Book 4: Chapter 70 - New Mission

“Ding!” The Baos were done. Everyone surrounded the baos curiously as though they had found a new continent. 

“Mmhmmm,” Chef Kempinski smelled the baos and looked at them curiously. He poked the bao, and it sunk, slowly resuming its shape again. Chef Kempinski pouted and said, "Looks like… it isn’t anything special.” 

I chuckled. I picked up a bao and put it in front of him. "Try it.” 

Chef Kempinski took it in doubt while Harry had already picked up a big white bao and was playing with its skin by poking it.

I blushed when I saw him playing around with the bao. Although I knew that he was just curious about how the small little dough could expand into such a big bao, I still felt like he was pinching the…

Ever since I had accepted his confession, I felt like… my thoughts… had been getting dirtier.

“Stop playing with it!” I elbowed his stomach. He looked at me innocently and said, "I am just curious as to how it could expand to this size…” He blushed after he said it. He was thinking about that too! 

I stared at him furiously. 

He quickly stuffed the bao into his mouth in embarrassment. He was stunned as soon as he bit into it. The juices from the stuffing of the bao were flowing out from his mouth. 

I reminded him, “It’s flowing out!” 

Ah!” Suddenly, Chef Kempinski exclaimed in surprise. I looked at him and he was stunned too. Chef Kempinski was in tears! 

That’s such an exaggeration!

The fat chef and Sis Avril saw Chef Kempinski’s reaction and quickly took a bao each. The three of them choked in tears as they had their baos.

I could understand their feelings…

When I had first come to this world and had months of black bread, I had cried after finding real food in Kro.

Let alone the fact that they had been eating one single dish for the past decades.

“This is so yummy!” Harry said excitedly and took another bao.

There were a total of twelve baos in the pot, so there were two for each of us. 

I took the last two baos and put them on a plate. I covered them with a lid. 

Harry looked at me suspiciously and asked, "Who are you going to give them to?” 

“For Xing Chuan,” I said casually.

He immediately held my wrist and looked at me angrily, "What is going on between the two of you?” He lowered his voice. 

The chefs had already started preparing flour for making baos. 

I looked at Harry and said, "You should trust me.” 

Harry looked at the three of them and pulled me out of the kitchen impatiently. "Of course, I know that you won’t be sleeping with Xing Chuan, but, but!” 

"I am a guy,” I said helplessly. “We sleep separately like how you boys sleep in the male dorm in Noah City.”

“No way,” Harry sounded jealous. “You’re my wife. How can you sleep with another guy in the same room?”

“I can’t stop him.” I shrugged. “You don’t know. He can combine our rooms just by extending his hand. He can also turn me into an octopus by extending his hand!”

“What?! He turned you into an octopus?!” Harry quickly measured me up and down. In an instant, there was anger churning in his eyes. He turned and stomped away. "I am going to kill him!”

“No!” I quickly pulled him back and said, "That’s why I need to settle him. He doesn’t sleep in my room anymore. Also… you and I will be sleeping together… from now on…” I blushed and pouted while holding his hand. 

His hand became hot. “That’s… that’s true…” He blushed and turned around. He looked at me and smiled bashfully. He held my hand softly and said, "Sleep in my room in the future… Oh no…” He frowned and continued, "Since Xing Chuan doesn’t sleep in your room anymore, you’d better go back to your own room and sleep.” 

I looked up and asked, "Why!?”

He looked away shyly. He licked his lips and held my hand tighter, “If you were to sleep next to me, I am afraid that I won’t be able to hold myself back.”

“What do you mean by you can’t hold yourself back?” I asked hastily. Why wasn’t he letting me sleep in his room? 

He blinked, then turned back and gazed deeply into my eyes. “I can’t hold myself back from wanting you.”

My heart raced and I quickly retracted my hands. I looked down and held onto the plate in my hand tightly. "I am going to send the baos to Xing Chuan,” I walked past him with my heart racing. Suddenly, he hugged my waist and held my chin up and kissed me affectionately.  

The hot and affectionate kisses nearly sucked away all my energy. Ever since he had told me that he loved me, he had kissed me uncountable times. It was as if it was never enough, or as if I owed him a year of kisses and he wanted to take them back at all times. 


Harry was right…



Couldn’t sleep together …

That would probably be a..

Torture for him…

Kiss was such a magical weapon. Not only did it suck away all my energy, but it also emptied my mind. I didn’t realize how I managed to get back to my room, but when I came back to reality, I was already back on my balcony. I saw Xing Chuan sleeping on my couch. 

Did he sleep in my room last night? 

Somehow, I suddenly felt pity for him. It was Cupid Day the night before. 

I walked to his side in order to wake him up, but I saw that he was holding a white rose in his hand.

I was dumbfounded. He was wearing a black robe and his face was slightly tilted to the side. His black long hair covered half of his face and it set off the white rose on his chest to look cleaner and prettier. 

I slowly lowered my body and extended my arms to his shoulder. I wanted to wake him up. 

Suddenly, he lifted his hand and locked it into mine. His grip was so strong that it felt like he was going to break the person who wanted to assassinate him.

I panicked. “It’s me!” I was afraid that he would really turn me into an octopus by accident.

He opened his eyes and the lounge chair inclined slowly so that he was in a seated position. He was still holding my hand and was looking into my eyes. He asked, "Where did you go last night?” 

I looked down. "It was Cupid Day last night. I wanted to be alone.” I couldn’t say that I was with Harry as Harry was supposed to be with a girl the night before. I continued, "I never thought you’d be here.” I looked at him and sat by the side of the couch. I smiled. "It was Cupid Day last night. Why didn’t you invite any girl over?” 

He let go of me and frowned a little. "I couldn’t just call any girl over because it was Cupid Day. I have said it before. I have OCD when it comes to relationships.” He locked his gaze on my face.

I smiled and placed the baos before him. "Try it.” 

He was stunned when he saw the bao. “This is…” 

“The baos that I made. Try it.” 

“You made it?” He was surprised. He smiled and took one, putting it into his mouth. He looked surprised.

I smiled and said, "How is it? I’m not too bad at cooking, huh?” 

He smiled for real. His smile was exceptionally real and bright under the morning sunlight. He was always smiling but the smile he wore that day was one that I had never seen before. It was like a smile of a child who had never gone through anything painful. 


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