Book 4: Chapter 82 - The Robot’s Secret

In the beginning, I had been curious as to why Xing Chuan had only sent a few robots to move the ammunition. Now I understood; it turned out that the armory could fly itself.

As we ascended, the surrounding walls began to unfold one by one, revealing the scenery outside. It turned out that not only was the entire base ascending, but the control room was ascending with it too.

The view outside broadened. As we climbed higher, I saw the airplanes on the far away runway. Beyond was the pink ocean.

Robots were bustling about up and down the runway. They collected all the airplanes that had been scattered on the runway and returned them to their original positions. It seemed like there had been a blockage earlier. The entire base had been taken over by Silver Moon City’s system.

Ah!!!” Suddenly, the huge spirit of General Samuel pounced onto our windshield, glaring at us furiously. *Bang! Bang! Bang!* Thick tree vines popped up behind him and dove straight at us, pounding fiercely as if it was their dying struggle.

He Lei immediately held my waist. In a second, we had teleported outside of the control room. At the very last moment before the tree vines could pierce through the glass, I arrived before General Samuel.

He came to an almost complete stop before me. His transparent eyes were opened wide, filled with fury, insanity and a lunatic resolve in his beliefs.

I extended my hand to cover his face. At that very moment, I seemed to hear his shrill scream, “This is my base!”

“Not anymore.” His body began to wither away under my hands. As I devoured the blue crystal energy in him, light spots dispersed from his body and lit up my arm.

My hands seemed to have found his heart. It pulsed in my hand, like living blue crystal energy. Suddenly a blurred scene surfaced before my eyes. I saw a person’s back, wearing a gray lab coat as he busily organized his documents. “Samuel, if my plan fails, launch the World Creation Project.”

“Yes, Professor Hagrid Jones!”

The image abruptly disappeared and General Samuel’s ferocious face appeared before me again. “We succeeded. Hahaha!!! We did it!!! I knew you would come, I knew it! Professor Jones, my mission is finally accomplished!” He roared as he charged at me, only to turn into ashes before me and vanish into the air.

I stood stunned in the wind, even as I continued to ascend along with the base.

Professor Hagrid Jone was also a believer in this heretical pro-war belief?

Yet Raffles actually worships him!

Hagrid Jones was truly a mad scientist!

I couldn’t help but recall the historical site that had been full of mutated humans. Harry and I had found Professor Hagrid Jones’ notebook there. What had he been doing?

What was his plan?

What did it mean when General Samuel said that they’ve succeeded?

How did he know that we were coming? There are sixty years between us and him. How did he know sixty years ago that we would be coming now?

The cold breeze blew against my body and I shivered. Adjusting my cape, I realized that we’d flown out beyond the border.

One after another, the spirits were pulled out from the base by the restrictive border. Falling from the high sky, they fell back to what had used to be the base but was now only a huge pit in the ground. It was like demons falling back into hell. They were sealed in that place, forever staying there as they had wished.

*Bang!* The entire base fell back to the ocean surface, knocking away the ice blocks that were floating and creating pink waves. The entire base was actually a huge space shuttle.

He Lei brought me to the ground. We turned to look at the island that was slowly growing smaller as we floated away from it. My hair fluttered under the hood of my cape.

King Arthur had finally gotten his sword. Now, he had to lead his holy crusaders to destroy the demons.

The space shuttle was like the Aurora Legion’s sword.

“We have to be really careful now,” Xing Chuan said. “The Ghost Eclipsers might come to take this.”

I immediately went on alert. “Everyone, prepare for war. Be ready to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers. They’ll be here to take this space shuttle.”


Everyone exited the control center. Starlights twinkled in the sky. Their armors were flying back to them, so the robots re-assembled themselves in mid-air. In an instant, seven huge robots guarded in all directions, looking dignified and mighty.

The glacier was once again in sight. In other words, we had driven out of the high radiation zone. With every meter forward, danger increased. The huge space shuttle broke through the thick ice, like a dark metal castle advancing across a pink ice field.

Suddenly, the space shuttle stopped, not moving an inch despite all the pedometers working normally. Then, the entire space shuttle began to rise, leaving the surface of the water.

“They’re here.” Harry immediately came up next to me. Everyone was prepared for war.

In the spacious boundless sky, small dots and figures were charging towards us at high speed.

“Let me take care of them.” Lao Bai seemed eager to restore his prestige as he charged towards the black dots.

With a lift of his hands, the ice on both sides started to churn. Just as I thought he controlled ice, a chunk of black soil spurted out from under the water, and condensed into two huge hands in mid-air.

