Book 4: Chapter 68 - Heartbeat

He took deep breaths as he held my face with his forehead leaning on mine. “Lil Bing, can you give me some sort of response? You can either hit me or do anything. Just give me some reaction, okay?” His voice was raspy and he said it as though he was begging in agony. “I really want to know what you are thinking right now. I am going crazy…” He held my shoulders tightly and leaned onto it, gently brushed past the side of my burning face…

I wanted to respond to him, but I didn’t know how to do so. My heart was beating so fast that all the nerves in my brain were hurting. The blood inside me was flowing so fast throughout my body that it was heating up my entire body. And somehow, I seemed to have lost all of my strength from my body…

My lips were numb and cold. I was already missing the lips that were warm on mine just seconds ago. I was dumbfounded. It was a strange feeling. 

“Lil Bing…” he held my body tight. I could feel his warm hands on my back. The heat from his hands was making my body even warmer. 

“Do you actually like me or not…” His voice cracked. 

I thought…

The answer was obvious…

I lifted my hands slowly. I moved them bit by bit…

“Never mind…” He let loose of the embrace and continued, “I won’t ask anymore… but I do not regret telling you everything I said today…” He slowly removed his hands from me and moved his sad face from my shoulder in disappointment. 

I panicked and quickly hugged him and buried myself in his chest. 

Lub-dub.” His heart skipped a beat.

I grasped his shirt on his back and hugged him tightly. I didn’t let him leave. 

Lub-dub, lub-dub.” His heart raced very fast. It was beating faster than usual. He hugged me tightly once again. We were hugging each other tightly under the dimming lights. 

We didn’t say a word. 

I leaned on his chest without moving an inch.

I didn’t want to let go. I only wanted to lean on his warm chest. I felt an unprecedented relaxation and happiness.

He slowly lifted his hand and touched the back of my neck. He gently removed the voice changer and asked softly, “Lil Bing, can you say something?” 

“Do not receive gifts from other girls in the future! You have to reject them in their face!” I said angrily. I had clarified my standing about presents from other girls long ago. He absolutely couldn’t keep any presents from other girls.

“I threw them away! I didn’t keep any! Oh yeah, but I didn’t throw the ones you gave me,” he replied. 

“What?!” I let go of him and glared at him angrily, “Where are they?” 

He became stiff and nervous. He pointed at the desk by the side. There were really a bunch of them. 

I walked over and threw all of them into the bin!

“You gave me those!” He tried to explain himself.

I picked up the letter from the floor, folded it and kept it in my pocket. I looked at him coldly and said, “Those were given to me by the other girls. Why did you keep them?” 

Er…” he started blushing and looked away awkwardly.

I didn’t look at him but asked, “Where are my pajamas?”

His body immediately stiffened and he pointed at the cupboard by the side. 

I opened the cupboard and took out my pajamas. I walked in front of him and lifted his right hand and took away the ring from his finger. 

He held my hand and asked me nervously, “What are you doing!?” 

I blushed and looked down, “Changing it to the other hand! Idiot!” I lifted his left hand and put the ring on his ring finger. He immediately stood straight and chuckled excitedly. 

“I am going to shower.” I was blushing and my heart was beating fast. I turned and ran into the bathroom. 

I stood in front of the mirror and touched my face. My face was all red. I slowly tore off my disguise. I looked at my not-so-young self. I had grown mature regardless of my face or my…

I lowered my head and slowly unbuttoned myself. I placed my jacket aside and pressed on the decorative button in the middle. The button had gene recognition. It would not activate if someone else were to press it. But when I pressed it, the singlet slowly expanded, slowly loosening up my breasts, boosting the singlet up. 

They have really grown bigger…

I smiled. I touched my face and smiled again. It had turned out that Harry had been loving me all this time—from loving me to denying it, to not admitting it ,and to getting anxious about it. 

I couldn’t help but touch my numb lips. My heart immediately raced. What am I doing!? 

I quickly went into the shower to calm myself down. I turned on the cold water and let it run over me to cool down my body temperature. 

“Ding Dong,” the doorbell rang. 

Must be a girl! 

I have had enough! 

I wrapped myself in a bath towel and pressed a sheet of face mask out from the mirror. When I went out of the bathroom, Harry was about to open the door as expected!

He was stunned the moment he saw me. He blushed and his gaze was fixed on my body. His amber eyes began to grow deeper and his eyes were shimmering like churning flame.

I looked at him coldly and walked to the door. The moment I opened the door, there was no surprise that it was a girl indeed.

“Why are you looking for Harry?” I looked at her coldly. I had one hand on my waist while the other holding the door frame. I stood with my chest out, with the water dripping down along my wet hair to the cleavage underneath my towel. 

