Book 4: Chapter 64 - Do Not Agitate Xing Chuan

“Luo Bing! You know I am not that kind of person! I would have already done things with you if I were one.” Harry stared at me angrily. “I could have seen everything during the nights when you slept in my room. You have to believe in my heart!” He pressed one hand against my chest heavily!

My heart started racing immediately. He was actually pressing on my chest! 

I could feel the heat of his warm palm instantly through my singlet. It made my heartbeat even faster. A strange, burning sensation went all over my body. I was dumbfounded and it was odd that I was even feeling weak in all my limbs.

He felt my pounding heart and came back to reality. He looked down at his hand stiffly. “I… I…” He continued looking at his hand that was pressing on my chest. Suddenly, I felt something becoming bigger and harder near my inner thighs.

“Harry! You are a pervert!” I punched him in the face. 

“Bang!” He fell to the side. 

I immediately moved away from him and hopped out of the balcony, as I attached the voice changer simultaneously. I touched my chest and the places where he had touched me. He had left a trail of warmth from his palm. 

My body was still numb all over as though he had taken away all of my strength. I looked at my soft arms. Why am I feeling like this? Why do I have… a weird feeling of not wanting to leave?  

What is wrong with me? 

Why can’t I resist? Why am I not disgusted nor can I resist? 

Could this be, the difference between like… and dislike? 

Damn! I really like… 

God! No… 

I was absent minded. Harry’s face kept appearing in front of me—his burning gaze that I couldn’t understand and his red lips that were slowly moving closer to me. What was he trying to do? Why did he lower his face towards me? 

I felt restless. The temperature of my face became hotter and I couldn’t cool down, as I recalled him approaching me, and I remembered his touch, face and burning gaze. 

Does Harry like me? 

He said that he had used me as an excuse. Perhaps, it wasn’t. Maybe he really… 

Why didn’t he say so? Why is he hiding it from me? Why did he bring Raffles and me together? 

Or maybe he doesn’t like me? 

Then why did that happen? 

He was trying to take advantage of me! 

I got really angry. He actually took advantage of me! 

I must kill him! Must kill him! 

"Luo Bing?” Xing Chuan sounded confused. “Why is your face so red?” Suddenly, a cold hand touched my face. I was startled and I slapped it away, "Don’t touch me!” 

Xing Chuan was stunned. 

I came back to reality and looked away apologetically. “I’m sorry. A girl tried to pursue me today. I am… not that used to it…” 

“A girl?” 

“Yes, her boobs are huge.” I lifted the air in front of my chest and said, "They were this big!” I was astonished at Sophia’s boobs!

“Sophia?!” Xing Chuan immediately said her name.

I looked at him in embarrassament. "She is popular indeed.” 

Xing Chuan looked a little embarrassed as well. His gaze lowered and focused on my chest. His gaze suddenly quivered vigorously as if he was losing control of his usual disguise and the hidden Xing Chuan was going to take over!

I followed his gaze and saw the golden moon badge on my chest. 

“You met him!” Suddenly, he grabbed the golden badge on my chest harshly. He pressed his hand on my chest and I instantly exploded, "Let me go!” I shoved him away angrily. Why is everyone being hard on my boobs today!  

He held onto the golden badge on my chest as though he had lost control. He glared at me and asked, "How do you know him? How did you meet him!?” He lost his cool completely. There was no gentle expression nor tender smile across his face. There was only very intense anger! 

Xing Chuan was out of control! 

He gripped the badge and the clothes underneath so hard that it felt like he was going to crush my badge into pieces. 

"How I met him is none of your business.” I was agitated and I pushed him away fiercely. 

However, he gripped my shirt under the badge tightly. Then, *pak.* The buttons on my shirt got pulled off and fell to the ground. It was shimmering under the dim lights. My singlet under my shirt was exposed to the air too. But he was still holding on to the side of my shirt. That side of my shirt fell off my shoulder as he was pulling on it and it exposed my shoulder. 

He stared at the golden badge in his palm and said, "You don’t even know who you are dealing with!” 

"Luo Bing! I told you, you can’t run away from me!” Suddenly, Sophia flew down from above and landed next to us. Her almost see-through black lace chiffon skirt fluttered as she moved. Her long, sexy legs were exposed as the chiffon skirt was lifted. It also showed her black lace underwear underneath. 

She stood dumbfounded next to us after she had landed. 

Xing Chuan continued to stare at the gold moon badge angrily. A tuft of his long hair was covering his expression, so Sophia was not able to see it. She could only see the current situation we were in. He pulled my shirt open and one of my shoulders was exposed in the air. 

I stared at Xing Chuan fiercely. I gritted through my teeth, "Your Highness, someone is here. Is it good for you to behave like this?”

