Book 4: Chapter 77 - The Most Advanced Robot

Back then, He Lei had been on high alert and bore anger towards the people from Silver Moon City, but I hadn’t been able to understand his reasons. Later, I had thought that He Lei had overcome his prejudice towards the Silver Moon City as Xing Chuan had helped him. I had also been happy as I had thought that both of them reconciled, but then Xing Chuan had ruthlessly thrown me out of the flying spaceship.

When we had met again, I was the one filled with anger and hatred towards Silver Moon City. He Lei was puzzled about it as we had switched our stance and roles.

Our relationship had resumed to how it had been during our first meeting, yet it felt a bit different. 

Although I didn’t hate Xing Chuan anymore and He Lei was still on high alert around him, we couldn’t trust each other wholeheartedly like our first meeting, yet we didn’t hate Xing Chuan like we had done during our recent meetings from the past. We had managed to form a new kind of relationship where we were keeping a distance amongst each other. 

The army and robots came out of the spaceship and started building a temporary command base, while we were waiting for He Lei. In the blink of an eye, a house was built, mesmerizing everyone. 

Xing Chuan showed Captain Chaksu around the spaceship. Then, Xing Chuan brought Gale, Yama and his soldiers to the base. He began to give commands at the temporary base.

There were more and more people around us at the base. They were surrounding us as though we were aliens trying to invade their world. They looked at us curiously.

Children were especially curious about us and were standing right in front of us. 

The little sun made the entire place warm. The robot laid out the weapons by the side of the spaceship. Then, Harry and I chose our weapons. Harry was going to follow next to me in a robot when I was going to enter Croton City.

"Brother Bing, I want to follow you too,” said He Lei, as though he was pleading to join the battle. 

"I have never entered the center of the radiation zone either. The spirits would take up all of my energy each time I entered.” Yama wanted to follow as well. 

I picked up a lightsaber, turned it on and then put it away. This lightsaber was more advanced and prettier than the one I had. The emitting light was a cold blue light instead of a burning hot light. Not to mention, blue was also my favorite color. 

“This is good,” Gale picked up a palm-sized white flying disk and threw it out. The disk hovered in the air in front of him. Then, he beckoned me, "Come, try and hit me.” 

“Sure,” I took off my cloak and activated my lightsaber. I wielded my sword and slashed at him. The disk immediately opened a magnetic protective wall and blocked my lightsaber. Gale stood behind the disk and sniggered, "It’s not too shabby, right? This is Silver Moon Shield. It has an auto defense function.” 

I nodded with satisfaction. I extended my hand and the Silver Moon Shield shrunk to its original size as it returned to my palm. 

“It will stick onto any of your body parts with just one tap,” Gale explained to me. He tapped on his chest and the Silver Moon Shield glued on to his chest. It was very portable.

I tapped the Silver Moon Shield on my arm and it adsorbed on my arm like a badge.

“Clang, clang.” A huge robot came out. Harry was inside the robot, controlling it playfully. There was also a halo on top of its head just like Xing Chuan had worn the last time. 

Harry smiled at me and the robot turned its head to look in my direction. "Lil Bing, the robots in Silver Moon City are much better than the ones we have in Noah City.” 

I nodded at him. He started playing with his robot again and tried to familiarize himself with the controls. Very soon, the robot began to move smoothly just like a normal human.

There were more and more people surrounding us. As the lights lit up, we could see that more people were still gathering around.

Xing Chuan and Captain Chaksu came out. 

Captain Chaksu praised the spaceship of Silver Moon City, “Brilliant! I wish we would have a spaceship like this. So, we can cross the radiation center and attack the Ghost Eclipsers.” 

"You will have it,” Xing Chuan said with a smile. “The person in charge of this mission will be the North Star of Silver Moon City, Luo Bing.”

Captain Chaksu was shocked. He had seen us before but we had yet to introduce ourselves.

"The North Star of Silver Moon City!?” Captain Chaksu measured me up and down. Compared to his brawny build, it looked like he was looking at a child, "This little fella? I have heard that the North Star represents the strongest metahuman in Silver Moon City.” 


I was surprised. I wouldn’t consider myself the strongest metahuman.

“Our Lil Bing is of course the strongest!” Harry suddenly appeared next to me and draped his arm over my shoulder. "Don’t mess with him.” 

“That’s right!” Gale flew over to my side and he looked at Captain Chaksu nervously, "Brother Bing is too scary. Really scary!” I slapped the pretentious Gale away, “Shoooo!” I looked at Captain Chaksu. "That is just a rumor. The North Star is just a title, an honor. I am thankful that His Highness Xing Chuan gave me this honor but I am not the strongest.” 

Captain Chaksu sighed and continued to look at me suspiciously and curiously. "It is tough to grade amongst metahumans, but you must excel in something to be the North Star.” 

"That’s right. Brother Bing is just being humble. Hehe,” Yama chuckled, “Anyway, no one dares to mess with him in Silver Moon City.” 

“Nobody in Noah City dares to mess with him either,” Harry chuckled and held my shoulder. I rolled my eyes at him. Don’t join in the fun!

“Hey! The strongest one! Show us some moves!” The people around us started jeering.

“Yeah! Show us some moves! Hahaha” 

Captain Chaksu looked around and smiled. “Lil fella, show them some moves or they won’t be convinced.” 

I looked at him calmly and kept my lightsaber switched off, “Superpower is not for show. It will be used in the right place.” 

Captain Chaksu looked at me in admiration when he heard my words. Xing Chuan smiled with a tint of pride as well.

“He doesn’t dare.” 

“Exactly. Boo!”

“Can you guys fight? Will you be frightened off? Hahaha”

I didn’t bother about their provocation but Gale was about to jump in anger, "You guys!” 

I stopped him and shook my head.

Harry smiled at Gale and said, "They will eventually shut up when Lil Bing enters Croton City.” 

Gale smiled after hearing it and didn’t bother if the crowd was jeering anymore. 

He Lei and his small team came running from afar. 

Fat-Two wasn’t in the group of people that He Lei brought. There were five guys behind him. They were looking at us suspiciously and with high alert. 

Xing Chuan walked forward and took a look at He Lei’s team. 

He Lei began to introduce, “This is Lao Bai, Tom, Yu Wen, Jason, Joseph.”

Following He Lei’s lead they started introducing themselves to us. 

Xing Chuan looked at He Lei with a serious glance and asked, "Are these the strongest soldiers of the Legion Aurora?” 

He Lei looked at Captain Chaksu and the captain nodded. 

Xing Chuan squinted his eyes. 


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