Book 4: Chapter 75 - Three Brothers Reunited

“Your Highness, the other party sent a warning!" Jake, our pilot turned to report Xing Chuan, "They said that they will take military action if we were to get any closer."

"Hahaha..." Gale laughed, "If they can manage to hit us, I, Gale, will take off all my clothes."

I looked at Gale speechlessly. How are these two things related? Whether they can hit us or not has nothing to do with you taking off your clothes. Gale, this b*stard is crazy.

Xing Chuan smiled faintly. "Let them try then."


As expected, Xing Chuan carried it out according to his usual method.

"Hold on!" I looked at Xing Chuan. He looked at me and I smiled at him. I tried to speak as gently as possible, "Your Highness, let’s knock on their door first."

Everyone looked at me with a confused look. They didn't seem to understand what I meant by knock.

However, I knew that Xing Chuan had understood.

Xing Chuan looked at me for a while and there was a commotion in his eyes. He turned to look at Jack, "Tell them that we are here to provide them military support.”

Jake stiffened. He didn't move an inch as he couldn't believe in Xing Chuan's changed attitude.

Silver Moon City had always been barbaric because of Xing Chuan. They could stop their spaceships wherever they wanted, as they had never cared for asking permission.

"Jake!" I reminded Jake.

Jake turned back immediately. "Spaceship from Silver Moon City requests to land. His Highness Xing Chuan from Silver Moon City is here in this spaceship. He has come to provide military support."

Jake turned back and reported, "They have permitted us to land."

Xing Chuan smiled and nodded at me. He turned to look in the front as his expression turned solemn. He was preparing for the military visitation.

Gale and Yama looked at me. "What are you looking at? Don't behave recklessly when you head down. Especially you, Gale!" I told Gale sternly with my position as the North Star.

Gale nodded without any objection.

Yama gave me a thumbs-up.

Our spaceship landed in the snowstorm. The base camp opened the gate that could barely be considered as the entrance. It was so deep that we couldn't see the bottom of it.

The view of our surroundings inside the spaceship was turned off, and it resumed to its original spaceship look.

It took awhile for our spaceship to make a full landing.

"Your Highness, the spaceship has come to a full stop," Jake reported.

Xing Chuan stood up and all of us followed. Harry could barely contain his excitement.

"All of you stay on the spaceship," Xing Chuan told Jake. In other words, he was referring to the soldiers in the spaceship.

I looked at the front of the spaceship, and I could see dim lighting.

The lighting was barely brighter than the lights from our spaceship. We could faintly see that there were many people standing in front of us. I was getting excited too. He Lei, Harry and I are here. We are finally going to see each other again.

When we arrived at the door, we saw a few soldiers holding white capes that looked like fox skin.

Xing Chuan picked one up, but he turned to put it over my shoulders. He looked at me gently and said, "Put it on. It's cold outside."

The furry cape felt extremely soft to touch.

Gale and Yama were exchanging glances.

Harry looked at us with a glum look.

Everyone put on their capes, except Yama; he was a huge source of heat after all.

When the cabin door opened, we heard the sound of people raising guns before we could actually see them standing in front of us with their raised guns under the dim lighting. They were using the old-fashioned bullet guns, the kind that I was most familiar with!

The people raising their guns were in tattered clothes. With one glance, I could tell that they had worn those clothes for a very long time. 

Hence, I was lucky. Although Noah City wasn’t the richest, I at least had clean clothes to wear when I lived there.

We stood behind Xing Chuan. He did not panic because of the row of people raising their guns at us. Instead, he continued to get off the spaceship calmly. From behind, I could tell that he was completely ignoring the people in front of him.

“Bang!” Suddenly, something shot from above the spaceship.

The people in front of us aimed at us nervously. “Don’t move!” They yelled.

Just then, the light lit up the dim world. It turned out that it was Xing Chuan who had shot a small sun in the air.

As the light illuminated the entire world, the people in front of us couldn’t adapt to the brightness and lifted their hands to shield their eyes. We finally saw the situation at the hangar.

The hangar in front of us was spacious and empty. There were a few simple yet old spaceships and flying vehicles. There were also some vehicles that were in the progress of being built, as there were parts piled up by their side. Judging from the situation, how long would they require until they can fight the Ghost Eclipsers? 

The people in front of us got accustomed to the bright light slowly and they looked at us. They were wearing either old fur coats or thick lined coats. Some of them looked like girls, but they were also raising their guns at us like the other men. All of them looked at us with their guards up.

Although everything was old, they gave me a sense of familiarity due to their vibe of a wolf pack. They were warriors. They were more like warriors than the army in Silver Moon City. They were wild warriors!

I walked to stand next to Xing Chuan and they immediately aimed their guns at me. I looked at them and said, “Everyone, please put down your guns."

“Luo Bing!” There was immediately a scream of excitement from behind them.

I smiled too and I went forward excitedly.

The people in front of us raised their guns again but the person behind them stopped them. “Everyone, put down your guns! Now!”

Everyone became confused but they put their guns down. They moved to the sides and revealed the mature figure that I was familiar with. He was wearing a triangular cape as he took huge strides towards me.

“He Lei!” Harry started running too. He ran past me and hugged He Lei first.

He Lei hugged him back tightly. He was happy to see us. “Harry, Luo Bing! How did you!” He looked behind me with a confused look. Then, he squinted his eyes. “Xing Chuan!”

“He Lei, long time no see.” Xing Chuan smiled as he walked forward and extended his hand.

He Lei looked at him and raised his hand to slap away Xing Chuan’s hand. He looked at him with a glum look and said, “You monitor us!”

“Your Highness.” Gale immediately rushed over at a high speed. However, He Lei instantly vanished from before us. When he reappeared, he was holding Gale in his hand. He had seized Gale by his neck.

“Gale!” Yama immediately flashed flames from his palms.

The people in front of us raised their guns again.

I quickly stood in between them. "Calm down! Calm down!"

Xing Chuan maintained his cool and calmly stood next to me with a smile.

He Li looked at me. "Luo Bing, did he force you to go to Silver Moon City?! Why are you with him?!"

I looked at He Lei and everyone else who were preparing to fight. "Because we have a mutual enemy, the Ghost Eclipsers!"

"Well said!" Suddenly, there was a loud voice. A brawny uncle walked out through the crowd that moved to the sides to make way for him!


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