Book 4: Chapter 72 - The Strict Xing Chuan

I looked at him, and then at the magnificent view of the place filled up with spaceships. "I had this feeling that this place looks like Noah City."

"Humph..." Xing Chuan chuckled at my answer.

I looked at him with a confused look. "What are you laughing at?"

He looked ahead and wore his usual gentle smile. "You have stayed in Noah City for so long, but you don't know what Noah City really is?" He looked at me gently.

I looked at him in confusion.

He blinked and lifted his chin, "Noah City. Noah is the embryonic form of the interplanetary immigration starship."

"What?!" I exclaimed in surprise.

He smiled at me. "Noah City has sufficient resources and it can fly too. You are very lucky that the people in Noah City saved you."

I looked at him in shock. I had once suspected that it looked like a space shuttle because the cabins inside it looked similar to the submarine I had once visited. But I had never expected it to be the embryonic form of the space fortress!

Noah City was the first generation of space fortresses!

It was meant for flying in the outer space, but... it was buried... in the soil...

"Sometimes, you..." Xing Chuan laughed suddenly. His laughter was real and happy, "...are really cute." He suddenly put his hand on my head and patted me.

I slapped his hand away in annoyance, "Don't touch me." I felt like I was being mocked by Xing Chuan. It felt like he was teasing me for being ignorant about this crucial information, even though I had stayed in the starship this entire time.

"Even though the people in Noah City saved you, I still don't like them." Xing Chuan's voice became cold and his gentle smile vanished. "Because they betrayed you."

"Arsenal wanted me to come to Silver Moon City to follow you to the broader sky." I didn't mind about it anymore as it was in the past.

"But she did betray you." I had never expected Xing Chuan to remember that. He seemed to be very petty.

But he was crueler than anyone else. He could even hit a girl. Why would such a person feel that I was treated unfairly?

He noticed my gaze and when he looked down at me, his gaze turned gentle. "What's wrong?"

I looked at him and pouted, "I'm thinking if you'd hit me like how you hit Moon Dream if I was a girl. It's not right that you hit a girl."

"No matter whether you are a girl or a boy, I won't hit you," he said frankly without hesitation. I looked at him in surprise while he looked at me solemnly. "But, I will punish Moon Dream, if she does anything wrong despite her being a girl."

I creased my eyebrows. "What if I did something wrong?"

He looked at my face and replied. "I wouldn't hit you because you are my brother, my most trusted friend."

I looked at him in surprise.

"You don't believe me, do you?" He seemed to be mocking himself. "Because I once threw you off from the sky, isn’t it?"

I lowered my face, "Mm."

"That's why I gave you all the authority. I know that it is hard for you to trust me, but I want to tell you that I completely believe in you. I wouldn't sleep with someone I don't believe in." Xing Chuan sounded so serious. He really had such an extreme personality.

He either didn't trust you no matter what, or he trusted you entirely. 

I crossed my arms. I didn't want to sleep with you!

"Luo Bing." he looked down again. He placed his hand on my shoulder and looked at me. "Thank you for teaching me how to trust in another person."

I was stunned. I was moved by what he said. I should be happy about it.

"But I only taught you how to be cold. I'm sorry..." He looked down to hide his glum gaze.

I was embarrassed. "That... Don't mind me. I don't remember it myself. Really." The elevator stopped and we arrived at the top floor of the hangar. I looked in front of me, and saw Sharjah and Harry.

Sharjah saw us and he immediately turned around with his hand on his forehead. It seemed like he couldn’t dare to look at us.

Harry's face grew grave and he stared at Xing Chuan's back coldly.

Yama and Gale arrived and they waved at us.

I patted Xing Chuan's hand on my shoulder. "You really don't have to worry about that so much." After saying that, I ran to the others. The more time I was spending with Xing Chuan, the more I started to realize that he was an extremely sensitive man.

In the past, I had thought he was a sharp man because his observation skill was no doubt the strongest. I had even thought that his skill surpassed a metahuman. His eyes were like an X-ray that could see through everything.

But as I came to know more about him, I understood that the sharpness came from his sensitive and careful personality.

It was an external strength, but also an internal weakness.

"Are you okay?" Harry held my shoulders. His gaze shot behind me like a sword.

"There is nothing to worry about. Don't imagine things." I pulled his arm away, as I didn't want us to look so obvious.

Yama and Gale greeted us. 

Gale smirked maliciously as he walked towards us. He stood next to me and said, "Brother Bing, I have big news today!" Gale wriggled his eyebrows.

I looked at him calmly. "What news?"

Yama smirked maliciously, "Last night, Harry was..."

"...With a girl!" Yama and Gale shouted simultaneously.

Harry held his head in embarrassment and turned around. He was telling himself that he needed to pick his friends wisely.

Xing Chuan walked past the four of us calmly. When he walked past Harry, he casually patted his shoulder. "I heard that the girl's figure was not bad."

Harry sighed and turned around.

I sniggered and patted his chest like everyone else. "Congratulations!"

Harry looked shocked at my gesture.

I chuckled and walked past his speechless expression.

"That's not right, Brother Bing. Are you not angry?" Gale and Yama caught up.

I reined back my smile and resumed my usual solemnity. "What you see might not be true." For instance, I myself was the biggest illusion.

"Your Highness," Sharjah greeted Xing Chuan. Behind him was Xing Chuan's spaceship. It was advanced and handsome looking. It was like a white lion waiting to ambush his approaching prey in the dark.

Sharjah's expression seemed unnatural, when I walked closer.

He pulled his collar. "Your Highness, Moon Dream and Blue Charm are in the spaceship."

Xing Chuan frowned. "Didn't I tell you to let them stay in Silver Moon City?"

Sharjah’s smile stiffened and he muttered in embarrassment. "Your Highness... Why don’t you tell them personally?"

"They loathe to part with Your Highness," Gale smirked.

Xing Chuan smiled faintly, but the smile gave out a deterring chilliness. "That's why women are so troublesome."

Sharjah gulped.

"If so, you stay back with them," Xing Chuan smiled at Sharjah.

Sharjah looked at Xing Chuan in shock. It was the first time Xing Chuan was making him stay behind in Silver Moon City.


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