cang Yu was actually giving Xing Chuan advice, as if he had experienced the same thing before. Who is Su Yang? And who is Yu Xi?   

“You still think of them?” Xing Chuan asked respectfully. Although he sounded respectful, I could see that there was pain in his eyes. He smiled bitterly. “Luckily, I am going after boys now. Otherwise, I’d be afraid that he would disappear again, just like Elena.” 

Cang Yu suddenly closed the book, his gaze turning cold. “If you were to lose Luo Bing, I will…”  Cang Yu looked at Xing Chuan coldly, a terrifying chilliness and irresistible dignity in his eyes. “...throw you off Silver Moon City!”

I stared at them in surprise, not daring to make a sound. What have I gotten myself into? I felt like I was hiding behind a beast that was even more ferocious than the one I was running from. Because of how brutal and terrifying the beast was, the lion didn’t dare to approach me.

Eyes half-lidded, Xing Chuan bowed to Cang Yu. "I am looking forward to that day.” He then walked out of the garden library. 

Cang Yu watched Xing Chuan as he left. His cold gaze slowly turned calm again. Bending down to pour himself another cup of floral tea, he picked it up and blew at it softly. He then said gently, “Come out. He’s left.”

Holding the furry blanket, I stood up and walked out from behind the shelves. I stared coldly in the direction where Xing Chuan had left.

“Please don’t be mad at him. He has not learned how to love someone.” Cang Yu’s tender tone could sooth anyone’s tension, enough to catch you off guard and make you open up to him.

I glanced at him and he started reading again. He smiled. "He doesn’t know how to express his love. He only knows how to possess you and make you his person, to tie you down so you can’t leave him. Everything he does is because he is afraid to lose you. He should read more books to learn about how guys pursue another guy.” 

My body tightened. "Do you read that kind of book?” I didn’t want to listen to anything about Xing Chuan because it was impossible for me to like him. 

He smiled. "There isn’t a book that can’t be read. You can always find a learning point or two from any book you read.”

I stood there quietly for a while with my head hung low. I folded the blanket and came up to his table, and placed the neatly folded blanket on the empty sofa by the side.  

I didn’t know what kind of a beast I was facing. I’d better be careful. 


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