Book 4: Chapter 74 - The Legion Aurora Base Camp

The spaceship took off. We sat in our respective seats inside the cockpit, but no one dared to look at Xing Chuan.

All the pilots took their positions, and they also quickly noticed the unusual atmosphere. Hence, they didn't dare to look around casually either.

Xing Chuan sat in the main pilot’s seat and his face grew grave.

We were scattered behind him.

"Beep." Gale winked at me from nearby. He pointed at the ring screen in front that was far more advanced than Noah City. I turned it on and the surroundings changed, forming a mental connection. It instantly brought me into a virtual world.

The virtual world was simple. It was white all around me, and Harry, Yama and Gale were also there inside the virtual space. It felt more like a chat room.

"His Highness is so scary. Luo Bing, did you not accompany His Highness when he slept last night?" asked Gale. I was taken by surprise and felt embarrassed. "What are you talking about?!"

Harry's face instantly grew grave. "How old is Your Highness? Why does he need anyone to keep him company when he sleeps?"

"Harry, don't you know that our Highness is very different when someone sleeps with him as opposed to when he sleeps alone. He will be in a good mood if he sleeps well. If he doesn't...then just like today... I pity Moon Dream and Blue Charm..." Yama shook his head. A brawny guy like Yama carried the gentleness towards the girls. “His Highness is so cold-hearted. Like it or not, they kept him company while sleeping for years."

"Brother Bing, why didn’t you help them?" Gale was defending them. "Sis Blue Charm is quite nice to me and she is quite amazing as well. She really loves His Highness too. In the past, she also took a sword strike injury for His Highness."

"Who told them to mess with Lil Bing? They asked for it!" Harry humphed coldly. Harry obviously felt that they deserved the harsh treatment from Xing Chaun.

"Harry!" I looked at him. He had always been gentle towards girls. Why was he acting so cold as Xing Chuan?

In the past, he had never rejected any girls. Although it was his weakness, it was also his strong point.

But his sudden coldness made me worried. I still hoped that Harry was still his gentle and kind self. At most, I'd be jealous more often.

Sometimes, I was confused too.

Harry looked gloomy. "No matter who bullied you, regardless of whether they were boys or girls, they are my enemies!" Harry humphed, "Humph, I did not beat them up on that day just because they are girls!"

Harry didn't hide his anger. He leaned back and supported his head with one hand. He let out an unprecedented rage as though the impatience from the war had condensed into a unique imposing vibe. "Hence, I agree with Xing Chuan's decision in being strict with them."

Then, he stole a glance at me. "Lil Bing, I know that you are soft-hearted, but we need to remove any factors that can divide our team and cause conflicts in between our team members. This is war. This is not training in Noah City. A small divide can ruin the entire team.”

I looked at his expression that was not second to Xing Chuan's dignified expression, and realized that Harry had evolved during the war. He was steadier and stricter than he used to be in Noah City. He seemed to be... cold.

It was the coldness in a person’s behavior that was brought forth by massacre and blood.

The war could evolve or even mutate someone.

I became quiet because I couldn't refute Harry’s words.

From the angle of being a regular girl, it was fine to be soft-hearted.

However, from the angle of a leader, I would have to make the same decision as Xing Chuan and Harry. I couldn't bear the risk of losing the troop by keeping anyone who would put the troop at risk.

"Hence, Lil Bing, you don't need to defend them," Harry sat straight like a prince and said in a dignified manner.

I creased my eyebrows. "But I think that it is unfair to take away the qualification for any girl who might want to join the knights group."

"It's not unfair." Gale leaned back and crossed his legs. "There are fewer girls in this world and they should be protected in Silver Moon City, especially female metahumans."

So the girls are better off like the white rose in my room, who needs to stay in its vase?

"Earlier, you were the one insisting that I should have defended them, didn’t you?" I looked at Gale.

Gale pouted and shrugged. "I was just saying that you should have asked His Highness to allow them to stay by his side. They did look very pitiful, didn’t they."

"Yes, that is what Gale meant." Yama nodded too. "They have been together for a few years. They have feelings for him. Although Moon Dream and Blue Charm have always considered His Highness as their top most priority, they have also been nice to us occasionally. It didn’t feel good to see them so miserable." Even though Yama looked tough on the outside, he had a soft heart.

I sighed, "Let me try, but I might not succeed. Xing Chuan's character..." I creased my eyebrows. I didn't dare to offend him.

"We understand. Try your best." It was as though Yama was thanking me on their behalf.

"What does the knights group recruitment test mean?" Harry looked at Gale and Yama.

They smiled excitedly.

"Harry, you have a chance now!" It seemed like Yama was fond of Harry. "His Highness is reselecting his six knights. Since His Highness mentioned that he would not take girls as his knights anymore, we should have three empty slots! You have to work hard!"

"As soon as you become one of the seven knights, you will have your own troop! You even get to pick your own troop members. They can all be girls!" Gale wriggled his eyebrows playfully. It felt like he was telling Harry that he would get a chance to pick his concubines after becoming a knight.

But I reckoned that Harry had absolutely no courage to pick any girls!

"Are you done?!" Suddenly, Xing Chuan popped in monotonously, and we instantly left the chat room. Xing Chuan turned to face us and glanced at each and every one of us with eyes as sharp as an eagle.

Gale and Yama became tense and didn't dare to look at him.

Harry put one of his legs over his other knee. Then, he supported his head with one hand and looked at him with a smile.

Xing Chuan appreciated Harry. Otherwise, Harry would have been thrown off Silver Moon City long ago due to his character.

Xing Chuan appreciated talent.

"We are almost there," Xing Chuan looked at us and swept his hand in front of him. The entire cockpit turned into the scenery outside, as if we were sitting in the thin air.

I saw that it was snowing heavily outside and we had arrived in a snow-white world.

In the snowstorm, I could see a rundown metal base camp. It was standing out in the snow-white world.

"Where are we going?" Harry stood up because he was surprised at the brand new sight.

I looked at the rundown base camp excitedly. "Legion Aurora!"

"What?!" As expected, Harry was excited too. His amber eyes were shimmering like the sun.

Although many yearned to go to Silver Moon City, the Legion Aurora gave us a different feeling!

They were like the embodiment of justice. They represented the fighting spirit of the people on the ground!


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