Book 4: Chapter 73 - The North Star Knights are In Danger

Sharjah continued to stand there while Xing Chuan smiled and placed his hand on Sharjah's shoulder. "I gave you an order, but you failed to follow it. So you are not qualified to follow next to me. Sharjah, this has always been Silver Moon City's survival code."

Sharjah's face turned pale. He slowly came back to reality. He looked at Xing Chuan in reverence without fighting back. He no longer wore the smile that looked like he was imitating Xing Chuan. "I will carry it out now. I hope that Your Highness will give me another chance.”

Xing Chuan retracted his hand with a smile. He stood by the side of the spaceship. Since he didn't enter the spaceship, we had to wait with him too.

"Sharjah is in big trouble," Gale muttered. Ever since Xing Chuan hit him, he has reined back on his arrogance.

Harry held my shoulders as usual, just like how guys would drape their arms over the others guy’s shoulders. It wasn't strange at all.

"Can't tell that he is that strict," Harry muttered in my ear.

I nodded. I felt Xing Chuan's strictness as a leader in that moment. It looked like Xing Chuan was the same as Harry's age, but he was far stricter and steadier than Harry.

In terms of military control, Harry and I could never be Xing Chuan's match.

"Sigh. It is a great low for Sharjah," the few of us muttered as we stood on the side.

Xing Chuan stood by the door expressionlessly. He was obviously waiting for Moon Dream and Blue Charm to get off the spaceship.

Xing Chuan had principles. The people he wanted to take along had to be there at the first instance, while the people he didn't want to accompany him needed to be thrown off the spaceship, even if they insisted on clinging to him.

Plus, he didn't like to wait. His concept of time was very strong. A short wait would make him burn in rage.

From my understanding, his expression didn’t look good.

The longer I spent my time with him, the more I thought that it was better for him to wear an expression, than not.

When he had no expression, the real Xing Chuan would reveal himself from behind the mask. How would the real Xing Chuan treat Moon Dream and Blue Charm for not obeying his instructions?

There was a pitter-patter from inside the spaceship. Sharjah brought Moon Dream and Blue Charm off the spaceship.

When Moon Dream and Blue Charm bowed to Xing Chuan, he walked past them as though they were invisible!

To the women who loved him deeply, it was no doubt the scariest punishment. It was equivalent to mental torture.

All of us didn't even dare to gasp for air. We stood by the side of the spaceship awkwardly.

"Hurry up and go," Gale reminded us softly and walked forward to board the spaceship.

Moon Dream looked down without uttering a word. Her chest heaved up and down as though she was holding back her anger.

Blue Charm bit her lips hastily. Her determination wasn't as good as Moon Dream. I remembered that she was proud of the fact that His Highness always brought her with him even though Moon Dream was said to be the prettiest girl in Silver Moon City.

But then...

Luckily, I was disguised as a guy. Otherwise, such a scene would make the girl next to Xing Chuan even more awkward.

The girls in Silver Moon City liked to battle. They worked really hard to perform their superpowers too. It was obvious from how they took the initiative, and carried an air of a defensive character.

For example, Sofia who was daring and arrogant, would take the initiative to obtain the man she wanted.

If it wasn't for Xing Chuan, I would have definitely been harrassed by Sofia, and in the end, I would have had no choice left, but to reveal my true gender identity.

I believed the same applied to Moon Dream and Blue Charm.

I had not been long in Silver Moon City but I had heard a lot of gossip.

The women around Xing Chuan were no doubt the ones who received the attention from others. They were also the targets of jealousy. Among the girls, there were rumors that Moon Dream and Blue Charm weren't amazing, except in bed. Hence, in the girls' eyes, the biggest reason why Moon Dream and Blue Charm had entered the knight group was because they had slept with Xing Chuan.

To them, it was a humiliation. Hence, they were trying to prove with their superpowers.

Harry and I walked past them. Moon Dream lifted her gaze to look at me. I turned away awkwardly, but she held my hand.

"Moon Dream!" Sharjah immediately stopped Moon Dream. He looked at me awkwardly, then looked at Moon Dream solemnly. "Don't make the situation worse. His Highness will kick you out from the knights group."

"I only wanted to talk to Luo Bing." Moon Dream was calm. Blue Charm looked at her, but she couldn't calm herself down when she looked at me. "Please beg for mercy on our behalf to His Highness."

I was surprised. Moon Dream had been arrogant towards me in the past. She had even attacked me to protect Xing Chuan. Later on, she had tried to avoid me, but she had maintained a haughty tone whenever she spoke to me. Also, she had heard the rumors about the relationship between Xing Chuan and me, and she had questioned me about it. But in that moment she had lowered her head in front of me, begging me to plead on their behalf. 

"Let go." A monotonous reply suddenly resounded from the spaceship. Xing Chuan was standing at the door, looking expressionlessly  at Moon Dream.

Moon Dream immediately retracted her hand and lowered her face. Blue Charm, who was standing next to her, didn't dare to make a sound.

"If it wasn't for Luo Bing, who pleaded for mercy on your behalf, you would have been kicked out of the knights group on the day you made a scene at the cafeteria." Xing Chuan's reply instantly made the entire scene cold. It seemed like he was warning everyone at the scene that he, Xing Chuan, didn't like any internal conflict among the members of the knights group.

Xing Chuan was putting my position above all members of the knight group. It was as though all the members of the knight group were replaceable, but only the North Star was irreplaceable.

Blue Charm was surprised and she looked at me. It seemed like she had never expected that I would have pleaded for them.

Moon Dream held the corner of her shirt tightly, but she still carried some arrogant expression.

"In the future, the knights group will no longer take girls. Sharjah, prepare to launch another knight recruitment test! Including yourself!" Xing Chuan looked at Sharjah with a glum look and Sharjah's body stiffened.

Xing Chuan’s words shocked Moon Dream and Blue Charm. They were kicked out of the knights group forever.

Sharjah, Gale and Yama looked at Xing Chuan in shock.

Xing Chuan didn't look at any of them, but suddenly bent down to pull my arm, "Follow me!" Again. I knew he was impatient.

Xing Chuan pulled me away from Harry, making Harry come back to reality. He quickly grabbed my other hand, and we both got pulled onto the spaceship together.

"Let go of him!" Harry roared.

Xing Chuan glanced at Harry and let go of me. He took huge strides forward, "Hurry up and catch up with me."

Harry put on a glum look. I pulled Harry and quickly followed behind Xing Chuan. With the rumor about Harry and another girl, the people in Silver Moon City shouldn't suspect that Harry and I are a pair.

Gale and Yama caught up but they didn't dare to come too close.

Even the soldiers on both sides of the walkway sensed the tension around our group. They stood straight, holding their breaths as we walked past them.


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