Book 4: Chapter 66 - Confession on Cupid Day

The finger slowly went under my sleeve, and to my wrist, slowly stroking the soft skin of my inner wrist, which tickled me. I woke up in shock and saw Xing Chuan sleeping in the same small bed right next to me. 

It was dawn. 

I sat up and looked at my right hand suspiciously. I still felt a tingling sensation around my wrist. I felt weird touching it. I turned to look but I was surprised that Xing Chuan wasn’t naked.

I brought the silk blanket to his side. We actually had a lot of things in common. 

Both of us had lost our parents. We had become lonely and strolled at the edge of darkness. And most importantly, both of us needed someone by our side to keep us company. 

But, he didn’t say the last bit. 

I didn’t say it as well. 

It was because we didn’t want to show our weaknesses. 

But, he could only sleep soundly with someone by his side. 

I needed someone to be by my side so I wouldn’t be lost in this world. 

I slowly put the silk blanket on him. Perhaps, he was right; we were very much alike. 

His eyelashes quivered a little and he opened his eyes slowly under the dim golden morning light. He placed his arm on his forehead and asked, “Are you feeling okay?” 

I was stunned and asked, “What feeling?” 

“If you can continue to go on a mission.” he still sounded sleepy. 

I was awake immediately. I needed to go on a mission. “I’m fine. I can go on a mission anytime!” 

He nodded and said, “Good. Wait until Cupid Day is over then.” 

“Cupid Day?” Oh yeah. It was Cupid Day in Silver Moon City. 

On this day, no one went out for any missions. They stayed in Silver Moon City to go out for dates. It was like Confession Day in Noah City. 

Humph… You will like this day,” Xing Chuan smirked under the golden morning light, revealing his evil and playful side. 

What is there to like about today? Harry and I have just fallen out. 

But, I never imagined Cupid Day in Silver Moon City would be like this! 

When I arrived at the classroom, the guys’ desks were already filled with condoms!

I looked at the sight blankly. The guys were chatting among themselves calmly like any other day. They had a rose in their hands. A girl walked past me and threw a condom on one of the guy’s desks. The guy blushed when he saw her, and stood up to offer his rose to the girl. 

The girl smiled happily and swept away all the other condoms from the guy’s desk. Then, she leaped on the guy and kissed him on his lips. They started kissing and making out in the classroom straight away!


“Wow!” The guys whistled and clapped. 

I subconsciously looked in Harry’s direction and he was looking at me. He was blushing. Suddenly, I noticed the mountain of condoms on his desk and I looked away with a glum look. We had a fall out anyway. 

I walked to the seat next to Gale as Yama and I switched our seats. Yama’s table was filled too. It seemed like Yama was pretty popular.

There was quite a bit on Gale’s table too, only slightly lesser than Yama’s. 

Both Gale and Yama had a rose in their hands. Harry hurriedly hid the condoms under his desk and acted as if nothing had happened.

Actually, I had quite a fair bit on my desk too. 

“Brother Bing, go get a rose. If the girl you like gives you a condom, bring her out on a date and you can go to her room tonight.” Gale smiled at me. 

“That’s right, Brother Bing. You should try girls,” Yama said in a silly manner. Then, he carefully added, “Or… You and His Highness really did…” Yama lifted his index finger on his right hand and made a circle with his left hand, slowly moving them closer. 

Before I could understand what he meant, Harry slapped down Yama’s hand. He stared at him angrily and said, “Don’t annoy him!” 

“Pa!” Suddenly, someone slammed on my desk. I turned around and the first thing I saw was a pair of boobs. I could already tell who it was just by looking at those pair of boobs. 

“I know you like men and His Highness didn’t allow me to come close to you. But I still want to give it to you!” Sophia walked away when she was done talking. She was cool. 

I looked at the condom on my desk stiffly. Cupid Day in Silver Moon City was so much more straightforward than the Confession Day in Noah City.

On Cupid Day, girls could give a condom to the guys they liked while guys could also give out roses to the girls they like. If the feelings were mutual, they would receive blessings from the Cupid God at night. 

There was no age limitation in Silver Moon City because love wasn’t bound by age. So, gifts were exchanged between teachers and students as well. 

It felt like I had returned from a fruitful journey in just a day. 

“Harry, have you given out your rose yet?” 

“Harry, can you give me the rose?” 

“Harry, please give me a chance. You will fall for girls!” 

One girl after another passed by me as they placed the condoms on Harry’s desk. The flame in my chest started burning fiercely.

Finally, it was the end of the class. I grabbed all the condoms from my desk, turned around and threw them at his face. “I am giving you all of mine as well!” 

Harry looked at me stiffly as the condoms fell from his face. Gale and Yama were awkward. They didn’t dare to make a sound but looked to the side.

I stood up and walked away. 

“Lil Bing!” Harry immediately stood up and chased after me. 

I started running away angrily.

That night in Silver Moon City was destined to be filled by hormones. 

There was a cocktail party at the field for the couples to spend their Cupid Day romantically. 

I ran along the corridor. 

“Lil Bing! Stop! I have yet to finish what I wanted to say last night!” He shouted from behind. 

I continued running! 

“Lil Bing! Don’t force me!” 

I ignored him. I was too angry! He had received so many condoms! 

Suddenly, a huge hand held my waist forcefully. I was held firmly and I couldn’t move forward. The hand on my waist was really huge. It could almost hold my entire waist with its grip. Those fingers were really thick and they reached my stomach. 

“Let me go!” I struggled in his huge hands. 

“No!” Harry was behind me. He suddenly lifted me up and placed me over his shoulder. He said angrily, “I really have had enough! Go back to the room with me!” He strode forward.

I hit him on his back and said, “Harry! What is wrong with you!? Put me down!” 

“I told you! I won’t let you go!” He said fiercely. 

“Harry! What are you trying to do?” 

“You will find out soon!” 

“What is wrong with you?!” 

“You are the one acting strange lately!” 

We arrived in his room as we spoke. He threw me on the bed after we entered the room. Just as I sat up angrily, Harry held a letter in front of my face. “Rustle.” It was filled with words.

“Lil Bing! I love you!” Suddenly, Harry’s voice resounded from behind the densely worded letter. I looked at the piece of paper in front of me blankly. What did Harry just say? 

He said… 

He loves me… 


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