Book 4: Chapter 63 - Do Not Sabotage

“Harry!” Gale sneered at Harry, “You can’t win against Sophia. Don’t end up worshipping her godly weapon too.” 

Harry said quickly, "Stop this nonsense.”

Gale suddenly pushed me and Yama out and put Harry in the middle. "You don’t have to hide. No men dislike big boobs. We can tell that Brother Bing is very loyal to Raffles and he is not interested in you. We are trying to save you as your brothers,” Gale flipped his short hair arrogantly as he said to Harry. “Who knows? Brother Bing might forget about Raffles because of girls.”

Harry was deep in thoughts while Gale was speaking. 

I looked down and wondered—if I like Harry, what are the feelings between Raffles and me? My heart sank and I felt a throbbing pain.

What are Harry’s feelings for me? 

Why did he try so hard to pair me up with Raffles if he actually likes me? 

As he had wished, Raffles became my fiancé back then. But I had realized that I actually liked him.

“You haven’t done it with girls before, right? You must try it.” Gale and Yama began to educate Harry on the physical exercise with great enthusiasm, “That kind of feeling is so magical that it is impossible to be put in words.”

"No, no, no, I don’t need it.” Harry was in a hurry to run away from them. I could tell that he was feeling really awkward because he was the only one who knew that I was a girl. These guys were discussing about sex rampantly in my presence. 

"It’s Cupid Day in Silver Moon City in a few days’ time. There will definitely be many girls asking you out. Don’t miss the opportunity.” Yama patted on Harry’s chest and said, “You have to do it once in a while. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good for you. It may not erect when you want to use it when the time comes!” 

I frowned and tried really hard to tell myself that I was a guy. 

But, the conversation between guys was actually so shameless! 

"It will happen very quickly as well,” Gale looked distressed when he talked about it. “I didn’t perform well enough during my first time. In the end, no girl wanted to look for me for the next half a year. Sigh! I gained ‘fame’ by being limp for once. I couldn’t lift my head up for half a year among the guys.”

“You were too nervous then.” Yama bypassed Harry and punched Gale lightly. “Harry, don’t learn from him. Don’t be too nervous during your first time. You have to do it step by step. Girls don’t like to do it in a hurry. They like foreplay.” 

Harry couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted, “That’s enough!” He frightened Gale and Yama. Harry saw that they were dumbfounded, so he quickly pulled me away from them and started running.

I smiled as I looked at Harry’s back. His hand was unusually hot. It was fun to watch him being “harassed” by Gale and Yama. Although their conversations were really filthy for a girl’s ears, I had to admit that it was fun watching Harry's reaction. Who didn’t like dirty topics? 

Harry pulled me back into the room. He slammed the door shut and started lecturing me, "Lil Bing! You have to stay far away whenever they talk about topics like this in the future. You are a girl!” 

I blinked and looked at him, then I looked down and lifted my hands. I did the groping gesture and said it out loud, "36DD actually feels like that.” 

“Lil Bing!” Harry held my shoulders in a hurry. "Lil Bing! You are a girl! You are a girl! Can you hear me!? You are a girl!”

I looked up at him blankly. 

He went crazy and held his head. “We shouldn’t treat you as a boy or else you won’t be able to return to being a girl. Lil Bing.” He looked at me extremely solemnly, "From now on, you have to be a girl in my room. I am worried that in the end you will start to like girls. Then, what will happen to me?! No, what will happen to Raffles?!” 

I was stunned. I blinked and said loudly, "Mm, big boobs are good. It’s so comfortable and nice to hold them.” 

“Lil Bing!” Harry held my shoulders and shook me. I felt dizzy and I shoved him away in annoyance. “What are you doing!? You are making me dizzy!” 

Harry continued to hold my shoulders tightly. He stared at me, right into my eyes and said, "Tell me, are you a boy or a girl?” 

I gave him a strange look and answered, “ I am, of course, a boy! I have a voice of a boy, a face of a boy and a chest of a boy!”

Harry suddenly frowned and flames churned in his eyes. Suddenly, he pressed my shoulder and pushed me back, very hard. 

“Bang!” I fell onto the bed. Before I could react, Harry was already pressing on top of my body. He held my shoulder with one hand and tore my voice changer with his other hand. "How about now?” 

“I…” I was stunned when I heard a girl’s voice from my throat. I was dumbfounded as I looked at Harry above me. I suddenly blushed and my heart started racing.

He was on top of me. A few strands of his hair hung by the side of his neck and it set off his handsome and fair face. His amber pupils were burning with flames. He was pressing on top of me while his burning gaze was toasting my face.

He slowly let go of my shoulder and reached for my face. His deep, burning gaze burned my brain, turning it into a ball of paste. I lost the ability to think. I laid below him, blankly staring at him.

His legs were on mine. He moved them between my thighs and pinned down my trousers, and our legs were touching each other. The burning sensation was getting transmitted through the thin trousers, imprinting on my inner thighs. 

His fingertip stroked my face lightly and gently like a feather. His deep gaze followed his fingertip and swept past my eyes, my nose bridge and lastly, on my lips. 

“Lil Bing,” he muttered softly. Then, he slowly lowered his face and my heart skipped a beat. Somehow, I blurted something without thinking through it, “Do boys like big boobs?”  

He immediately stopped his face above mine and his amber eyes dilated. He lowered his face in distress, and his hand that was stroking my face was on his forehead. He shook his head and sighed.

“You told me that you wouldn’t lie to me. Do you like it too?” 

He seemed agitated and answered, "Of course not! I have never cared about the size of your boobs!” He became stiff after he replied. He put down his hands and looked at me. He blushed and said, “Lil Bing, that’s not what I meant. I have never thought of seeing yours.”  

“Pervert!” I pushed him away and grabbed my collar tight. "Boys are perverts! You are always thinking about girls’ boobs all the time.”  

He quickly pulled me. "Lil Bing!” I grabbed his hand and threw him over my shoulder. “Don’t ever look at other girls’ boobs in the future.”  

He held his forehead remorsefully and placed the back of his hand on his eyes. He looked extremely helpless and wronged. "I have really never seen them before.” 

Humph! My voice changed!” 

He stretched out his hand.

I went to grab it, but he suddenly flipped his palm and grabbed my hand instead. He jerked me toward him and I fell on him. He immediately turned and pressed me underneath him. 


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