Book 4: Chapter 65 - Don’t Touch Me if You Don’t Like Me

Finally, everything resumed its tranquility.

The only thing that didn’t resume to normal was the hole between my training room and Xing Chuan’s bedroom. He slept in his room and he never asked Blue Charm or Moon Dream to keep him company. 

I never sat with Harry in class anymore. I would fight to sit next to Gale while Yama could only sit with Harry. Harry took advantage of me! I would never talk to him again. 

I would feel Harry watching me during class. If it wasn’t my sixth sense, Gale’s gaze traveling back and forth between me and Harry stated the obvious. 

“Brother Bing, what happened to you and Harry?” Gale asked carefully in the cafeteria.

Harry stayed away from me conscientiously. He sat on the other end of the table while Gale and the huge Yama sat in between us. 

Yama looked at Harry and me worriedly too. 

“Nothing.” I ate while I supported my head with my hand. 

"Harry, what happened to you and Brother Bing?” Yama asked Harry. “It has been a few days since you have talked to each other.”

“Blue Charm and the girls are here.” Gale suddenly looked to the front. 

“Pa!” Suddenly, I felt a hand slap down before me. I was shocked. I looked up and saw Blue Charm, Nora and Moon Dream. Moon Dream looked at me with a glum look and Blue Charm bore a murderous vibe.  

Gale immediately stood up and looked at them. “Blue Charm, are you here to find trouble with Brother Bing again? Don’t forget what His Highness told us!” 

“Humph!” Blue Charm rolled her eyes at Gale. She then turned and sneered at me, "His Highness takes care of you really well. He even took care of you in bed.” 

Initially, I had thought that something had happened, but it turned out that they had approached me because of jealousy. 

“Bang!” Suddenly, Harry stood up at the other end of the table. His chest was heaving up and down vigorously and he looked furious. 

Everyone in the cafeteria suddenly looked in our direction.

Blue Charm sneered at Harry, “Harry, do you know that your Lil Bing has been sleeping with His Highness?” Blue Charm’s voice was especially clear as the entire cafeteria was really quiet. 

Harry clenched his fists. 

I looked at him and then at Blue Charm. "I never slept with Xing Chuan. It’s your choice to believe it or not.” Then, I stood up. 

“You really didn’t sleep with His Highness?” Moon Dream asked in doubt.

I looked at her calmly and said, “Yes. What you think may not be true. His Highness has been sleeping in his own room lately.” 

“Gold moon badge!” Suddenly, Nora looked at my chest in surprise. Moon Dream and Blue Charm looked at my chest too and they were shocked. 

“What? Gold… Moon?!” Gale saw it too. He had sat with me for a few days, but he never noticed it until now. Guys were really less observant. 

I couldn’t blame them for not noticing it. It was easy to miss as it was a small badge on a guy’s chest. 

“Gold moon badge!” 

“It really is the gold moon badge!” 

“It’s His Highness Cang Yu!” 

“Brother Bing actually has the gold moon badge from His Highness Cang Yu!” 

Everyone in the cafeteria started discussing among themselves.

Suddenly, Harry strode towards me and pulled me with a glum look. 

I wanted to shake off his grip but I thought it would probably be better to leave the place first.

I followed Harry until he pulled me out of the cafeteria. I wanted to shake his hand off, but he gripped on my hand firmly.

“Harry! Let me go!” 

“No!” He continued to walk forward without turning back to look at me.


He pulled me into a training room. He slammed the door shut behind us and pressed me against the wall next to the door. He asked, "What is going on between you and Xing Chuan?” 

I pushed him on his chest angrily and he pressed me down even harder. He slapped his palm on to the wall next to my face and the wind from his palm blew my hair up. He stared into my eyes and said, “Tell me! Did you sleep with Xing Chuan?!”  

I opened my eyes widely and I got furious. "Who do you think I am!? Is it because I haven’t beaten you in a while? Your skin is itching now!?”

He clenched his teeth. He looked away and took a deep breath. He let go of me and started taking off his clothes. 

My heart raced immediately and I said, "What are you trying to do?” 

He took off his outerwear and flung it to the floor. He turned to me and spread his arms. He then roared, "Come! You wanted to hit me, right? Come on!” 

“Crazy!” I turned around and started walking away. He suddenly snatched my hand and pulled me back in front of him. He hugged me tightly on my waist and looked at me with a burning gaze. "Didn’t you say that I am a pervert? Why aren’t you hitting me?” 

I glared at him angrily as he stared back. "I have had enough!” A hot breath came out from his mouth and I felt it against my lips. Suddenly, he leaned into my face and I subconsciously lifted my hand and slapped him on his face. 


His face turned sideways from my slap. He chuckled lightly. "You are becoming more gentle towards me. It doesn’t even hurt now.” He turned back and smirked maliciously, "Do it again. I am enjoying it.” He let go of my hand and stepped back. 

