Book 4: Chapter 79 - Croton City That Was Difficult To Attack

I sat on the mini aircraft. It was an oblong-shaped aircraft just like a huge egg. I flew out as the rear cabin opened up. There were already seven robots hovering in the air. 

They were all looking at their hands. It seemed that they were curious about their new bodies. 

I flew towards Croton City at a high speed. They immediately went into an arrow formation around me. Harry flew ahead of me like a convoy.  

“Just how high of a level of radiation can he actually resist?” Everyone appeared on my monitor. They were my escort team and they needed to ensure my safety. 

They kept me company in their robot forms, along our journey. 

There was a large water body beyond the huge pink glacier. 

“We entered a level-nine radiation area!” They exclaimed in surprise, “He Lei, how does your friend do it?”

“Stop fooling around!” He Lei said in a serious manner. 

An island appeared at the end of the pink ocean. As we got closer, the island became bigger and bigger, and gradually covered the edge of the sky.

We saw a runway for the aircrafts on the high cliff of the island. There were a few aircrafts parked on the runway, as if the time had stopped. There were also empty clothes and helmets of the aviators inside the aircraft cabins. 

The fighter jets on the runway looked very advanced. They were just like white seagulls trapped on a small island. 

We saw the military installations and the blue crystal energy border wall that I was familiar with. 

We slowly descended. Harry and He Lei stood by my side. They were both in a red and a black robot respectively, just like two huge Gods of War protecting me by my side. 

I opened the aircraft and He Lei looked at me anxiously. "Luo Bing!” 

But I had already opened the aircraft and hopped out of it. Lao Bai, Jason and the rest were shocked.

“He left the aircraft!” 

“And he is fine!” 

“Oh god!” 

“Oh god!” 

They were astounded. They were at a loss for words in shock. The robots looked pretty cute as they stood dumbfounded.

I touched the transparent border wall in front of me and it rippled along with my palm; it was a familiar feeling. I raised my hand and told them, “Wait for me outside.”  

Xing Chuan had warned that the spirits in Croton City were aggressive. Hence, I had to ensure their safety before finding out if the spirits would allow us to enter.

“Be careful,” Harry exhorted again.

I nodded and crossed the border wall. Others exclaimed behind me. 

“Ah! Ah! He entered! He actually crossed the border!” 

“Ah! What kind of weird creature is he!?” 

“Shut up! Lil Bing is not a weird creature!” Harry shouted at them and they fell quiet. 

I could only see the endless ruins and border wall ahead of me. There weren't any military installations. I had a strange feeling but I couldn’t tell what was wrong. 

I began to walk forward. Suddenly, I stepped into a void and stones rolled down. 

I looked under my feet suspiciously. I saw the ground, but I noticed something strange. I realized that I could not see any spirit flowers and tree vines!  

No matter if it was in Kro, or in Valley Dust Ruin, there were huge blue and purple tree vines that would move around, but there weren't any in Croton City. 

I finally realized what was wrong—there were no spirit tree vines to be seen.  

I looked at the ground ahead of me. Then, I lifted my leg and put it down slowly. Suddenly, the ground trembled a little and my foot pierced the ground. The ground ahead of me was a complete illusion! 

I pulled my leg out of the ground and I vaguely saw a pitch black world underneath the illusion.

"It’s a phantom device,” said Xing Chuan as he continued, “This is an invisibility technology. It will activate automatically whenever the base is under attack.The blue crystal energy has been supplying energy for the past sixty years. Look around you, there should be a switch.”

I looked around and saw a place that looked like a fuse box. I ran to it and saw a huge lever. I pulled it down and there was a sudden tremor in the ground.  

The image of the ground ahead of me started trembling. Then, it broke apart like a melting iceberg. It exposed the huge black iron gate underneath and the entrance slowly opened.

I ran to it and stopped in front of the huge moving gate. I had goosebumps all over as the gate opened. I then saw the familiar blue and purple tree vines and spirit flowers! 

They were like huge black pythons, entangling together. It was much denser than any other ruins that I had been to in the past. It was like snakes of all sizes were entrenched under the gate, giving people the creep.

A tree vine whipped at me out of a sudden and I immediately backed off. Just as I stepped back, there were spirits appearing one after another from the tree vines. They were much swifter and agile in their actions as compared to the spirits from the other ruins. 

They leaped high up then landed before me and formed a line. There was one, who was exceptionally huge in size, standing in the middle. It stood up tall and stared at me maliciously. 

The tree vines hoisted up behind them, like a scorpion’s tail, and targeted me with their sharp edges like a spear. 

“Luo Bing! Leave now!” Xing Chuan ordered. 

I took one step back. I saw that they were well-trained soldiers and I lifted both of my hands slowly. They maintained their attacking position. They had obviously gotten used to their mutated bodies already, and were continuing to protect the base as soldiers.  

"I am a soldier like all of you. I am here to borrow the armaments,” I said slowly. They continued to stare at me. The tree vines behind them lifted again, holding a gun each. I was shocked at the sight. Suddenly, a huge spirit among them waved his hand. I could sense what that meant and indeed those guns were aimed at me and fired simultaneously.

Suddenly, someone carried me out to safety. In the blink of an eye, I was already outside the border wall. As my hair fell, the huge spirit leaped before me and glared at me furiously from behind the thin layer of the border wall.

He then slammed both of his hands onto the border wall and roared ferociously,“Ahhhhhh!”

I looked at him in silence. I knew that the spirits weren’t able to leave the border.

He roared at me fiercely again, then turned around and leaped into the dark basement underneath. 

I could feel his anger, and also his hatred. 

Since the first time I tried to enter, the spirits behind the border wall were in defense position.They lined up by the entrance and aimed their weapon in all directions using the blue and purple vines; even a fly would find it difficult to enter their defences.

I remembered that the spirits in Kro had begged for my help to set them free after they had found out the method. However, in Croton City, I could feel that the spirits didn’t want to be set free. I could even feel their burning desire to battle. 


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