Book 4: Chapter 76 - A Meaningful Handshake

The uncle looked like he was around 30 years old. He had short brown hair with manly features. His nose was exceptionally long and he had a really muscular upper body. The suspender with holsters was tight on his chest and was getting lifted by his muscular chest.

The bright light was illuminating his sturdy eight-pack abs. He was a muscular man, unlike Harry and Xing Chuan who had slender bodies. 

He was wearing leather army trousers with a studded belt. There was a black leather whip by the side of his belt.

He Lei saw him approaching our group and quickly let go of Gale in reverence. He appeared next to him right away. The uncle looked even bigger with He Lei standing by his side, setting off He Lei’s younger body frame.

He Lei’s movement had shown that he was faster than Gale.

Gale coughed as he touched his neck. He glared at He Lei, unwilling to admit his defeat as he walked to Xing Chuan’s side to protect him with Yama. 

Harry and I were standing in between both parties.

The uncle lifted his muscular arms and commanded, “Put down the guns!” Everyone immediately put down their guns. 

Someone squeezed to the front from the back of the crowd. He was waving at me excitedly while trying to come forward. It was Fat-Two.

Harry and I backed off and stood behind Xing Chuan to let both of the leaders meet. 

Xing Chuan smiled and walked forward to greet, "Captain Chaksu, we finally meet today.” 

Captain Chaksu? That uncle was the chief commander of the Legion Aurora! 

Captain Chaksu walked towards Xing Chuan and stood in the middle with him. He stopped smiling. His brawny build was much bigger than Xing Chuan. He chuckled in disdain and said, “Your Highness of Silver Moon City, Xing Chuan, you are not supervising from above. You have to be careful with your sudden appearance in this human world. This world is really perilous.”

Xing Chuan maintained his smile with Captain Chaksu and replied, "I am here to provide the Legion Aurora with the armament support because of how perilous it is here. Humph! I am afraid your army will be wiped out if they meet the Ghost Eclipsers without the support from Silver Moon City.”

“Don’t look down on our people!” People behind Captain Chaksu got agitated. 

“What have your people from Silver Moon City done so far? You are only hiding in the sky!” 


Gale got agitated and went forward. "Shut up! Do you know how many battles we have fought throughout the years?!” 

Humph! We already wiped out two gangs of Ghost Eclipsers when you were busy building spaceships!” Yama crossed his arms around his chest angrily. 

“You guys are bullshitting!” 

“Who’s going to believe it?” 

Both parties were all set for a showdown once again. 

Captain Chaksu and Xing Chuan raised their arms simultaneously and the crowd went quiet again. But both parties were still steaming in anger. 

Captain Chaksu and Xing Chuan were also staring at each other with eagle-eyes. 

I walked forward and Harry quickly followed behind me. 

I stood in between Captain Chaksu and Xing Chuan. Then, I looked at Captain Chaksu and said, "Captain Chaksu, why not listen to His Highness’s plan on how we are going to provide armament to the Legion Aurora? Excuse me for speaking bluntly, but Metahumans will not be sufficient to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers.” 

Captain Chaksu reined his gaze and glanced at me. He turned around and said, “This way, Your Highness Xing Chuan!” 

Xing Chuan chuckled lightly and walked forward proudly. 

Captain Chaksu and Xing Chuan walked alongside each other while the teams started to gather.

I followed behind Xing Chuan. Harry was behind me while Gale and Yama were at the back. 

He Lei was behind Captain Chaksu. Fat-Two squeezed behind him, and gave Harry a hug excitedly. Everyone else followed behind us. 

Although we were below the ice level, I could still feel the cold. I would have frozen without the cloak’s warmth. 

“Why are you with Xing Chuan? Isn’t he?!” He Lei had the murderous look across his face as he stared at Xing Chuan’s back with a glum look.  

I said softly, "We will talk about it later. The most important thing right now is that Silver Moon City wishes to join forces with the Legion Aurora to fight against Ghost Eclipsers, together.”

He Lei’s gaze brightened up. He got excited and said, "Is it really true!?” 

“Otherwise, why would Xing Chuan come here?” I looked at Xing Chuan as I held He Lei’s arm. I muttered, "Enemy of our enemy is our friend. You need Silver Moon City.”

He Lei nodded. He knew about their situation and understood it the best.

“You only have this amount of people?” Harry looked towards the group behind us. The Legion Aurora wasn’t keen on meeting us. They were either rolling their eyes or staring at us. They were all on guard and we could feel the murderous atmosphere from afar. 

“Of course not,” Fat-Two draped his arm over Harry’s shoulder and continued, "We have many people. You will see them later.” 

We kept walking forward and the little sun followed us from above. 

“It was once a polar expedition base here,” Xing Chuan looked back and told me. I took a few steps forward and started walking next to him. He looked ahead and continued, "The armament here is very little because it was for scientific research. But it is at least a place that you can live in. There is enough food to sustain for a while. There is also an ecological room where they can grow food without sunlights.”   

