Book 4: Chapter 69 - Making Bao Together

“Mm,” I lowered my face and slowly lay on Harry’s chest. His heart started racing immediately. 

He sighed helplessly. “You are seducing me.” 

“Then, take it as a challenge,” I smirked at him. I closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat. I could feel his chest heaving up and down and could feel the warmth of his body on mine. I felt sweet and tender happiness.

He held my shoulder gently and hugged me with his other hand. He placed his chin against my forehead and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.  

I rested my leg on his and it was a really comfortable sleeping position. I didn’t feel like moving at all. I was also hugging him on his waist. It was soft and lean, and it was just nice for hugs. 

His heartbeat gradually slowed down. I wished that I could sleep with him peacefully every night and enjoy the unique happiness and contentment.

In my dream, Harry was holding my hand in a sunflower field… 

He was smiling brightly under the sunflower pot. He touched my face and kissed me on my lips affectionately… 

I slowly opened my eyes. Someone kissed my lips softly and slowly moved away. He stopped above me and his sweet smile was as bright as the sun. 

“You’re up?” He smiled at me. His amber eyes were shimmering beautifully like yellow gemstones and his voice was soft like the murmuring of lapping waves. 

I subconsciously slapped his face. 

He held my hand and looked at me affectionately. 

“Sorry, I am so used to it…” I said with guilt in my eyes. 

He smiled and replied, “I am used to it too…”

We looked at each other and smiled. He slowly leaned in and I closed my eyes. He gave me a quick peck on my lips and said, “It’s time to wake up.” 

I blushed and opened my eyes but he had yet to move away.

He continued to look at my face. His affectionate gaze looked through all my features and skin. He gently stroked down my face with his finger, starting from my eyebrow. He smiled brightly again and said, “My wife is the prettiest indeed.” 

It was just like the first time I had met him. He had been above me, looking at me with a silly face…

He was immature and looked a little childish back then. 

His growth over the year was surprising. Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason were right. Humans grow through experiences in relationships. 

Their son, Harry, had grown into a trustworthy and reliable man. 

He slowly stroked past my neck and stopped above my chest. He was being a gentleman, not going any lower.  

“What should I do? I haven’t had enough of you…” he said softly with his raspy voice. Then, he looked down and rubbed the tip of my nose gently like a feather. I could feel his breath on my lips when he said with his raspy voice, “Waifu, can I call you my wife…?” 

“Mm…” It turned out that it was really different when there was love and when there wasn’t. Back then I used to get annoyed whenever he called me waifu and only wanted to punch him. 

But then, if he would have called someone else his wife, I would have turned him into an eunuch!

He was so happy that his eyes were beaming with joy. He lowered his body and put his weight on mine completely. Both his arms went under the back of my neck and hugged me tightly. He called, “Waifu, waifu, waifu!” 

I patted on his back and said, “You’re too heavy!” 

He chuckled happily.

“Come to the kitchen with me, I will make you breakfast.” I felt like making food all of a sudden. 

“Really?!” He immediately supported himself up above me and looked at me excitedly. “That’s awesome!” He kissed me on my forehead like a happy kid.

But, he didn’t know that there was a conspiracy when I made him go to the kitchen!

Many people would say that a woman could only tie a man down fully if they could satisfy their stomachs. But it was the total opposite in our home.

My Mom had always been highly-fed since young. She was treated like a young lady at her home. She had never done any housework. Her hands were soft and beautiful because of that. 

And for my Dad, he came from a normal family. When he had first joined the army, he had been in charge of cooking. He really loved to cook. He used to bring my Mom all his delicious cooking, winning against all the other guys who were chasing after her.

Hence, I had actually learned cooking from my dad, especially staple food like noodles and bread. There wasn’t anything that my dad couldn’t cook.

But I couldn’t make them as well because of kneading. Men were much stronger so they could knead better.

Harry was giggling while kneading. He obviously didn’t mind me making him do the labor work. It was a husband’s job to do labor work, wasn’t it?  

Head Chef Kempinski, fat chef and Sister Avril were looking at us from the side.  

Head Chef Kempinski ordered, “Write down every single step!” 

“Yes!” The fat chef replied sternly. There was a small robot flying around us, recording the entire process of us making our breakfast. 



It was the sound of Harry slamming the dough. After his hands became bigger, kneading was just as easy as killing an ant for someone who could penetrate a concrete wall with his hand.  

Harry asked me, "Am I doing it right?” 

I subconsciously held his hand and kneaded together with him. Our hands went into the dough and the moist sticky white dough squeezed out of our fingers, "Don’t use too much force. Dough that is kneaded gently has better tenacity."

Harry looked at me happily. He grabbed my hand tightly in the dough when I tried to remove my hand. I instantly blushed and he started rubbing my hand in the dough. The moist dough squeezed between our fingers and it made a squeaking noise.

"Let go!” I said, “They are recording!” I looked at the flying robot. 

Harry smiled brightly and let go of my hand. My hand was covered in the moist flour and I couldn’t fling them off.

Harry was so naughty, he had made my heart race again. 

"Luo Bing, what are you going to make today? Is it bread?” The fat chef was already salivating.

“Nope. I’m making bao. Stuffed bao.” I calmed down and started making the minced meat. 

“Bao?!” The fat chef seemed to be fueled with anticipation!

Harry and I made a total of twelve baos. Head Chef Kempinski, the fat chef and Sister Avril stood around the pot and watched after we put the baos in the steamer.

Many cooking styles no longer existed due to the advanced food processing styles in this world. It was difficult to even find salad oil in the kitchen of Silver Moon City as there was only olive oil .

Everyone gasped in astonishment when they saw the snow-white baos expand in the pot. Harry looked at the expanding white bao and stole a glance at my chest. I immediately stepped on his foot. What are you thinking about! Pervert!


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