Then, Lao Bai fiercely clapped his hands together. At once two giant hands of soil slapped at the figures, as though they were killing flies.

“Well done, Lao Bai!” Yu Wen cheered.

Lao Bai turned around, smug as he gave us a thumbs-up.

Suddenly, a ray of light pierced through the soil hand.

“Lao Bai!” He Lei cried out before he instantly vanished in front of us. However, he was too late. Just as he vanished, the light pierced through Lao Bai.

“Lao Bai!”

Lao Bai fell from the sky, landing in the ocean.

“Lao Bai, Lao Bai!” Tom and the others continued yelling. He Lei and Harry’s robots didn’t move, only hovering in the air. They seemed to be in shock.

“Lao Bai is dead! Lao Bai is dead!” Jason began to retreat in fear. His robotic legs began to quiver. The entire robot seemed to lose connection with its owner. It began to fall from the sky, dropping right over where I stood.

“He Lei!” Xing Chuan suddenly shouted. At once He Lei came back to his senses and glanced at me. He vanished in mid-air and I was sent flying in the very next moment. Then, I heard a loud bang from the robot landing on the space shuttle.*Rumble!*



The loud rumbling sound didn’t come from the enemy attacking us, but from the robots dropping from the sky one after another.

“He Lei, I’m sorry,” Jason said before he disconnected from the robot. Then, another robot dropped from the sky.

“You b*stards!” Yu Wen roared into the distance. “You’re this godd*mn scared of dying?!”

“What’s going on?!” I glanced at He Lei’s huge mask.

The robot lowered its head as though it felt guilty.

“Lao Bai died, somehow.” Harry and Yu Wen flew back to my side. “They all died.”

“D*mn! So they’ve just been blowing their own horns all this while. When the real war happened, they peed their pants!” Yu Wen stomped his feet in anger. “What should we do now?”

*Bang!* There came another loud bang. The soil mountain in the sky had shattered. Immediately, a ray of light shot at us. Swiftly, the entire base raised its shield up and blocked the light.

However, very soon someone suddenly appeared before the shield, staring right at us. With a wave at the shield, a hole appeared in it. He snuck in without hesitation.

“D*mn it. Don’t come in!” Yu Wen roared. His ear-deafening roar instantly shook the person out.

“He Lei.” Harry suddenly turned to He Lei and extended his hand to him. “Let’s go!”

“Okay!” He Lei held Harry’s hand and glanced at Yu Wen. “Take care of Luo Bing!” Then, he grabbed Harry and instantly vanished before me.

*Whoop!* The siren in the base went off. Cannon bombs ascended, aiming for the figures in the air. 

“There must be someone among them who controls gravity,” Xing Chuan suddenly said. “You have to find that person. Then, the other people will fall.”

I glanced at He Lei and Harry who had appeared in the sky. “Did you hear him?”

“Yes.” They began to fly towards the Ghost Eclipsers. Wherever they appeared, many of Ghost Eclipsers fell from the sky. Harry’s strength was terrifying.

Suddenly, two figures descended. They were Ghost Eclipsers. Glaring at us furiously, one of them held sizzling lightning in his hand, while the other spread his hands and transformed them into two whips, just like how Xing Chuan had turned my legs into octopus tentacles before.

Yu Wen stood in front of me and wanted to shout at them again. Suddenly, the person with lightning slammed the ground, instantly covering the ground in sizzling lighting. I quickly moved back.

Just as Yu Wen turned around to grab me, he was suddenly entangled by the noodle arms.

I continued to back off as the lighting moved towards me. The flashes of lightning looked like they were about to catch up with me, so I immediately did a backflip and took out my gun mid-air. Depending on my sixth sense to pinpoint the direction, I fired.

Just as I landed with one knee down, the lightning disappeared before me. I let out a breath of relief.

Ah!” Yu Wen roared again, making me cover my ears. The airplane by the side had moved from the force of his roar, but the noodle arm hadn’t been affected by him at all. He swung Yu Wen out with all his strength.

Just as Yu Wen was swung out, an ice awl suddenly flew at me.

“Luo Bing, don’t move. I will be by your side,” Xing Chuan said hastily in my ear. Instantly, all the robots from the runway came to me and surrounded me.

*Bang!* Yu Wen dashed out from the water and looked towards me in surprise.

“Lil Bing!” Harry shouted. He and He Lei were already half-squatting before me.

“Luo Bing!” He Lei extended his hand to hold the ice awl. He gripped it furiously and the ice awl shattered in his grip. The shattered ice crystals twinkled under the sunlight.


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