Xing Chuan slowly calmed himself down under his long hair but his expression was still extremely gloomy.

“Sophia, you don’t have the authority to come here. Whose badge did you steal this time?!” Xing Chuan’s deep voice made Sophia take a step back. 

Suddenly, another person came over with a miniature aircraft. It was Sharjah. 

Sharjah instantly stiffened the moment he saw us! 

I saw another person coming towards us and I pushed Xing Chuan again, "Let me go!” 

Xing Chuan suddenly clasped my hand that was pushing him away and jerked my other hand simultaneously. He made me turn around in front of him and he entangled me in front of him, locking me with my own arms.

I struggled in front of him, "Let me go!” He continued to hug me tight in front of him and said, "Sharjah! Lead Sophia down!” 

Sharjah came back to reality and immediately pulled Sophia. "Sophia!” 

Sophia puffed up her cheeks. She was wearing a sexy black lace lingerie. Her huge 36DD boobs were going to pierce through the lingerie. The colorful heart-shaped tattoo on her chest was even glowing in the dark.

“Your Highness, you already have enough girls. Do you need to compete with us for guys as well?” Sophia said angrily with her chest up. 

I thought Xing Chuan would let go of me but he suddenly hugged me even tighter that his entire body was against my back. He even rested his chin on my exposed shoulder. The few tufts of his long black hair hung before my chest covering half of my body. 

“Luo Bing is mine. You’d better disappear now,” his monotonous voice was filled with chills. 

Sharjah was shocked and he pulled Sophia away immediately. "Sophia, let’s go! His Highness needs to rest!” 

“Humph,” Xing Chuan harrumphed coldly on my neck and I could feel an instant warm breath on my neck. 

Sophia looked at us unwillingly. Suddenly, she bit her lips and said, "Your Highness, let’s make it the three of us tonight!” 


I was stunned in front of Xing Chuan and I even forgot about struggling. 

Xing Chuan loosened the grip on me slightly when I stopped struggling. He extended his right hand to grab Sophia’s perky boob. 

Sophia’s body instantly became stiff. 

Suddenly, the boob that Xing Chuan was touching shrank! 

Ah! Ah!” Sophia immediately backed off and looked at Xing Chuan in terror, "His Highness, it was my fault!” 

“Go!” He only muttered one word and there was no other emotion.

Sharjah sighed. Sophia’s boobs were sized differently… 

It was even more obvious under that transparent lingerie. 

Sophia burst out in tears as she panicked. She touched her differently sized boobs and cried, "How, what should I do…” 

"Xing Chuan, turn her boobs back to normal.” I shouted from front of Xing Chuan, “Turn them back! I will tell you what you want to know!”

His chin moved a little on the side of my neck. His lip touched my neck and it made me shudder. I immediately dodged to the side to avoid contact with his lips. 

“Really?” He whispered into my ear. 

I looked to the side and said fiercely, "Yes!” 

“Alright.” He let go of me and I quickly tidied up my shirt and turned away. What is wrong with His Highness Cang Yu’s badge? Why did Xing Chuan go crazy? 

Xing Chuan walked to Sophia who was wailing her lungs out. He placed his hand on her shrunken boob and it slowly grew bigger, to the same size as the other boob. 

“Hurry up and leave!” Sharjah immediately dragged Sophia while she wiped her tears and looked at me. "Thank you.” 

Suddenly, Xing Chuan stood between me and Sophia. He looked at her coldly and said monotonously, "Do not look at him anymore.” His extremely low voice was filled with dominance and dignity which couldn’t be resisted. 

“Humph! His Highness is a petty one!” Sophia hopped on the miniature aircraft as she was puffed with anger.

Sharjah glanced at us in embarrassment and took Sophia away hastily.

Xing Chuan turned around and looked at me. "Now, it’s your turn to talk.” 

I looked away in annoyance. "I met His Highness Cang Yu in the garden library. I met him again today. He knows that we sleep together and he gave me this badge. That’s it!” 

Xing Chuan kept quiet even after I finished. 

Suddenly, he left my room. I was a little surprised. He stopped at the door and said, "Do not see him again in the future. This is sincere advice.” He left my room after saying it. 

Xing Chuan really left. 

I looked in the direction he had left in confusion. Why did he say that it was an advice but not a warning? 

With his character, it should be a warning if he didn’t want me to get close to His Highness Cang Yu.

What happened between him and His Highness Cang Yu? It felt like they… never got along. 

Snowball climbed out from under the bed carefully, and hopped under the dim lights. He hopped onto my leg and pulled my trouser leg.

I squatted down to pick him up and stroked his soft bunny fur as I said, “I’m sorry that I startled you. I won’t do it again.” 

Right. Xing Chuan probably wouldn’t come and sleep in my room anymore. 


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