I looked at him angrily and I started unbuttoning my shirt. His eyes immediately dilated in shock and he lost his domineering manner from earlier. He didn’t dare to look at my body anymore. As I saw that he hadbecome absent-minded, I went forward and punched him!

“Bang!” I punched him in his stomach. He held his stomach and bent down. I raised my fist again, but held my fist. I immediately turned to elbow him, so he let go of my hand. We started fighting in the training room. 

I was surprised to find out that he had gotten stronger, much stronger than before!

We had not trained together in a while. His movements and actions had became much smoother and coordinated. They had become Harry’s own skills.

Suddenly, he clasped both of my hands on my back. I leaped and jumped out of the ring between us. I was facing him again but both my hands were intertwined with his. 

We were both panting facing each other. His sweat rolled down from his slender neck to his chest beneath his singlet. 

“Phew… Phew…” He was panting as he clasped my hands tightly. Our gazes were locked for a moment, but his gaze slowly lowered from my face to my chest that was heaving up and down. I had unbuttoned my shirt so my singlet was exposed. 

He blushed and looked away but he was still holding my hands tightly. 

“Let go!” I panted.

“No,” he looked away and replied stubbornly. 

I started struggling angrily. "I am telling you to let go of me! Can’t you hear me!? What is wrong with you lately?! Don’t touch me if you don’t like me. You are just taking advantage of me. Do you know that!? You are just taking advantage of me! How can you take advantage of me? I trust you so much!” I finally couldn’t stand it and blurted it out. I blurted all the annoying and confusing thoughts I had bottled up during the past few days. 

I looked at Harry. Icould barely hold my tears back.

“Lil Bing, I!” 

I shoved him away angrily and stepped on his foot. 

Ah!” He let go of me in pain. I turned around and ran away. 

I had thought I would feel better after blurting everything out but I was wrong. I was even more confused after saying it out loud. I became aimless. I sat on the bed as I hugged Snowball while staring into the distance at the dark red planet outside. 

How am I gonna face Harry in the future? 

I have turned our relationship into a deadlock. I felt like Harry was no more going to care about me in the future. Would he leave Silver Moon City because of this? 

My mind was blank. 

If he leaves… 

I would be…

Really be alone… 

What am I supposed to do? 

But I am really angry that he took advantage of me. 

“Sorry that I scared you the other day.” Suddenly, I heard Xing Chaun’s voice.  “I was out of control.”

I was staring blankly in the distance with Snowball in my hands. I said calmly, "It’s alright. Everyone loses control sometimes. At least… I could see the real you.” 

“Then,  are we… good?” 

“Yeah.” I was still staring at the planet outside. 

The room became quiet again. He walked next to me and asked, "Luo Bing, are you okay? Did you fight with Harry?” He sat next to me and leaned towards me slightly. The air was filled with warmth from his body. 

“I am trying to figure out a problem.” 

“What is the problem?” He placed his hands on his knees and looked at the dark red planet out of the balcony as well. 

“Should I like guys… or girls?”

He was stunned and he turned to look at me. 

“It is very normal for me to like a guy in Noah City. But it became abnormal here. I even caused you to be misunderstood…” I looked at him and he straightened his body slightly. His gaze was deep yet steady, as if he didn’t mind about what had happened. “I’m sorry.” 

He frowned and smiled. He placed his hand on my head and looked at my face warmly. "I never really mind it. It’s up to me to like a guy or a girl. No one can stop me from liking someone.” He smiled widely at me. "Do you like Harry?” His gaze became deep and there was a sharp light striking across it. 

I looked away and patted the quiet Snowball in my arms, "I can’t tell who I like anymore…” 

“It’s okay, you will find out in the future,” His hand started stroking from my head down along my hair to my shoulder. “We, men, get tired too. Sometimes, we need a shoulder as well. I can let you lean on mine for a while, but just for a while. We are men, not women.” 

He let me lean on his shoulder gently. He draped his arm around my shoulder and said, “Blue Charm and the girls went to find trouble with you today, didn’t they?”

“It’s alright. I made it clear with them.” I slowly let go of my mind. Maybe letting it go would stop all those worries. I slowly closed my eyes. “I want to go to the Valley Dust Ruins… in a few days… Can I…”

“Are you going there to help the spirits?” Xing Chuan’s voice became softer. 

My head lowered and slowly went into darkness. 


I woke up in shock and sat dumbfounded. 

“What happened?” He was shocked too.

“Don’t punish Blue Charm and the girls…” I fell back after I said it. I went into a deep sleep on my bed. It was so comfortable. 

Snowball curled up in my arms. I hoped that I would have no worries the next day when I wake up. 

I felt someone touching my hand vaguely. The warm hand was rubbing my hand gently and it was gently tickling my palm. A soft thing landed on the back of my hand, like a kiss. I felt the warmth on the back of my hand and it left a burning spot.


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