Book 4: Chapter 71 - New Journey

My dad used to say that delicacies could reveal a person’s truest smile because it brought out happiness from within.

That day, I understood what my dad’s words meant when I saw Xing Chuan’s smile. Somehow, I felt a sense of achievement.

“Thank you. It’s very delicious. Considered this as a token of appreciation.” He lifted the pure white rose before me. I looked at it with a dumbfounded expression, but I accepted it. He smiled and finished the other bun as well. He looked at ease, just like the sea breeze blowing against your face.

The robot suddenly came in from outside. It was holding a beautiful vase. It put the rose from my hand into the vase and placed it at the most obvious spot in the room.

Then, it began to adjust the position of the vase until it was satisfied. 

Next, it opened its stomach. Snowball was sleeping soundly inside it. It carried Snowball gently and raised him in front of me.

“Continue to take care of it...” Xing Chuan sat straight and moved closer to me to talk to the robot. He placed one of his legs on his other knee and rested his hand on his bent knees casually, “...Because we will be away for a while.”

The robot nodded and placed Snowball back into its stomach.

I immediately turned to look at Xing Chuan. I realized that Xing Chuan’s face was right above my shoulder. The tip of my nose nearly rubbed against his as I turned around. I immediately stood up and asked, “When do I go for a mission?” I really couldn’t hold back anymore.

Xing Chuan lifted the corners of his lips and smiled, “Today. Harry will be going too.”

“I’m fine!” I immediately stood straight and declared solemnly in a hurry. Although I felt guilty when I said that, I didn’t want Xing Chuan to think that I was fragile to go through that experience.

I am a warrior. Regardless of whether I can accept it or not, I have to pass this obstacle.

He gradually reined back his smile in the morning light. He stood tall and straight and blocked the morning light from me. The clear morning light outlined a golden border of his body.

He looked down at me. In his clear black eyes was the reflection of my determined expression.

“Harry is right. I can’t take away the most precious thing from you,” he said suddenly.

I was stunned and I blinked at him.

He looked down. “Do you remember what you had told me after shooting me in Kro?”

I was drowned in my memory.

He put his hand on my shoulders, “ You had said, thank you for teaching me to be cold-hearted…”

I looked at him as he gazed deeply into my eyes. There was unprecedented sincerity across his eyes. His hands that were pressing on my shoulders slowly moved to my neck, “I will not let your hands be tainted with the Ghost Eclipers’ filthy blood. I will be like Harry; I will guard your kindness and purity.”

I was stunned. Today’s Xing Chuan… is a little strange… weird… but very real…

“I am not a white rose that you can keep in a vase!” I said solemnly.

Xing Chuan retracted his hand and his expression became solemn. “Luo Bing, you have the ability of a great leader. As a leader, you do not go to the field personally. But the lives of the entire troop lies in your hands. Hence, your responsibility is even greater now.”

Xing Chuan’s remark made me happy. It turned out that he didn't intend to keep me in Silver Moon City but let me lead the entire troop.

He smiled again, "You are of course not a white rose in a vase. You are my most important..." His gaze became deeper, "life-and-death partner. Let's work hard to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers!" He extended his right hand.

I clapped his hand without hesitation. We clenched each other’s hands tightly. Our gazes were locked for a very long time under the sunlight. There was suddenly a flame churning in his eyes. It was reflecting the desire of a conqueror.

I was confused, as it seemed like he didn’t want just the Ghost Eclipsers.

Just as I was pondering in doubt, he reined back his hand and hid the ambition in his eyes. He flashed his usual smile. "Because of you, we can move ahead with our planned schedule. Today, I'm taking you to see our friend. Pack your bag. Sharjah had already informed Harry."

Old friend?

Somehow I got excited because there was only one possibility when it came to our old friend.

"You look excited," he smiled.

I looked at him excitedly, " Are we seeing him?"

He smiled but didn't answer my question. He exhorted with a smile. "Hurry up and pack your bag. Silver Moon City has limited energy. We can't go in and out of Kansas Star very often. We will be there for a while."

"Yes, Your Highness!" I stood straight in excitement. We are going outside of Silver Moon City! We are going to see him! Seeing him means we are going to the North!

He had once given me a star badge and told me that I would be able to find his army with this badge no matter where they were.

I was in Silver Moon City, and Silver Moon City knew everyone's whereabouts as they had everyone's map. Everything was clearer as we were looking at the planet from outer space.

No matter where he was, we would be able to go to him at the fastest possible speed.

Is Silver Moon City joining forces with them?

The war against the Ghost Eclipsers is finally happening!

I packed lightly and followed next to Xing Chuan. We passed by the spaceship center and arrived at the hangar. The spaceships were traveling in and out. It was a bustling scene.

When there was no mission, the members in Silver Moon City were required to go through pilot training. The pilot training was carried out in outer space.

After the two wars in Valley Dust Ruin and Heartless City, I had begun to understand the reason why Silver Moon City hadn't started a war against the Ghost Eclipsers abruptly. The total number of people in Silver Moon City was around twenty thousand people. Even ten deaths were a great loss for Silver Moon City because these ten were a fighting power of hundreds.

Due to the lack of resources, a spaceship had become rather precious, let alone a battle spaceship.

The Aurora Legion had never stepped out of the North because of insufficient military equipment. They were working hard to save up. They collected metal pieces, chips and launchers, piece by piece, like collecting rubbish. After that,they reassembled all of these collected items. Hence, saving up for the military equipment was extremely difficult. 

As the elevator ascended slowly, I saw floors of spaceships and flying vehicles. The scene was familiar. It reminded me of the floors of birds that were ready to take off in Noah City.

The setup and structure were very similar to Noah City...

Noah City also had many similar elevators, tunnels and pedometers. The only difference was that the design of Noah City was much older.

"What's wrong?" Xing Chuan seemed to notice and asked me. His eyes were poisonous as though they could read my mind.


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