Book 4: Chapter 85 - Part Ways Temporarily

Harry and Gale brought me back to our spaceship for immediate treatment.

Xing Chuan was standing in front of the spaceship. Seeing me, he immediately came forward. Just as he greeted me, a human breeze blew past us. He Lei stood before Xing Chuan and threw out a punch.

*Bang!* Xing Chuan’s black hair fluttered. He Lei grabbed him by his collar. “You knew that would happen, didn’t you? You knew that the person would die if the robot was hit, didn’t you?”

“Your Highness!” Gale wanted to go over but Xing Chuan raised his hand and stopped Gale. His gaze was cold.

Without warning, he punched He Lei back in the face. The man bun at the back of He Lei’s head got messed up too. His long hair scattered all over his face as his hair clip fell onto the ground.

“I didn’t!” Xing Chuan roared angrily. He grabbed He Lei by his collar. “Those were our latest robots! It was our first time using them too! We didn’t know something like that would happen! However, I handed you my most important person, yet you put him in danger! I wanted him to return to me without a single wound!!”

He Lei became quiet.

I was shocked. It was my first time seeing Xing Chuan lose his temper. He had always been controlling his temper well.

Harry stared at them coldly. “Take your time and fight. I’m bringing Lil Bing to disinfect his wound.”

“Hurry up and go.” Yama pushed Gale to walk to our spaceship together.

In the medical room, Silver Moon City’s robot nurse began to clean my wound while Harry watched closely by the side.

Yama and Gale stood at the door. Yama looked awkward. “This is so awkward. His Highness is fighting with He Lei for Brother Bing…”

“I know, right!” Gale looked at Yama. “I didn’t feel that way until you pointed it out. It’s so strange. Brother Bing is really our most important North Star and His Highness did exhort He Lei to protect Brother Bing on his behalf. However, He Lei didn’t manage to protect Brother Bing.”

“So, His Highness fought with another man for Brother Bing…” Yama expressed that he didn’t make any mistake in his remark.

“That’s enough!” Harry rolled his eyes at them.

Yama glanced at Harry and pointed at him. “Oh, there’s another one here."

Gale turned around and hit the door in frustration. “Yama, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. Why does everything you say make me feel uncomfortable?” Gale turned to glare at Yama.

Yama looked at him. “You just don’t dare to admit it. You looked so enchanted when Brother Bing smiled at the rainbow flower…"

Ah! I need to go have sex with a girl. I want to go back and look for Sofia. I want big boobies!” Gale went crazy. Then, he turned on me. “Brother Bing, when are you growing your mustache? Why don’t you have a mustache?!”

I gave him a strange look. His resentful expression made it seem as though I was the one who had shaken his sexuality.

“Go away!” Harry chased Yama and Gale out. Yama chuckled. It was he who’d started the topic. Guys like Yama were referred to as gay.

Oh! Radiation!” The robot nurse exclaimed in surprise. I looked down at my wound. The blood staunching medication had been cleaned off. Now the blood that flowed out was covered in blue light spots!

My wound was covered in blue light spots too!

“How can it be?” Harry extended his hand in curiosity.

Oh! That’s too dangerous! Lieutenant Harry!” The robot nurse shouted in warning. Harry had already risen to the rank of a lieutenant in Silver Moon City.

Harry didn’t listen and went ahead to touch my wound. His fingertips immediately started to blister.

Oh! Lieutenant Harry, you’ve been irradiated!” The robot nurse quickly brought out the radiation foam to cleanse Harry. The radiation foam could wash away minor irradiation.

I touched my wound, and was surprised to find that the wound had become smaller!

“They seem to be healing you!” Harry noticed the blue light spots’ strange effect. He looked at me in surprise. “Lil Bing, you are self-recovering! Although the speed is a little slow.”

I stared at the wound blankly. It was obviously faster than ordinary people, albeit still much slower than self-recovering metahumans like Harry.

Harry quickly took the disinfectant and regeneration spray. The robot nurse didn’t come close as I was still emitting radiation. The entire medic room was in radiation resistance and isolation mode.

As Harry disinfected my wound, the back of his hand continued blistering. The blisters slowly spread up his arm.

“Let me do it.” I felt heartache seeing him get irradiated. Although he could recover, it was obvious that the radiation would be more intense as long as my wound wasn’t closed.

I quickly grabbed the regeneration spray and sprayed it on my wound. At once my wound was covered by a gel-like substance, which would help with wound recovery.

Once the regeneration spray had covered my wound, the radiation alarm in the medic cabin stopped ringing. Harry helped put on a plaster in the same shade as my skin.

As expected, the radiation would stop leaking once my wound was covered.

Leak? I kept thinking about the word. It felt strange. I felt like an energy reservoir. If there was an opening, the radiation would leak.

Once the radiation had been removed, the door opened.

Xing Chuan stood at the door with a glum look. His face was covered in blue-black bruises, although he seemed to be slowly recovering. Xing Chuan’s superpower was to shape-shift. He could also change wounded areas on his body to appear like normal skin. The wounds would still be there, they just weren’t visible to others’ eyes.

“How is he?” Xing Chuan glanced at Harry.

“He’s fine,” Harry said, as he kept an eye on Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan nodded. “Harry, you stay back in the Aurora Legion base with Yama to build up Silver Moon City’s base here.”

“I stay back?” Harry narrowed his eyes, then extended his hand to hold my arm. “No, my mission is to protect Lil Bing.”

I was surprised. Xing Chuan wanted Harry to stay back in the Aurora Legion base. It meant that he trusted Harry but I... I didn’t want to part with Harry.

“Be more mature! Harry!” Xing Chuan roared. The blue-black bruises on his face had all but disappeared, and his expression became extremely solemn. “You have great leadership skills and you are familiar with the operations of Silver Moon City’s weapons and equipment. You are the best choice to build our base here. Furthermore, you are more likable than Sharjah in terms of character. You’ll be able to fit in with the people in the Aurora Legion very soon. You can gain a better understanding of their situation and help them reform their force!” 

Harry continued to hold my arm firmly. Xing Chuan stared at him solemnly. Xing Chuan didn’t put on an act before us at all.

“How about Lil Bing?” Harry glared at Xing Chuan coldly.

Xing Chuan didn’t look at me, fixing his eyes on Harry only. “Today, he will return to Silver Moon City with me. He needs to go back and recuperate. When he is all well again, he will return here to fight in more tough wars.”

Harry immediately glanced at me. I saw the struggle in his eyes, before he turned to look at Xing Chuan coldly. “Don’t let him come down here anymore!”

“Harry!” I was so surprised that I wanted to stand up but he pressed me down. He faced Xing Chuan solemnly. “Don’t let him take up any more dangerous missions!”

“Alright. I promise.” Xing Chuan agreed without hesitation.


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