Book 4: Chapter 78 - The Latest Robot

“Yes,” He Lei replied. 

Xing Chuan looked at him solemnly for a while. Then, he became expressionless as he said, “They better be because you will be using the latest modified robot. It will be a huge loss if it gets damaged.” 

He Lei’s eyes quivered and became gloomy. He felt like Xing Chuan valued the robots more than his people. 

Fat-Two squeezed to the front from the crowd and looked at us from afar. 

Xing Chuan asked Harry, "Harry, are you used to the robot yet?”

Harry nodded and said, "Yeah, I’m good.” 

“Demonstrate it to them,” said Xing Chuan and everyone moved to the side. Then, they looked at the huge empty space in the middle. 

Harry pressed the side of his ear. I could see a tiny white padat at the back of his ear. It was the size of a round tiny battery. The familiar halo appeared after he pressed it. He lifted his hand and the robot standing in the corner began to move.

“Wow!” The kids got excited. 

Harry suddenly took out a gun and the robot immediately followed his actions. When Harry started running, the robot started running as well. The robot jumped as Harry jumped. All of the movements were exactly the same and they were equally smooth. 

I had seen Harry operate it earlier. 

“Harry, use your superpower,” said Xing Chuan. 

Harry was stunned. 

I was surprised too. 

Xing Chuan nodded at him.

Harry stopped looking at Xing Chuan. He smashed the ground really hard and the robot did the same. “Bang!” There was a big hole in the reinforced steel ground.  

Harry was shocked too. He slowly lifted his fist and looked at the robot in surprise. 

“This is the latest robot from Silver Moon City. It uses blue crystal energy and it can mimic the metahumans’s superpower through neural connections. Metahumans with element power can also control the elements around the robot,” Xing Chuan introduced calmly. The people around us, including He Lei and his men were all gawking in astonishment. 

Xing Chuan looked at Yama. "Yama, please demonstrate.” 

“Yes,” Yama immediately went forward. He was an element metahuman. 

Harry’s power could be simulated through blue crystal energy, but the robot was not controlling the elements.

Yama replaced Harry and he clenched his fist. “Bang!” Suddenly, flames were churning from the robot but there were none on Yama. Yama was controlling the fire elements remotely via the robot. 

I looked in astonishment too. Then, the robot will allow us to carry out the battle remotely. It would be able to ensure the safety of the metahumans. 

Unfortunately, the resources were limited. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to worry about destroying the Ghost Eclipsers if we could produce a huge amount of robots like that.

“We can only produce ten of these robots with the resources and energy that we have right now,” Xing Chuan said to He Lei instead of Captain Chaksu. 

Xing Chuan looked at He Lei solemnly and said, "I know you didn’t pick the strongest metahumans, but I believe that you are the strongest. You must bring these robots back to us safely.” 

He Lei’s expression turned solemn too. He understood that Xing Chuan wasn’t joking with him. He also understood that the robots were very precious and yet Xing Chuan was providing them to the Legion Aurora.

Lao Bai and the rest were still gawking in surprise. They probably hadn’t even seen an ancient robot. 

“Rumble.” The spaceship started to split its body. A small aircraft appeared at the back of the spaceship, as if it had just given birth to a child.  

Xing Chuan said to He Lei, "Get used to the robots as soon as possible. You will be entering Croton City with Luo Bing.” 

“Noted.” He Lei looked really serious as he replied to Xing Chuan.

I put on my cloak again after picking up my equipment. 

Xing Chuan walked towards me. Then, he stroked his fingertips past my bangs and the side of my face. I was stunned, and it was a strange unexplainable feeling. 

Harry looked at Xing Chuan. It looked like he was in deep thought. In the past, I used to think that Harry was jealous whenever Xing Chuan touched me, but later, I had realized that he was actually protecting me. At this time, Harry was standing quietly by the side, staring at Xing Chuan like a cheetah in the dark.

“Luo Bing, be careful,” Xing Chuan exhorted seriously. 

I nodded.

Xing Chuan got more serious and said, "No, it is different this time. Croton City is different from the ruins that you have entered before. The spirits that you had encountered in the other ruins were regular humans, but the spirits in Croton City were once soldiers. We tried entering before, but they are much more aggressive than the spirits in the other ruins. You must be careful.”

I looked at his gaze and understood that he was really serious. 

There was an unprecedented worry in his gaze as he was looking at me. 

It looked like Croton City was really difficult to enter. 

“Boo. Do you wanna kiss each other?”  Someone started jeering. 

“Phew!” They started whistling too.

“I thought there were enough girls in Silver Moon City. But it turns out that Your Highness likes guys too? Hahaha.” 

The people around started mocking and laughing. 

He Lei looked embarrassed. He waved at the crowd, trying to stop them from making fun. 

“Silent,” Captain Chaksu shouted and the crowd became quiet. Captain Chaksu frowned at us, "Your Highness, are you saying that the robot team will enter Croton Ruins? Wouldn’t the spirits attack?” 

