Book 4: Chapter 83 - For You To Not Have A Scar

“I will kill them!" Harry uttered, murderous. He’d already stood up loftily before me.

"I'm sorry, Luo Bing.” He Lei clenched his fists, apologetic and remorseful. Slowly he stood up too, like a churning black flame.

A halo of sunlight crowned Harry and He Lei as they stood side by side. The two of them looked like two Optimus Primes standing before me as they supported the entire sky.

"Go ahead!" I gritted through my teeth in pain. "This is ice. It can staunch the bleeding. I will be okay for now." We would only be truly safe after we wiped out the enemy!

The other party fought with their all too, because the prize was an armory after all. Whoever owned it would seize the lead in the war!

Suddenly, two robots that had fallen on the runway stood up. One of them began to be engulfed in flame, who waved and threw a ball of flame into the sky. *Roar!* A huge ball of dark flame exploded above us.

"Brother Bing! We’ve come to assist you!" Gale spoke in arrogance and rage, "What Aurora Legion? Silver Moon City has been fighting against the Ghost Eclipsers for so many years and no warrior has ever ran away!"

At Gale’s words, He Lei lowered his head in guilt.

"Ah!" Yu Wen let out an angry and apologetic roar. Then, he charged into the high sky with all he had.

Gale immediately pulled Yama along and vanished into the sky as well.

When a powerful metahuman partnered up with a speed metahuman, they'd become the strongest warrior in the world.

An engineering robot picked me up and quickly ran towards the base.

He Lei held Harry's shoulder and vanished before me. High above, light spots twinkled as Ghost Eclipsers fell out of the sky.

The engineering robot took me straight to the medical room. Then, Xing Chuan's image appeared before me, looking worried and anxious. "Stop the bleeding first. We can disinfect the wound afterwards." At his anxious command, a medical robot activated.

In a base that was located in a blue crystal resource, there wouldn’t be a lack of resources.

I laid on the medical chair. Half of my snow-white cape had been tainted with red while a chunk of pink ice awl stuck out of the cape.

The medical robot placed a mask before me. Then, Xing Chuan appeared in front of me again. "This is for anesthetic purposes. I have to pull out the ice awl."

I was covered in cold sweat from the pain. The pain was eating up my energy, and I could feel myself turning weak. Frowning, I looked at him. "I... Would I be unconscious?"

"No," he replied.

I nodded and allowed the robot to put the mask over my face. Xing Chuan didn't lie to me. Breathing in some cooling fragrant gas, I wasn't sedated but the pain on my shoulder slowly disappeared. 

Regaining some of my strength, I held onto the mask.

The medical robot carefully opened my cape, letting it fall off my body. Its hand turned into a pair of scissors, which it used to carefully cut away my shirt around the ice awl. My sleeve was turned into an arm sleeve.

Luckily, the ice awl had stabbed me right on my shoulder and hadn’t scratched my singlet. Otherwise, I'd be in big trouble.

Then, the robot held the ice awl and pulled it out extremely smoothly. In a split second, the room was filled with the pungent smell of blood.

Xing Chuan kept me company by my side. He closely watched every single action of the robot. When it pulled out the ice awl, anger and heartache crossed his eyes.

"I shouldn't have passed you to He Lei!" He said angrily, "I knew that he still held reservations towards me. He didn't send his strongest warriors!" 

The robot began to staunch the bleeding for me.

I watched as my shoulder was filled up with bubbles that helped stop the bleeding. "This isn’t too bad either. Which man has no scars?"

"I absolutely can't leave any scar on your body!" Xing Chuan suddenly said solemnly. I glanced up at him and he looked back down at me. "Don't worry. I will not let you have any scars." He lifted his hand to touch my face.

I dodged his touch. His holographic hand went through my face, and he retracted his hand. His worried gaze falling on my shoulders, he reached out his hand to touch my wounded shoulder. My body stiffened. His hand slowly moved down along my blood. Passing over my chest, he slowly knelt on one knee before me, then hugged me and rested his head on my lap. "I won't hand you over to anyone else."

My body tensed at once. I stared at Xing Chuan dumbfounded. Isn't this kind of strange?

No matter when I’d been with the guys in my own world or living with mostly guys in this world, even though Harry and Raffles were close to me, they had never been that intimate with me.

"I'm fine, Xing Chuan." I quickly got up and walked out of his image.

Xing Chuan continued to kneel on one knee, becoming quiet behind me.

"Xing Chuan?" I called him softly.

"Come back and disinfect your wound." His tone had become monotonous again. "The water pollution is bad." With that, he vanished into thin air. 

"Lil Bing!" Harry shouted from outside. When the door opened, Harry's robot barged in. He Lei, Gale and Yama were outside the door.

"Let me take a look at your wound!" Harry examined my shoulder that had stopped bleeding. Although the robot couldn’t show any expressions, I could tell from the way its body relaxed that he was finally at ease.

"You won?" I looked around at everyone.

He Lei turned aside. He seemed embarrassed to face me.

"Of course! We are well-trained. We are courageous and fearless!" Gale gave us a thumbs up and pointed at He Lei. "Unlike them." He sounded disdainful. He Lei turned to leave.

"Gale!" I shouted at Gale.

"Did I say anything wrong? Humph!" Gale left in a rage too.

He Lei mustn't have been feeling good right now either.

Everyone returned to the control center, but no one said a word.

Harry stayed by my side. The sleeve near my wounded shoulder had become an arm sleeve. My exposed shoulder was covered in blood.

He Lei's robot stared at my shoulder blankly in a daze.

Harry put the cape over me. Then, He Lei's robot turned its gaze towards the blood on my cape, not budging an inch.

Yu Wen leaned against the wall outside the control center in annoyance. Occasionally he paced back and forth too.

Gale and Yama continued to patrol around.

Our spaceship gradually appeared before us. The base didn’t have any exposed blue crystal energy, but there was sufficient core energy in the original system. It could charge the blue crystal energy too.

Plus, there was an anti-radiation setup outside the core energy. Hence, it was safe. 

The robots began to stop moving one after another.

I walked to the border of the base and watched. By the side of the spaceship was a pile of robot equipment and Lao Bai's dead body.

Tom, Jason and Joseph had run away after they’d seen that Lao Bai had died.


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