“Your Highness does know this place very well,” Captain Chaksu said with one hand on his waist. I retreated and looked at Captain Chaksu’s muscular back. He chuckled and looked at Xing Chuan. “Your Highness Xing Chuan, actually there’s…” Captain Chaksu spread his arms at the empty and spacious old base. “...nothing much for you to monitor here. Why did you put a monitoring gadget on He Lei?” 

He Lei stared at Xing Chuan with a glum look. 

Xing Chuan maintained his smiling face. "Firstly, I gave He Lei the glasses because I sincerely wanted to help him.”

He Lei smiled sardonically and looked away.

“Secondly, all technology of Silver Moon City is connected to Silver Moon City’s server. It may look like we are keeping you under surveillance, but it allows us to know if He Lei is in any danger, so that we can save him if need be.”

He Lei turned back and frowned at Xing Chuan. 

“Thirdly, I gave He Lei the glasses before he joined the Legion Aurora.” 

He Lei looked down and started ruminating. 

A huge platform appeared in front of us. The area of the platform was about 30-square meters and there were railings around it. Everyone stood on it and the platform started descending.  

We could see tunnels all around us as the platform descended. People ran out from the tunnels and stood at the entrance to look at us either curiously or coldly. 

There were adults, elderly people, children and women.

It turned out that it wasn’t only a revolutionary army base, but it was also a huge refugee shelter!

Captain Chaksu said proudly, "We provide protection and shelters to the people who turned down by Silver Moon City.” 

Xing Chuan smiled at him and said, "The food at this base is limited, perhaps, you won’t be able to last for too long.” 

"You don’t have to worry about that. We will go and exchange for it!” He Lei said. The first batch of black wheat that Luo Bing gave us has sprouted.” He Lei’s voice became softer and he nodded at Harry and me with gratitude. 

“You won’t be able to exchange for your armaments if you continue to take care of them.” Xing Chuan was still smiling. 

He Lei sneered sardonically and looked away, “Humph. That’s why we were shocked when you said that you were here to provide us with armaments. Since when has Silver Moon City become so kindhearted?”

Xing Chuan smiled lightly but didn’t say anything.

Clang.” The platform stopped. I didn’t know how many meters we had descended. 

The little sun above us suddenly parted and turned into stars. These stars shuttled past us, surprising the people from Legion Aurora.

Captain Chaksu brought us back into a meeting room while everyone else waited outside. 

Captain Chaksu and Xing Chuan sat across from each other. Captain Chaksu asked Xing Chuan directly, "Your Highness Xing Chuan, just be straightforward. What exactly does Silver Moon City want from us?”

Xing Chuan looked at him then at He Lei and Fat-Two. He thought for a while before he threw out a round disk.

The disk hovered in the air and shot out rays of light. It showed a radiation centre.  

“This is Croton City. It was once the military base of the North. Coincidentally, it is quite close to this place.” Xing Chuan looked at Captain Chaksu. Captain Chaksu was already sitting up straight as he stared at the steel fortress on the map.  

“There are sufficient armaments for you in this place. Although the technology used for creating these armaments is sixty years old, it can be modified to make modern weapons. Silver Moon City is willing to provide blue crystal energy to modify your weapons.” 

“Are you willing to provide us the blue crystal energy?!” Captain Chaksu looked at Xing Chuan in surprise.

Xing Chuan looked calm as he clasped his hands under his chin. He looked down and said, "That’s right. Silver Moon City will provide the technological support, while Legion Aurora will provide the manpower.” 

Captain Chaksu’s eyes were quivering and he couldn’t keep calm. 

“Xing Chuan, are you mocking us?!” He Lei looked at Xing Chuan with a glum look, "It is the center of the radiation zone. How are we going to move the weapons from inside Croton City?!” 

On the contrary, Captain Chaksu smiled. He looked at Xing Chuan in an imposing manner. "I believe His Highness already has a way to transport the weapons out of Croton City, since he has suggested this idea.” 

Xing Chuan smiled at Captain Chaksu. "What I hope for more is a long term strategic cooperative partnership between Silver Moon City and Legion Aurora.”

Captain Chaksu smiled and stood up. "As long as you can provide us with the armaments, Legion Aurora will be willing to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers alongside with Silver Moon City.” Captain Chaksu extended his hand to Xing Chuan. 

Xing Chuan stood up and shook Captain Chaksu’s hand. That handshake would get recorded in the history of Kansa Star, as it was a meaningful meeting. It was a meeting that would change the world!

“Now, Captain, please choose a few people who will follow us to Croton City,” Xing Chuan said with a smile. 

Captain Chaksu looked at He Lei and said, "You don’t have a problem with it, right?” 

He Lei shook his head. 

Captain Chaksu looked back at Xing Chuan. "I can tell that both of you have met already. He Lei is my best right hand man. The rest of the people will be chosen by him.” 

Xing Chuan nodded. His deep eyes reflected a little anticipation. "He Lei, choose five people and meet us on the spaceship.” 

“Sure!” He Lei looked at Xing Chuan with a glum look. Although he was still angry and had his guards up against Xing Chuan, his gaze brought the three of us back to the night when we had first met each other. 


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