Xing Chuan didn’t look at Captain Chaksu but at me, “No! Luo Bing is entering alone.” 

He Lei and the people around us were shocked at Xing Chuan’s response. 

“Croton City is very close to the northern point of the Ghost Eclipsers. They have been eyeing the place for a very long time. I requested for He Lei and his men to be there in order to prevent the Ghost Eclipsers from ambushing,” Xing Chuan looked at me as he said this. Then, he turned to look at He Lei solemnly. "He Lei, I am passing my North Star to you. You, your men and Harry must protect him well.” 

He Lei’s bright eyes turned dim. He placed his hand on Xing Chuan’s shoulder and replied, "Don’t worry.” 

Xing Chuan and He Lei looked at each other with a burning gaze.

Harry suddenly came to my side and draped his arm over my shoulder. He walked us to stand in between He Lei and Xing Chuan and chuckled playfully, "Why aren’t you guys asking them to kiss too?” 

He Lei looked at Harry stiffly. 

Xing Chuan was still calm. He turned to us and said, "Depart.” He wasn’t affected by Harry at all, just like he wasn’t affected by the other people jeering earlier.   

Harry licked his lips and chuckled playfully. We walked to the spaceship with his arm over my shoulder. 

“Let’s go,” He Lei ordered. Lao Bai and the rest followed behind. They looked excited too. Anyone would be excited to be able to use the latest robot. 

“He Lei, He Lei,” a girl came shouting suddenly. 

The people spread out and a girl ran up to us. She was holding a tattered fur cape.  

She had two braids and was wearing a few layers of tattered clothing. 

She ran to He Lei. She was a clean and cute girl. 

Harry smiled and asked He Lei, "Is she your girlfriend?” 

He Lei smiled in embarrassment and stole a quick glance at me. I smiled at him and he was stunned. He quickly looked away, then looked towards the girl. 

“It’s cold outside, put this on.” The girl quickly put on the cape for He Lei. 

Lao Bai and the rest giggled and said, "Sister in law, what about us?” 

The girl puffed up her cheeks and stared at them. She said, “No. Stop making fun of me. I am not your sister in law.” 

“Soon, soon.” Lao Bai and the others chuckled. 

He Lei brought her before me and asked, "Luo Bing, can you recognize her?” 

I looked at her. She immediately lowered her face bashfully when she saw me. Her cheeks were red and she nudged He Lei shyly, "What are you doing?” 

“Ah, I recognize you. You are Sayee, right? Am I right, He Lei?” I looked at He Lei. He had mentioned about her the last time we met. The name of the girl we had saved back then was Sayee, and since he had purposely brought her before me, she must be Sayee. 

Sayee was surprised. She looked at me as she blushed. She was about half a head shorter than me. I smiled at her warmly and asked, "Do you recognize me? I was the one who gave you milk.” 

She was shocked and her eyes were trembling. She seemed to recall the bad memories as she looked at me. Then, she hung her head low in embarrassment. 

I felt sorry and apologized, "Sorry, don’t think about the past. It’s over. I will be heading to the ruins in a while. How about I bring you some good food if I find any over there?”

She smiled bashfully. 

He Lei said, "You really know how to make a girl happy.” I tapped on his arm and said, “Let's go.”

“Okay.” All of us boarded the spaceship and departed. Harry taught the others how to use and control the robots via the neural connection system inside the spaceship. It wasn’t tough for them to get a hang of it. 

Our spaceship went through the clouds. The snow had stopped and the sky was clear. 

"Harry, what does it mean when Xing Chuan said that Luo Bing is going into Croton City alone?” He Lei asked Harry. He wanted to confirm what Xing Chuan had said earlier, “Using robots?”

There were two rows of seats in the small spaceship. Harry and I were seated in the front, and we were flying it. 

Harry smiled at him and said, "You will come to know later. Oh yeah, what are the levels of radiation you can withstand?” 

Jason raised his hand and replied, "We are all at level 4. He Lei is the only one at level 5.” 

Harry nodded and said, "Good, get ready to enter the level 6 radiation area.” 

A magnificent glacier mountain appeared ahead of us. The glacier that was supposed to be white was tinted in pink. We were beginning to enter the high radiation area. 

The spaceship landed on one of the huge pink glaciers. 

Harry said to He Lei and the rest, "Get ready for the robot connection.” 

He Lei looked at me and asked, "How about Luo Bing?” 

“I don’t need it,” I left my seat and put on my cape. "Prepare to split the mini aircraft.” 

Everyone immediately looked at me in shock. 

Harry nodded at me and split the mini aircraft from the spaceship. He looked at me with pride and exhorted, "Be careful.” 

We held hands and he let me go reluctantly. He was worried as he said, "Prepare to activate the protective shield.” 

The shield immediately surrounded the spaceship; things could only exit but not enter. 


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