Book 4: Chapter 87 - His Highness, Please Give The Girls A Chance

“We studied Nora and Moon Dream’s superpowers to create this batch of robots, which would be able to establish strong neural connections…” Xing Chuan said solemnly. “The strong neural connection would have the benefit of allowing metahumans to use their superpowers from a distance. However, the downside is that the strength of the neural connections would lead to something like Nora’s hypnotization effect. If the robot were to experience a fatal attack, the person controlling the robot would die as well. If the connection was forcefully cut off, the user would lose consciousness and go into a coma.” He raised his hand and placed it on the door next to my face. "Luo Bing, these robots can only be improved through field experiments under war conditions. Only through this method can we improve the robots and ensure the safety of the future metahuman users. You should know that the people of Silver Moon City are all very important and precious to the future. I can’t afford to use them in the experiments!”

"I don’t want to hear it!” I slapped his hands away. Then, I spun around and turned my back on him. “Open the door. I’m tired. I want to go back and rest.” 

There was a long pause behind me. Slowly, his arm slid down next to me to fall back to his side, and the cabin door opened. I took huge strides out of the spaceship.

In the beginning, I’d thought that the purpose of Xing Chuan’s visit to the Aurora Legion was to build a strategic relationship with them. 

Then, I realized that he also intended to bring back the spaceship from Croton City, in order to establish a base within the Aurora Legion’s base. 

In the end, there had actually been a third reason! Which was to use the Aurora Legion’s people to test out the new robots!

I could never guess what was really on Xing Chuan’s mind.

He was always making decisions that were to Silver Moon City’s advantage, just like how he had thrown me off the sky, just like how he had used the people of the Aurora Legion for a battle experiment. 

He would always place Silver Moon City’s interests above everything. In his perspective, the people of Silver Moon City were the most precious treasure in this world, and no one seemed to be able to deny the fact. 

Just like he’d said before, he wandered at the edges of humanity. 

However, I knew that it was not right, and I couldn’t forgive him for that. 

“Will you tell He Lei?” He followed closely behind me. 

I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to listen to him. "Don’t worry, I won’t.” I knew that now was the most crucial time in Silver Moon City and the Aurora Legion’s progress towards establishing a positive relationship. The truth behind the robots would be enough to ruin the already unstable relationship between them. 

But we had a stronger enemy ahead of us, the Ghost Eclipsers. Regardless of whether it was the Aurora Legion or Silver Moon City, both of them did not have the capability to win against the Ghost Eclipsers alone. 

I saw Sharjah, Moon Dream, Blue Charm and Nora when I walked out of the spaceship. They were looking into the spaceship anxiously.

Moon Dream and Blue Charm stood next to the spaceship with their heads hung low. As I stepped out, they stared at me in surprise when they saw the bloodstain and my sleeve that had been cut off. Then, they immediately looked behind me. 

I moved out of the way, keeping my head low like everyone else. Xing Chuan walked past me and paused a short while before me. Then, he continued to stride forward without even glancing at Moon Dream and the others who were waiting next to the spaceship. 

"Your Highness, they have been waiting for you,” Sharjah said reverently as he quickly stepped forward, although he still kept an arm’s length away from Xing Chuan. 

Xing Chuan did not stop walking. 

“Your Highness!” Nora caught up with him. 

But Xing Chuan continued to stride forward. 

Sharjah glanced at me and sighed. 

I caught up with him and said, "Your Highness, please give the girls a chance.” 

Finally, Xing Chuan stopped and suddenly turned around. I quickly took a step back without looking at him.

"Did you just called me ‘Your Highness’?” He seemed surprised. 

“I called you ‘Your Highness’ when we were with the Aurora Legion as well.” 

“I knew that you were only giving me face in consideration for my reputation at that time.” 

“That’s true,” I admitted frankly. 

"So, now you are calling me ‘Your Highness’ to plead mercy for them?” Xing Chuan’s voice was calm. I knew that it meant that he was neither angry nor happy.

“I am not pleading mercy for them but I wish for you to give the girls a chance. The North Star knight troop needs capable and powerful people. There are girls whose superpowers are far stronger than the guys’. So, I hope Your Highness would give the girls a chance. As for Blue Charm, Moon Dream or Nora, if they wish to stay in the knight troop, they will have to prove themselves with their superpowers.” 

He studied me for a while after I finished saying what I wanted to say. Then he turned and continued to walk forward. "I am tired too. Sleep with me.” 

I furrowed my eyebrows and gritted through my teeth, “Please agree with my request.” 

“Alright,” he answered straightforwardly while still walking forward. "You are injured and you have blood all over you. Go and wash up.”  

I didn’t speak but turned to look at Moon Dream and the other girls. Blue Charm nodded gratefully at me with a complicated expression, while Moon Dream continued to hang her head low in silence.

Nora quietly let out a breath of relief, then bowed at me to express her gratitude. 

Sharjah glanced at me. "You should accompany His Highness back to his room first.” Then, he looked behind me as if he was reminding me that Xing Chuan was still waiting for me. 

I knew that Xing Chuan would vent his anger on the others sometimes. But now, since he’d promised me, I didn’t want to provoke him again. 

I turned to follow behind Xing Chuan. As we stepped onto the mini aircraft, I said coldly, "You can’t be in my room when I’m taking a shower.” 

Heh.” He chuckled and said, "We are both men.” 

“Then, I am not going to shower.” 

“Fine, I am not used to seeing other people shower anyway. I will come over to sleep after you shower.” He sounded relaxed and entertained. 

My face turned grave. What the h*ll is he talking about?!

The white rose in the room was still blooming. Its petals were as bright and pretty as if it had been freshly picked. There were even crystal water droplets on the petals. The little robot had been taking good care of it. 

Snowball had been lying on the bed. When it saw me, it started hopping around happily. I picked it up, its warm and soft body making me feel like my heart had been placed on a fluffy cloud. Snowball’s quiet warmth melted my heart.

I locked the door and began to wash away the bloodstains on me. Xing Chuan was like the kind of guy in novels that people had a love-hate relationship with. You couldn’t exactly hate him nor could you honestly love him. In this special era where the law of the jungle applied, how could you judge him justly? 

Even in the world that I had come from, there hadn’t been any ruler that hadn’t bore the reputation of cruel killing.

History was written by the victors. Before we knew how matters concluded, no one would be able to judge anyone else.  

Laying on the bed, I hugged Snowball who had grown bigger. Its soft body made me feel at ease. 

"North Star, please drink the blood tonic.” The small robot came up before me and handed me a tube of pink liquid.

I took it and drank it down. The remaining pink liquid slid back down glass walls of the tube, converging at the bottom. 

"Please finish it.” The OCD robot added water into the tube and handed it back to me. Then, it watched me closely. Not only did the robot had OCD, but it was also a Virgo. It would trim Snowball’s fur if any single hair stuck out untidily.


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