Book 4: Chapter 88 - Xing Chuan’s Overbearing Confession

“I stared at it speechlessly. Finally I took the glass tube and downed the diluted pink liquid. The robot finally relaxed and told me, "The blood tonic has ingredients that will help you to sleep. Rest well.” 

I nodded and closed my eyes. The medication effect hit me really quickly because I was soon fast asleep.

In my dream, I was standing in the familiar ocean of sunflowers. The blooming sunflowers faced towards the sun. I could feel two people each holding one of my hands.

Looking to my right, I saw Harry smiling at me brightly. His reddish curly hair was bobbed along in the wind as he looked at me affectionately. He then turned his face upwards, embracing the bright sunlight that poured onto his face.

Then, I turned to the left. Grayish-blue long locks of hair fluttered in the breeze. Although his messy hair shielded the side of his face, I could still see that the corners of his lips were lifted and he was smiling happily. 

I smiled peacefully as I watched him. Raffles, how are you doing in Noah City? I… 

Raffles’ image suddenly became blurry, his hand rapidly vanishing in mine. My heart felt empty. While I was trying to catch him, a strong gale blew and I saw He Lei standing among the dancing sunflowers.

He quietly stood far away as he waved at me. He seemed to be shouting something but I couldn’t hear him. He began to panic as he waved at me anxiously. 

Suddenly, a pair of arms encircled me from behind and hugged my shoulders tightly. The gusty wind instantly blew away the petals of the huge sunflowers. 

Black strands of hair fluttered next to my face, blackening the yellow petals flying past. Those huge black petals then gradually covered Harry’s image, who was still facing the sunlight.  

“Harry!” I shouted nervously. As Harry turned to me, the arms around my shoulders suddenly tightened and pulled me into the darkness, away from Harry.

“Harry!” I reached out to the sunlight that was fast disappearing behind the black petals.

However, just as I was about to catch the last ray of sunlight, someone pulled me back harshly and I fell backwards. Black petals smothered the sunlight completely as I fell into complete darkness. 

Suddenly, someone kissed the back of my neck. The arms around my shoulders slowly relaxed, and gently touched my injured left shoulder. He was careful and gentle, slowly stroking from my shoulder down to my arm. In the complete darkness, I tensed under his gentle touch. 

Don’t touch me… 

Don’t touch me!

Don’t touch me.

Struggling out of the darkness, I was abruptly blinded by a burst of glaring light before me.

My heart was beating fast from awakening with a start. My breathing became rapid from that terrifying dream as well.

As I opened my eyes, the scene before me gradually became clearer. However, I still felt a little giddy from forcing myself to wake up from the medication-induced sleep.

But, why could I still feel someone behind me? Why did I feel someone holding my shoulders tightly? Why did I feel someone stroking my arms?

My body instantly tensed up. Disregarding my dizziness, I immediately moved forward!

Suddenly, an arm stretched out before me to block my way. Then, he lifted his body and supported himself up behind me, and pressed my shoulders down.

Just as he pressed me down, Xing Chuan’s dark hair fell by the side of my face. His face filled my field of vision.

"Let me go!” I pushed him and felt naked skin under my hand. I subconsciously looked down and was at once mindblown. Now I felt even worse than when I’d first woken up. He was sleeping naked again! 

Hold on. Why do I feel chills on my arms?

I immediately looked at my arm and was instantly dumbfounded. My pajamas is gone! My pajamas is gone!

At once I touched my body and was relieved when I felt my singlet. But I couldn’t ignore the warmth I felt under the blanket!

Although he’d supported himself above me, I couldn’t tolerate that his body was slightly touching mine!

Suddenly he touched my left shoulder gently. I slapped it away at once. Yet he tried to press me down on the bed again. I stared at him and roared, "Let me go!” 

His gaze was extremely deep and glum. Locking my hands and pressing my other shoulder, he pressed down on my body. His body heat transmitted through my singlet, and I could feel him burning my skin.

"Luo Bing, I know that you don’t like Raffles.” He stared at me expressionlessly. An imposing manner and rage that wouldn’t tolerate resistance crossed his eyes. “Harry is not faithful to you either. He’s slept with other girls. You know it."

"What does this have to do with you?” I struggled in his hold. 

“Because…” His gaze suddenly turned glum and hot. " should know who suits you the best.”

I stared at him in surprise.

He watched me glumly without moving an inch. The darkness in his eyes billowed towards me, wanting to swallow me within. "I admit that I didn’t trust you when we first met. That’s why I have placed all my trust in you now. I also know that I have hurt you once. So, I will use the rest of my life to protect you. Luo Bing, I am the only one who can protect you in this world. I am the only one who can provide you with the life that you want,” he said solemnly. Then, he lowered his face to kiss my injured shoulder. His hair fell onto my neck, tickling me. I could still feel his body heat against me.

His lips hot against my skin, he began to trail kisses downwards along my singlet strap. 

I pushed him away with all my strength. Rolling off the bed, I stumbled as I ran. Spotting  my jacket on the ground, I quickly scooped it up and put it on. Swiveling around, I shouted, "Xing Chuan, what is wrong with you!” 

Xing Chuan continued to kneel on the bed expressionlessly. He was completely naked, the black silk blanket barely covering his lower body. The shape of his male anatomy that was roaring with intense male hormones was more than apparent under the thin silk blanket.

My mind was buzzing as I shouted madly, "Are you out of your mind?! Is it because you’ve slept with too many girls and you want to try something new?! But that shouldn’t be me! You hear me?! It cannot be me! You can get whoever you want - Sharjah, Gale or anyone. That’s up to you! How could you do this to me when I trusted you so much?! I-, I-, I forbid you from getting close to me in the future! Do not come close to me!” I pointed at him as I backed away one step after another. His figure blurred within my eyes. 

I almost tripped as I backed off towards the mini aircraft. It took off at once. I didn’t care where I was going as long as I didn’t see him again.  

Xing Chuan is crazy! 

He is really crazy! 

I felt like I was in a trance. The medication effect had yet to wear off. My head still felt heavy. If I hadn’t been on high alert and had strong enough willpower to force myself to wake up, the consequences would have been disastrous!


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