She looked at me stiffly and replied, “No.. Nothing.”

“Very well. We are going to bed.” I closed the door behind me and complained, “Ugh! I’m so pissed! There is still a girl coming to you at this hour! Harry!” 

As I turned around angrily, a shadow suddenly blocked my way. There was a hand that landed next to my face while another hugged around my waist forcefully, with the towel in between. 

I leaned back against the door and Harry’s burning gaze filled my sight. He was staring right into my eyes as his chest heaved up and down substantially. “Do you know how dangerous you are right now?” That raspy voice from his bright red lips brought out an exceptionally heated sensation.

I realized that I was actually only in a towel. I was naked from my neck to my chest. Completely… naked… 

He slowly leaned lower and his finger stroked gently on the side of my face. The face mask that was covering my face earlier fell off and slid to my chest, giving me a cold sensation. 

His burning gaze stared at my face without disguise, “Lil Bing… you are making me lose control…” Suddenly, he kissed me. It was a kiss far more passionate than the one from earlier. It was a dominating kiss. The heavy kiss pressed me towards the door. He bit my lips and his hot tongue drilled into my mouth, plundering everything beyond my lips, sucking my breath away. I couldn’t control but moan, “mmhmm.”

He suddenly tightened his hand around my waist while the other hand began to touch along my neck moving to my shoulder, then my arm and my hand. He interlaced his fingers with mine and placed my hand on the door. Our fingers were intertwined. 

His burning chest began to press against mine. My soft body underneath the towel could feel the tightness of his chest. His heart was beating vigorously. Each kiss he gave me seemed like it was penetrating into the deepest part of my soul. 

His hand around my waist began to move up on my back. At the spot where the towel and the skin met, he grasped tightly and his fingertip slid under the towel. 

His lips suddenly left mine and I felt a rainstorm landing on my neck uncontrollably. I started to panic and shouted, “Don’t, Harry.” I was surprised to hear that my breath was trembling. My voice was weak.

His lips landed on my neck and he clenched our intertwined hands tightly. His body pressed against my soft breasts heavily. 

“I need to calm down.” He pulled his body away after saying that. My legs went weak and I staggered. 

Suddenly, my pajamas were thrown on my body. He stood at the entrance of the bathroom and looked away. “Quickly put it on!” 

“Oh!” I looked down with my blushing face and I quickly put on my pajamas. I took off my towel when Harry shut the door. 

My body was constantly heating up. It was a very strange feeling. Kissing made people weak in all limbs while touching made people grow feeble. I held my body tightly. My body was experiencing an unimaginable change, reacting to the human being’s instinctual needs.

I touched my burning face. I curled up and hugged my legs tightly. I buried my face into my knees. I accidentally… seduced… Harry. 

I was so mad! 

He was so popular among the girls and I had to put an end to that using a girl’s identity!

I had to do it because I wouldn’t have been able to chase away those girls with my male identity. On the contrary, it would trigger their desire to make Harry a straight guy because they would have thought of it as a challenge, similar to the way Sophia was pestering me. 

But, I reckoned the girls would probably behave better in the future as they found out that Harry was with a girl that night.


I chuckled happily.

Harry finally came out of the bathroom after God knows how long. I looked at him nervously and his body stiffened under my nervous gaze. 

I was in my pajamas while he was in his. We are going to… sleep together…. tonight. 

Actually, we had slept together before this… 

But, it is different tonight. 

I looked down as I was already blushing. 

He quickly sat down on the floor next to the bed and it looked like he was prepared to sleep on the floor. 

“Why are you still sleeping on the floor?” I looked at his back with my blushed face.

His back became stiff. 

I lied down and turned to face him with my back, “Come up.”

“You… really want me to come onto the bed?” He asked with a dry voice. 

“Forget it then.” 

“Bang.” He hopped onto the bed. 

I turned around and looked at him. He crossed his arms behind his head as he grinned happily, lying down on the bed. 

He turned to look at me with a wide and happy smile. “Lil Bing, today is the happiest and luckiest day for me. I want to…” He turned around and he moved closer as though he wanted to kiss me.

Smack! I didn’t know why but I slapped him on his face. 

He backed off stiffly.

I awkwardly took my hand and said, “Sorry, I have got used to doing that.” 

“It’s okay. I am also used to it.” he laughed in a silly manner. “I was really going crazy when you were ignoring me. Don’t do that again in the future.” He looked at me seriously. “You can hit me if you are upset but definitely do not ignore me…” He looked at my face deeply and my heart started racing again under his deep and affectionate gaze. 


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